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Here you will find all, partly funny, partly bizarre, Creatures from the world of One Piece.
Animals, which are not only found in the One Piece, but also in our real world, you can see here.

Also be Animals used to transport people or loads. See transport animals.

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The following animals, which only exist in the world of One Piece, appeared during the East Blue saga:

Race / first appearance
Elephant Tuna
(jap. エ レ フ ァ ン ト · ホ ン マ グ ロ, Erefanto · Honmaguro)
Manga: Chapter 098
Anime: Episode 51
A Elephant Tuna was caught off Logue Town, but originally this animal is only found in the South Blue. It resembles a tuna but has a trunk and tusks like an elephant. Everything about this fish is edible, especially the trunk is said to be the purest delicacy.

While in search of food, Sanji discovered such a fish in the Logue Town market.

Since he is really rarely in the East Blue, he decided to take part in a cooking competition, as the elephant tuna was the award for the cooking winner. The Smutje did not have much trouble winning this competition; In the end, he also defeated Señora Carmen in the final and thus won the giant fish.[1]

In the manga, he just bought it from Sapi, the fishmonger who ran the cooking competition in the anime. He had caught it himself (only in the manga).[2]

Sanji cooked it at the Cape of the Twins, but only Luffy, the wolverine, enjoyed this fish and the rest had to go empty-handed.

Later on on the thriller Bark, Oz also tried to enjoy this delicacy. Since this was a salted fish, it would have freed Oz from Luffy's shadow. Fortunately, the 3 messengers Gecko Morias, Bao, Gyoro and Nin managed to stop Oz in time. Shortly afterwards you saw how another zombie ate the elephant tuna, then his shadow left him and he fell dead.[3]
Millennium Dragons
(jap. 千年 竜, Sen'nen-ryū)

Anime: Episode 55
The Millennium Dragons become hundreds to thousands of years old. Every 1000 years they return to their nest, hence the name.
An elixir can be made from the bones of the dragons, which promises eternal youth. In addition, the animals can generate wind with their kite claws.[4]
Panda sharks
(jap. パ ン サ メ, pansame)
Manga: Chapter 068
Anime: Episode 30
This shark is colored like a panda bear. Unlike his relatives, he does not have very sharp teeth. Its habitat is the Eastblue, where it is very often seen near the Baratié.

When Sanji had finally decided to continue sailing with Luffy, such a fish suddenly jumped out of the water, which Yosaku had half swallowed.[5]

Giant crab

Anime: Episode 46
Giant crabs are much larger than normal crabs.

When Buggy wanted to sail away from the lost island with his little raft, he was suddenly attacked by a giant crab. Fortunately for him, however, Alvida came to his aid.[6]

(jap. 海牛, Kaigyuu)
Manga: Chapter 073
Anime: Episode 31
Manatees are, within the world of One Piece, carnivorous marine mammals with the characteristics of cows (upper body of a cow and lower body of a fish).
They are very large and prefer to eat roast pork. The first known manatee was moo-cow. [7][8]
Solitary Island birds

Anime: Episode 58
These birds live on Solitary Island and are somewhat similar to the Millennium Dragons.[9]

The following animals, which only exist in the world of One Piece, appeared during the Baroque Firma saga:

Race / first appearance
Banana crocodiles
(jap. バ ナ ナ ニ ニ, Bananawani)
Manga: Chapter 127
Anime: Episode 77
Banana crocodiles are extremely dangerous. They are very similar to normal crocodiles, with a banana growing on their heads. But this is not edible. Like their fellow species, they have a strong lower jaw and sharp teeth. Their length is estimated to be 30 meters[10] and their weight is 5.5 tons.[11]

The Straw Hat gang first saw animals like this when Luffy, Zorro, Nami, Usopp and Smoker were trapped in the cage of Mister Zero's secret hideout. Banana crocodiles attacked the cage, but they couldn't bite the prison either.[12]
Another type of banana crocodile is the S-class banana crocodile.

