Tobradex eye drops as delivered

Tobadex eye drops experiences?

hello silvi,

At the university eye clinic, we have always prescribed tobramaxin before cross-eyed ops. tobradex, like tobramaxin, are antibiotic eye drops.

It is very important that you take these antibiotic eye drops as discussed to prevent or treat bacterial inflammation.

if you shortly before the op, e.g. If you get conjunctivitis, the operation has to be postponed.

if you don't take the drops, you run a greater risk than possibly an intolerance reaction to these drops.

But since I know your story and I don't think you will be operated on, I will give you the following:

Your ophthalmologist may have suspected what it could be or even just suspected that it could be something bacterial. if it's true, it should get better with it. if not, she must keep looking.

... and if it calms you down: even if I cannot rule it out 100%, I have not yet heard from anyone that you have had an allergic reaction to antibiotic drops.

lg, verbo