What does utter insolence mean, Joe

Sue New Years Eve

Sue New Years Eve



31 (according to own information)
58 (in an unseen scene in Evil Klatsche it is revealed that she was 15 years old in 1976)

Date of birth


Lady, Jolene, a tall, pretty blonde (Shannon)
Susie (Doris, Will)
Susan (Doris, Rod)
Dragon Lady (Kurt)
Original recipe Sue (yourself)

Family friends


Personal information


harming others, winning, extreme shouting, poking older people with pens, Klaine


Doctor in Phylosophy (online)


Making fun of Will's hair, bullying people, giving nicknames


Intimidation, teaching


Temperament when bullied or exposed, metaphors that don't make sense

Series information

Susan "Sue" Rodham New Years Eve is the current principal and former cheerleading coach at William McKinley High School. She is the founder of the Muckrakers, the League of Doom and the Old Maid's Club and was once the director of Aural Intensity and co-director of New Directions. In the second season, she was briefly principal at McKinley before resigning on her own initiative.

She had a sister, Jean Sylvester, who had trisomy 21 and with whom she spent a lot of time, but she passed away in the second season, Funeral ceremony.

In the third season,On the way, Sue reveals that she is pregnant and gets inIn the brother's shadow announced that it will be a girl, but there is a high risk that her daughter will have trisomy 21, similar to her sister Jean. In the fourth season,The new and the old Rachel, her daughter, Robin Sylvester, is introduced, who has no disability.

In Love, love, love she becomes principal at McKinley and dissolves the Glee Club after losing the Nationals in 2013. Except for Kitty, she gets every other member to change schools and turns the choir room into a computer lab. When Kurt and Rachel put the Glee Club back on its feet after more than a year, Sue starts the new rivalry against them. In The rise and fall of Sue Sylvester however, she is fired after board member Bob Harris discovers all her secrets and the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline. In dreams come true she became Vice President of the United States.

She is from Jane Lynch shown.


Season one

In overture In the course of budget increases for the Cheerios, the coffee machine in the staff room was deleted. Sue wants to compensate her colleagues for it and therefore brings Will and Ken with them. When Will asks if some of the cheerios would like to join his glee club, Sue can only laugh about it and explains that all the high school students go in a drawer, the cheerleaders and athletes are at the top and the glee kids are in the bottom drawer. But when Sue joined some Cheerios at the Glee Club during the rehearsals for the song Don't Stop Believin ' watches, she gets jealous and tries to get Director Figgins to paint the Glee Club.

In Beyond Gut and Sue she does everything she can to wipe out the Glee Club and informs Will that if he doesn't make it to the Sectionals, Figgins will dissolve his club. She later notices that Finn and Rachel are using their copier, so she wants to expel them from school. Their project is stopped by Will, who stands up for the two. After the Glee Club had a very "offensive" dance performance on the song Push it Sue is of course the first to complain to Figgins about it, of course just to continue her plan to destroy the Glee Club. When Quinn, Santana and Brittany then join the Glee Club, Sue gives them the task of working for them as spies.

In Acafellas the Cheerios Sue tell that Will did not show up for the last glee rehearsals and that they want to hire the choreographer Dakota Stanley, who is very brutal but also very good, and also works with Vocal Adrenaline. The Cheerios believe that he will make all weak members leave. Anyway, since Dakota's fee is quite high, Sue and her Cheerios help out with a car wash to help the Glee Club raise the necessary money. But as soon as they hired Dakota they fired him again, Will came back and the club was back to normal. Sue wasn't happy with the performance of the Cheerios who couldn't bring down the Glee Club.

InChildren of lies

Sue gets her own show on the local news called "Sue's Corner". However, she learns that if her Cheerios fail to make it to the Nationals, the show will be canceled. So Sue meets up with Sandy Ryerson and teams up with him to get Rachel out of the Glee Club. Sandy, who believes Will is ruining the Glee Club, is glad he can help and becomes the new director of the school musical.

In April April if the plan of the two works, because Rachel applies immediately and of course gets the leading role. When Will gives Tina the solo that Rachel actually wanted, she leaves the Glee Club in order to devote herself completely to the musical. Sue finds out that Sandy is constantly criticizing and insulting Rachel. Rachel decides to return to Glee, but when she finds out that Quinn is pregnant by Finn, she talks to Sue about Sandy. Sue says that if Rachel gets back to the musical she will change a few things and after Rachel agrees, Sue will hand her over to her instead of Sandy. In the end, she still decides to go to the Glee Club.

In Excited organisms Sue sits in front of her diary and writes about the recent "disaster" when Quinn's legs trembled during rehearsals. She wrote that this tremor would cost her the Nationals. Quinn explained that she was tired from glee rehearsals. Sue decides to blame Will. Failed to destroy the Glee Club, she tried Will. So she goes to his wife, Terri, and talks to her about Will's relationship with Emma. Terri is concerned about this and therefore applies for the job as a school nurse, even though she has no medical knowledge. She gives all Glee Kids stimulants, which is why Rector Figgins decides that the Glee Club needs an co-director and chooses Sue for it.

In Spoilers games Sue is now the new co-head of New Directions, what to agree

Quarrels between Will and her. She asks her Cheerio spies what they think is the group's greatest weakness. Quinn replies that the minority students feel oppressed. Sue then divides the club into two groups, picking out all minorities, which makes Will stand out as racists. Sue decides on the songHate on me for their group. She finds out that the school performance is not exactly the best, which of course comes from Will, who could fail everyone in Spanish and thus they should no longer belong to the Cheerios. Sue then forces Jacob to post the blog about Quinn's pregnancy and she also mentions it to the entire Glee Club.

In Remix she falls in love with her colleague from the station where she is filming "Sue's Corner", Rod Remington. He wants to enter a "swing" competition with her, so she asks Will for a few dance lessons, which creates a friendship between her and Will. Sue finds out, however, that Rod is cheating on her with his colleague Andrea, which ends their relationship. After this relationship ended, Sue is completely the same again, which also ends the friendship with Will. She also throws Quinn out of the Cheerios.

In Fear and blame Sue is forced to do a casting for the Cheerios after Quinn is no longer a member. Kurt, Mercedes, Lauren, and a few others apply, but she doesn't accept any of them. Except for Becky Jackson, a girl with Down syndrome, which surprised Will very much. Principal Figgins wants to cut the budgets of some clubs to install more ramps for wheelchairs at the school, including Sue, of course, who thinks the whole thing is a terrible idea. But suddenly Sue pays for three new ramps. It later turns out that her sister, Jean, also has trisomy-21 and that fact probably led her to raise the money.

In Splitting hairs Sue asks Will to give Will the setlist of the New Directions for the Sectionals, but Will refuses at the beginning, after which she threatens to come back as co-leader, whereupon he leaves the list to her. But Sue passes this on to the other Glee Club leaders.