S-Class banana crocodiles
(Japanese F- ワ ニ, F-Wani)
Manga: Chapter 180
Anime: Episode 111
S-Class banana crocodiles are meek in contrast to the normal banana crocodiles. They move mainly on land and in Alabasta they are among the fastest animals after the racing ducks.

Miss Bloody Sunday used this banana crocodile when she rescued Luffy from the deadly quicksand. Without long words, she got back on the S-Class and made off.[13]

Hiking bear
(jap. ハ イ キ ン グ ベ ア, Haikingu Bea)
Manga: Chapter 133
Anime: Episode 80
The Hiking bear acts like a mountaineer who loves and cares for the mountains. He is always out and about with a walking stick. He politely greets everyone he meets on his way. But anyone who does not greet him back is punished by forcing him to sit on his knees for a full hour, which is not exactly pleasant in the cold.

Six years ago, Chopper set out to find a witch mushroom for Dr. Find Bader. While doing so, he met a hiking bear in the mountains, which he duly greeted.[14]

When the Straw Hat gang arrived on Drumm to look for a doctor for Nami, they encountered such a specimen on the way to the next village. Usopp was terrified and immediately pretended to be dead. Dalton explained to them that they shouldn't be afraid of him.[15]


  • Hiking is English and means mountain hiking.
  • Drumm's hiking bear is approximately 7 meters tall.[10]
  • His favorite food is acorns.[10]
Island eater
(jap. 島 食 い, Shimakui)
Manga: Chapter 128
Anime: Episode 77
Island eater belong to the sea kings family and are giant goldfish. The only difference from the normal goldfish is that the island-eater has teeth with which it is able to chew. As its name suggests, it even eats islands to maintain its size.

As the straw hat gang left Little Garden, an island eater appeared who wanted to eat the Flying Lamb and the island. The ship swam into the fish's mouth, but Boogey and Woogey used their weapons to destroy the island-eater. After this attack, these weapons were unusable.[16]

Boogey and Woogey said that not only was he huge, but his excrement as well. Once this should have been the size of an island, which is now called Nada.

Usopp already told Kaya in one of his falsehoods about this giant goldfish. With this, Oda seems to want to show that nothing is impossible in the world and that even the greatest dreams and fantasies can come true.

The Little Garden Island eater's birthday was on April 21st.[10] He was also 715 meters tall and weighed 120 tons.[17]

Kestia beetle
(jap. ケ ス チ ア, Kesuchia)
Manga: Chapter 130
Anime: Episode 77
The Kestia beetle is a poisonous parasite that prefers to live in extremely hot and humid jungles. As soon as a person is bitten by one of these beetles, they contract an infection which rages in the person's body for 5 days and is extremely painful. This clinical picture is therefore called 5-day fever.

Humans succeeded in exterminating this parasite more than 100 years ago. However, specimens still exist on Little Garden, where the living conditions are optimal and humans have not yet been able to take action against this species.
Here Nami took a bite from this beetle and fell ill.[18] So the straw hat gang had to stop on drumming to see a doctor.

Kung Fu seals
(Japanese ク ン フ ー ジ ュ ゴ ン, Konfū Jyugon)
Manga: Chapter 161
Anime: Episode 96
Kung Fu seals are mammals that wear armor on their backs. With their fins, they can move very well in the water.

These animals love martial arts and challenge everyone to fight against them. If they lose the fight, they absolutely want to apprentice the winner so that he can teach them his technique. Mostly they are found in herds, which suggests that they have a great sense of community and a social nature.[19]

When the straw hat gang docked with the Flying Lamb on the coast of Alabasta to go ashore, they met these animals. Vivi warned her about the seals, but Usopp refused to follow her recommendation and jumped overboard. Of course, the seals wanted to fight him immediately, and he lost out. Luffy also challenged them to a fight and promptly won. As a result, he was now forced to teach the Kung Fu seals.

