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The best olive oil in the world - who will win?

Is there this one olive oil that stands out from many others? It is well known that tastes are different. However, every year competitions choose the best olive oil in the world based on certain criteria.

The WBOO chooses the best olive oil in the world

The organization has been providing for several years "World’s Best Olive Oils" (WBOO) the results of the largest and most rigorous extra virgin olive oil competitions online. At the moment the organization is considering seven competitions. These are the "Mario Solinas Award - COI / IOC", "Ovibeja", "Leone D'Oro", "Sol D'Oro", "Sial Olive D'Or", "Evooleum EVOO Awards" and "ArgOliva ".

They have in common that they are international and follow the rules of the testing and tasting of the oil "Mario Solinas Quality Awards" consequences. This is the toughest competition in the world to find the best extra virgin olive oil. The competitions have the sole goal of best olive oil in the world to be distinguished. There is no commercial purpose in any case.

Other olive oil competitions are often held in the main growing areas of each country. WBOO does not use such competitions. It is important to the organization Equal opportunities for all countries, the native extra olive oil produce, create.

All competitions must follow the same rules

The WBOO has drawn up ten guidelines that the participating competitions must meet in order to be included in the evaluation. The conditions should always be the same in order to objectively assess the quality of the respective oils. This is very important to the organization.

The implementation of the procedure and the conditions surrounding the procedure should always be under observation. The correctness of the process can thus be ensured and subsequent appeals of the results will not be approved. This prevents false accusations about subjectivity.

WBOO publishes the results of the competitionsannually at the end of June. Therefore, the results for this year are not yet available. In the ranking for the best olive oil in the world, organic extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are considered separately. A distinction is also made between the olive oils of the northern and southern hemispheres. The harvest of olives in the northern hemisphere extends from October to February / March. For this reason, two different years are given in the ranking every year.

The full and detailed guidelines of the WBOO can be found on the organization's homepage.

The process of determining the best olive oil in the world

Only when the process of nominating the best olive oil in the world is the same in all competitions can comparisons and evaluations be carried out correctly. That makes the WBOO and its ranking credible. credibility is most important to the organization.

The olive oil samples are from a notary or another qualified person. They are filled, sealed and labeled in certain containers. The processes are precisely documented. However, it is also possible for manufacturers to submit their certified samples themselves under certain conditions.

Just trained personnel tastes the olive oil and only a certain number of experts per table are allowed to test the samples. The samples are in special, standardized glasses served with a code to ensure objectivity. In addition, chemical analyzes are used to evaluate the olive oil.

The samples come with a Point system rated. Generally points of 13 to 20 forgive. The highest score is also the best. The first three places and an additional five finalists are determined in each category. In addition, two times ten points can be obtained for specific characteristics. The highest number of points to be achieved is 40.

At the end of the process, a winner is chosen, a second and a third place awarded, plus five finalists.