The seals later rescued the straw hat gang from the Sandora catfish.

(jap. ラ パ ー ン, Rapān)
Manga: Chapter 134
Anime: Episode 80
Lapins are dangerous mountain animals that use their surroundings to take out their opponents. They look like rabbits, but are still as strong as bears and are estimated to be six feet tall.[10] Usually they attack the opponent or the prey with their claws. If that doesn't work, they simply trigger an avalanche to defeat the enemy. You yourself will not be buried by the avalanche, but use logs skillfully and drive on them.

When Luffy and Sanji with Nami on their way to see Dr. Kuleha, they encountered these extraordinary beings. Of course the Lapins wanted to eat them, but Luffy and Sanji could defend themselves well. But when the animals suddenly started an avalanche, Luffy and Sanji got into trouble. Sanji saved the other two by jumping off his trunk himself and being swept away by the avalanche.[20]

As you will learn later, Dr. Kuleha now has a Lapin as a mount, as a replacement chopper, so to speak.


  • Lapin is French and means rabbit.
  • Her favorite food is reindeer meat.[10]
Racing hippos
(Japanese ホ ワ イ ト ウ ォ ー キ ー, Howaito · Wōkī)
Manga: Chapter 135
Anime: Episode 81
A Racing hippopotamus (in the original White walkie) is mainly used for locomotion on winter islands. Most of them are small, which is because they don't stretch their legs all the way. But if they do, they are a lot bigger and can run faster. But since these animals are very lazy, they almost never walk on outstretched legs and often sink into the snow. Shaggy racing hippos have very soft fur.

Robson, Wapol's main form of transportation, is a racing hippopotamus. He crossed Drumm with him and followed Luffy when he was on his way to Dr. Kuleha was. Robson didn't really want to obey Wapol until he threatened the poor animal. So he had it more or less under control.[21]

Racing ducks
(Japanese 超 カ ル ガ モ, Chō Karugamo)
Manga: Chapter 109
Anime: Episode 65
Racing ducks are the fastest animals of alabasta. They have room for a person, and if you bring them up well, they'll obey you.

In Alabasta, 7 racing ducks got together and founded the racing duck corps. This is only used by the royal family. Since racing ducks are very fast on land, they cannot fly unless they try very hard, but even then they would not get further than a meter or two. The racing ducks also like to get drunk once. The straw hat gang very soon came across such a specimen, Karuh.[22] When they wanted to take out the Baroque agents in Arbana, they were allowed to use the racing duck corps.

Giant dolphin
(jap. 巨大 イ ル Ky, Kyodai · iruka)
Manga: Chapter 115
Anime: Episode 70
Except for size, this dolphin hardly differs from its normal relatives. Another special feature is its not gray, but snow-white color. These animals have existed since ancient times.

When the Straw Hat gang from Whiskey Peak were on their way to Alabasta, they first had to stop at Little Garden so that the log port could adjust to the new island. On the way, such a dolphin jumped out of the water, which actually posed no danger. The huge waves it caused, however, could have hurt the Flying Lamb.[23]

Giant frogs
(Japanese 巨大 ガ エ エ, Kyodai · gaeru)
Manga: Chapter 163
These frogs are perfectly adapted to the desert as they require little water. With their strong teeth, chewing solid food is also no problem. As a result, they are the ultimate evolutionary stage of a normal frog.

While crossing the desert, the straw hat gang met such a frog. Not knowing exactly whether it was dangerous, they fled. Nami and Vivi had a big head start with eyelashes and so the group tore apart until Chopper smelled Nami's perfume.[24]

Giant scarab
(jap. ???, ???)

Anime: Episode 98
The Giant scarab In contrast to the normal scarab, it is many times larger.

He's an alabasta desert beetle that can throw huge balls of dung. When the straw hat gang in Alabasta met the desert pirate gang on the way, they saw a huge beetle and had to destroy an enormous ball of dung so that it would not destroy Barbarossa's ship.[25]

These bullets are so huge that they can bury more than 100 people.

Sandora lizards
(jap. サ ン ド ラ 大 ト カ ゲ, Sandora Daitokage)
Manga: Chapter 162
Anime: Episode 97
Sandora lizards are quite large and also fast, which you would not expect with this size. To catch their prey, they hide under sand and - as soon as their prey gets close - jump out and chase it. You always go hunting in pairs. The meat under the lizard's rough scales is edible.

While crossing the desert, Luffy spotted a pair of vertigo herons. Since they stole the whole baggage of the straw hat gang, he pursued them. While he hurried after them, he came near a Sandora lizard, which saw Luffy as prey, but Luffy, Zorro and Sanji killed the lizard before it could harm them. Then they ate the meat.[26]

Sandora catfish
(jap. サ ン ド ラ マ レ ナ マ ズ, Sandora Mare Namazu)
Manga: Chapter 180
Anime: Episode 111
The Sandora Catfish lives exclusively in water and as his name suggests, he lives in Alabasta in the Sandora River. It is very seldom seen, but if you get too close to such an animal, you could easily be eaten, because Sandora catfish love human flesh. In return, however, it can also be eaten by people, its meat is edible.

Since Schere, the moving crab, couldn't move the Straw Hat gang across the Sandora River, the crew had to swim. Unexpectedly, they were attacked by such a fish. Before he could harm them, however, the kung fu seals came to their aid. These beat the Wels K.O. and pulled him to the other bank. So the straw hat gang had a free run again and didn't even have to swim, as Luffy and his team were sitting on the catfish that was being pulled by the kung fu seals.[27]

Snow birds
(jap. 雪鳥 (ス ノ ー バ ー ド), Sunōbādō)
Manga: Chapter 140
Anime: Episode 84
Snow birds have white feathers, which allow them to camouflage themselves well in the snow. As the name suggests, these birds can only be found on winter islands, as only there is snow all year round.

When Luffy, Sanji and Nami were in Wapol's castle and the two men wanted to eat the little reindeer Chopper and for this reason chased him through the whole castle, Sanji noticed that there was snow everywhere and immediately recognized the reason for it: the gates of the castle were wide open. Sanji and Luffy then wanted to close the doors, but Chopper prevented them from doing so, as young snowbirds had nested on the gates, which would have been crushed during this action.[28]

There were also snow birds in the royal grape gun. Since they were nested there, the cannon no longer worked.

Vertigo heron
(jap. ワ ル サ ギ, Warusagi)
Manga: Chapter 162
Anime: Episode 92
Vertigo heron are tricky birds, as they pretend to be dead and then steal the travelers' luggage.Usually the pilgrims get a big shock, leave their belongings and the birds use this chance. Since they cannot carry the prey on their wings, they have to drag them away in their beak. When the herons have found everything useful, they throw away the luggage and fly away.

Luffy had to carry all the crew's luggage because Vivi had promised him to stop at the next rock shadow. When the next rock was in sight, of course, there was no stopping Luffy. When he saw the supposedly dying birds, he dropped the luggage and called for Chopper. Vivi knew they were vertigo herons when Luffy mentioned that they were injured birds. But by then it was already too late and the herons and their luggage had run away.[29]

Sea cats
(Japanese 海 ネ コ, Umi · Neko)
Manga: Chapter 157
Anime: Episode 92
Sea cats are marine mammals that are very often found on the coast of Alabasta. Except for their size, they are very similar to their normal relatives. In Alabasta these animals are sacred and for this reason must not be caught or even eaten.

When the straw hat gang was on their way to Alabasta and again the supplies were running out, they met a sea cat. Of course, Luffy immediately saw lunch in her and Zorro and Sanji were not averse to it either. But Vivi, who comes from Alabasta herself, was against it and forcibly stopped the boys. She stated that these animals were sacred in Alabasta.[30]

Moving crabs
(Japanese ヒ ッ コ シ ク ラ ブ, Hikkoshi Kurabu)
Manga: Chapter 176
Anime: Episode 110
Moving crabs are very rare and therefore valuable. They are very fast on land, but they cannot swim. Usually they hide under the sand so as not to be discovered. Their most noticeable feature: migrating crabs grow to be gigantic.

In order to arrive in Arbana on time, the straw hat gang had to find a fast means of transport: Chopper found the crab scissors that brought them to the Sandora River.[31]

Desert berries
(jap. 砂 漠 の イ チ ゴ, Sabaku No Ichigo)
Manga: Chapter 157
Anime: Episode 94
On Alabasta there is a species of spider that looks like a strawberry and that's why it is used by the inhabitants Desert berry is called. The venom from these spiders is highly toxic and works instantly, causing the victim to die instantly. If someone has eaten a desert berry and dies, they must not be touched by people for several days while the poison is still in the body.

Some of the crowd gathered around the Spice Bean public house suspected that Ace might have eaten such a spider because he was a stranger to Alabasta and did not know the dangers of the land. However, Ace had just fallen asleep.[32]

The following animals, which only exist in the world of One Piece, appeared during the Skypia saga:

Race / first appearance
Balloon octopuses
(Japanese タ コ バ ル ー ン, Tako Barūn)
Manga: Chapter 237
Anime: Episode 153
A balloon octopus attacks the straw hat gang.
Balloon octopuses have adapted perfectly to the sky-ocean; so they are very light and particularly elastic. This allows you to use these animals like a hot air balloon to float in the air. This property is used particularly often when leaving sky islands. Octopuses have got used to humans and would not harm them.

When the straw hat gang arrived in the White Sea and rescued Usopp, as he was in danger of falling through the cloud cover into the Blue Sea, a balloon octopus followed him. This was attacked by Zorro and some parts of his body burst when his swords were touched.[33]

When leaving Sky Island, the Flying Lamb fell a few 100 meters, but Conis whistled one of these mollusks, which let the straw hat band slide down very gently. He clutched the ship and grew larger through the air until it was the size of a hot air balloon. This enabled the Flying Lamb to fly back into the Blaumeer without much damage.[34]

However, Luffy had nothing better to do than jump around on him, so that he eventually shrank and the Flying Lamb fell into the sea - right into the fortress of Navarone. However, the octopus later helped the Straw Hat gang again when they fled the fortress. Then he was released in the Blue Sea.[35]
Sky dragons
Manga: Chapter 237
Anime: Episode 153
over Sky dragons is very little known, but it can be assumed that they always swim behind the special lobster express to eat the inmates who want to jump out. Sky dragons have also adapted well to the sky ocean. They are long and flat so that you can move around better.

Zorro, Nami, Chopper and Robin were on the Flying Lamb when it was suddenly transported to the sacrificial altar by the special lobster express. The swordsman had the idea that everyone should jump overboard, but Robin noticed that they were chasing some sky dragons and would just wait for this moment.[36]

North Bird, Eastern Bird, Western Bird
(Japanese ノ ー ス バ ー ド / Nōsu Bādo, イ ー ス タ ン バ ー ド / Īsutan Bādo, ウ エ ス タ ン バ ー ド / Uesutan Bādo)
Manga: Chapter 644
North Eastern and Western birds bear their names because they always point their heads in the direction of the compass, which is reflected in their name, no matter where they are.[37]
Giant boas
Manga: Chapter 255
Anime: Episode 168
Sketch of a giant boa

The boas on Skypia and Jaya grow very large and old. The most dangerous thing about these animals is their extremely sharp teeth, which they also use to exude a deadly poison. This poison is so strong that if you just touch a tree, it will be decomposed. They were on Jaya Giant boas It was sacred 400 years ago and people were sacrificed to appease the gods.

The Straw Hat gang first encountered such a boa in the Upper Yard. When Robin, Luffy, Chopper and Zorro were on their way to the Golden City of Shandora, they attacked the snake. This animal was called Nora, was 400 years old and belonged to Enel. After completing her task, however, she too fell victim to the self-proclaimed God, but survived the attack.[38]

Giant Mantis
Manga: Chapter 231
Anime: Episode 150
The Giant mantis has turned out to be much larger in contrast to the normal species of praying mantis and has so far only been discovered on Jaya.

When the Straw Hat gang was in Jaya's woods in search of a Southbird, they were suddenly attacked on the orders of one of the many different insects that live in those woods; so also from the many giant mantis who attacked Luffy and Chopper.[39]

Giant dogs
Manga: Chapter 241
Anime: Episode 155
Giant dogs are, apart from their size, very similar to their normal relatives.

AumsHundHoly belongs to this species.[40]

Giant ladybug
Manga: Chapter 231
Anime: Episode 150
The Giant ladybug has turned out to be much larger in contrast to the normal species of ladybird and has only been discovered on Jaya until now.

When the Straw Hat gang was in Jaya's woods in search of a Southbird, they were suddenly attacked on the orders of one of the many different insects that live in those woods; so also from the many giant ladybirds that attacked Sanji, Usopp and Nami.[41]

Giant snails
Manga: Chapter 231
Anime: Episode 150
The Giant snail is much larger in contrast to the normal species of snail and has so far only been discovered on Jaya.

When the Straw Hat gang was in Jaya's woods in search of a Southbird, they were suddenly attacked on the orders of one of the many different animals that live in those woods; so also from a giant snail that attacked Usopp, Nami and Sanji. They defended themselves with salt, which they threw on the huge snail.[42]

Giant millipede
Manga: Chapter 230
Anime: Episode 149
The Giant millipede is much larger in contrast to the normal species of millipede and has so far only been discovered on Jaya.

When the Straw Hat gang was in Jaya's woods in search of a Southbird, they were suddenly attacked on the orders of one of the many different insects that live in those woods; so also from a giant millipede that attacked Zorro, but had to pay for it with his life.[43]

Giant pests
Manga: Chapter 231
Anime: Episode 150
The "Giant vermin" looks a bit like cockroaches, but is much larger and has only been discovered on Jaya so far.

When the Straw Hat gang was in Jaya's woods in search of a Southbird, they were suddenly attacked on the orders of one of the many different insects that live in those woods; so also from this vermin that attacked Zorro.[44]

Sky fish
(Japanese 空 魚, Kūgyo)
Manga: Chapter 237
Anime: Episode 153
A typical sky fish

These fish have adapted perfectly to the sky-ocean, you could say that they fly through the clouds as if they were birds. When fried, they are edible.

When the straw hat gang was catapulted into the white sea with the knock-up stream, Usopp wanted to go diving in the sky ocean. When he broke through the clouds, however, Luffy had to save him with the help of his devil power. Back on deck, Usopp noticed that such a fish had got lost in his pants.[45]

Sky sharks
(Japanese 空 サ メ, Sora Same)
Manga: Chapter 245
Anime: Episode 159
Sketches of a sky shark

Sky sharks are large predatory fish of the Sky Islands, which have a striped skin, but otherwise resemble their relatives in the blue sea. Like many sky fish, they are also quite shallow in order to be able to glide better in the clouds.

They can be found sporadically in the White Sea and the Snow-White Sea, but their main distribution area is in the old river beds of the Upper Yard. When the special lobster express goes about its duty and brings criminals to the sacrificial altar, the Sky Sharks follow it in droves in the hope that one of the delinquents would jump overboard.[46]

Sky lobster
(Japanese 特急 エ ビ, Tokkyū Ebi)
Manga: Chapter 238
Anime: Episode 153
Sky lobster live in the white and snow-white sea of ​​the Sky-Ocean.

They are similar to the blue sea lobsters, but individual specimens are so large that they can transport entire ships. Smaller copies are also pissed off.[47]

The Lobster Express can bring ships from the white to the snow-white sea by walking up the Milky-Way. [48] A Special lobster express in turn transported 2nd degree criminals from Angel Island to the sacrificial altar.[49]

Sky crocodiles

Anime: Episode 161
This relative of the common crocodile is native to Skypia only. In contrast to their relatives, these carnivorous reptiles are colored brown and have a black stripe pattern on their back. Another special feature is the tail of the lizard, because it has a fin or a fin, like a whale.

As Zorro, Nami and Nico Robin are on their way to the edge of Skypia, Zorro and Robin notice an approaching animal and tell Nami to stop. Shortly afterwards, jump in from Sky-Road above them Sky crocodile open mouth and wants to eat the navigator, but the animal has no chance against the swordsman and the archaeologist. Robin closes his mouth with the strength of her devil fruit and Zorro gives him a violent uppercut, so that it is immediately K.O. goes and falls into the cloud river.[50]

Sky lamprey
(Japanese 空 ヤ ツ メ, Sora Yatsume)
Manga: Chapter 243
Anime: Episode 159
Sketches of a sky lamprey

In the Sky-Roads on Skypia there are also huge lampreys who live among other things Sky lampreys. One such specimen attacked the Floating Crow on its way to the Upper Yard.[51]

When Zorro was fighting against Abraham, he was also attacked by a sky lamprey, but he cut it in half with one blow.

South Bird
(Japanese サ ウ ス バ ー ド, Sausu Bādo)
Manga: Chapter 149
Anime: Episode 230
A giant South Bird from Skypia
South Birds bear their name because they always point their heads to the south, no matter where they are. The birds on Jaya are a lot smaller than on Skypia. South Birds are thieving and intelligent, but their most distinctive features are their weird reputation and brightly colored plumage. In Jaya, the South Birds can give orders to all animals, which may mean that they are the "kings" of the forest.

When it turned out that the knock-up stream could get to Sky Island and the next outbreak would be in the south, something had to be found to guide the Straw Hat gang the way there. A normal compass didn't work, however, because the Grand Line messed up the magnetic field. So the gang went in search of a South Bird, but it was harder to catch than expected because it turned all the insects in the forest against them.

In the end Robin was able to catch him with the help of her devil powers.[52]


  • As can be seen later on the cover picture of Chapter 644, there are other bird species on the island of Jaya that always look in one direction - namely North, Eastern and Western birds.
  • Outwardly, the birds resemble the toucans.
Cloud foxes
(Japanese 雲 ギ ツ ネ, Kumo-gitsune)
Manga: Chapter 239
Anime: Episode 154
Sketches of the cloud fox Sue

Cloud foxes live on Angel Island. They look like common foxes, but have white fur, pointed mouth, and are usually smaller than their normal relatives. Cloud foxes are easy to train and they usually obey you, so they are good pets.

The Straw Hat gang first encountered a cloud fox when they arrived on Skypia. This fox named Sue belonged to Conis.[53]

Cloud wolves
(Japanese 雲 ウ ル フ, Kumo Urufu)
Manga: Chapter 253
Anime: Episode 156
Sketches of a cloud wolf

The Cloud wolves have got used to people and have become tame as a result.
They actually look exactly like normal wolves, but their fur is white. Otherwise little is known about them, but it does seem that these animals enjoy celebrating with humans.

After the Straw Hat gang had come together again, they wanted to discuss their approach. When night fell, Robin wanted to put out the fire, but Luffy and Usopp wanted to camp properly and that, in their opinion, required a campfire. Robin gave up and so the whole gang celebrated until late into the night. Later the cloud wolves also celebrated with them.[54]

The following animals, which only exist in the world of One Piece, appeared during the CP9 saga:

Race / first appearance
Hyper sparrows
(Japanese 超 ス ズ メ, Chō Suzume)
Manga: Chapter 306
Anime: Episode 209
Hyper sparrows are huge sparrows on which you can fly through the air. Due to their size, several people can also ascend. Her favorite foods are hyperworms, hyper sharks, and whip anglers[55]. Otherwise little is known about these passerine birds, except that most of them have brown plumage.

Contrary to what common birds do, hypersparrows have teeth[55].

Wurm, a member of the Foxy pirate gang, commented on such an animal's back during the Davy Back Fight. His hyperspace obeys him 100%.

Longring bears
Manga: Chapter 304
Anime: Episode 207
Since this bear lives on longring longland, he is very slim and tall, because all animals on this island have been drawn out. For this reason, the pronunciation is also changed: the "Ä" in bear is also drawn out. Otherwise this bear has the same characteristics as normal bears, only that this bear is rather meek.

They met this animal on the discovery tour of Luffy, Usopp and Chopper on Longring-Longland. Chopper didn't know exactly what it should be and at first suspected that it was a human, but Luffy realized that it could only be a bear. Tondjit explained to them that all animals on the island would be longer because there was enough space here. For this reason, the vowels of the animal names are pronounced longer.[56]

(jap. ダ ~~~~~~ ッ ク ス フ ン ド, Daaaaaaakkusuhundo)
Manga: Chapter 304
Anime: Episode 207
The rump
Actually, he's a completely normal one dachshund, but because it lives on longring longland, like all animals there, it has been drawn out. His stomach is particularly long.When such an animal crosses the path of a visitor, the visitor has to be patient for a while before he can pass.

When Chopper, Luffy and Usopp went ashore on Longring-Longland to explore the island, they noticed animals that all looked very strange. Such a dachshund also crossed her path. The three just crawled under his stomach because they didn't want to wait any longer.[57]

Longring foxes
Manga: Chapter 304
Anime: Episode 207
Since this Fox lives on longring longland, like all animals on this island, he too has been drawn out. His face, entire body and tail were drawn very long.

Due to this external peculiarity, the pronunciation is also changed: The "U" in fox is drawn out.

They met this animal on the discovery tour of Luffy, Usopp and Chopper on Longring-Longland.[58]

Longring deer
Manga: Chapter 304
Anime: Episode 207
Since this deer lives on longring longland, like all animals on this island, he too has been drawn out. His stomach is particularly long. Otherwise this deer has the same characteristics as normal deer.

They met this animal on the discovery tour of Luffy, Usopp and Chopper on Longring-Longland.[59]

Luffy said that it was a relative of Chopper, which he immediately denied.
Longring moles

Anime: Episode 219
The Longring moles Like all animals on Longring-Longland, they have a very long body.

Due to this external peculiarity, the pronunciation is also changed: The "A" in mole is drawn out.

Tondjit's grandson Rittont wanted to break the world record in the tunnel trench with the help of such an animal. Rittont's mole wore a yellow miner's helmet with a lamp.[60]

(jap. ウ ~~~~~~ マ Uuuuuuuma)
Manga: Chapter 304
Anime: Episode 207
Like all other beings on longring longland they have Longring horses a particularly long body. The "E" in horse is spoken here particularly long.

Due to the ability to ride and the size of the longring horses, they are used by the local nomads as a means of transport to get from one island to the next. Since the longring horses are even milked and their milk is further processed, they receive the status of a versatile working animal.

When the Straw Hat gang arrived on Longring-Longland, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper explored the island. On the voyage of discovery they found a house with a longring horse behind it. Chopper talked to it and learned that it was called sherry. Later the owner Tondjit told them that this was not a normal horse, but a longring horse, a "Pfeeerd".[61]

(jap. カ ~~~~~~ モ ノ ハ シ, Kaaaaaaamonohashi)
Manga: Chapter 304
Anime: Episode 207
Since this platypus lives on longring longland, like all other animals on this island, it has a very long body. His beak was drawn very long.