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Have the birth certificate translated: when is this necessary?

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Where can I have my birth certificate translated?

To do this, contact a Translation agency.

Is it necessary to have a birth certificate translated and certified?

Yes, through that Authentication the translated certificate receives the equal status like the original document. Because this proves that the translation was made by a sworn translator who is responsible for the accuracy as completeness guarantees. Only in this way is this accepted, for example, for marriage.

What can the translation of a birth certificate cost?

How high they costs for the translation of the birth certificate not infrequently depends on the Source and target language from. More information can be found here.

The Birth certificate is a so-called Civil status certificate and is used for Marriage, naturalization and name change needed. In order for the document to be recognized by the relevant authorities, it may be necessary to Translate birth certificate.

Where can I have a birth certificate translated into German?

In the Birth certificate it is a official documentwhich different Information about a person's birth includes. These include the Surname, the Date of birth, the place of birth, the gender as well as information on the according to the right of parentagelegal parents at the time of issue. Is this certificate not in the respective national language the authorities usually request a translation.

Who for one wedding or Name change has to have his birth certificate translated, turns to with this request Translation agency. So that Authorities the translation of the birth certificate too recognize, this is usually from one sworn translator to undertake. In Section 189 (1) sentence 1 of the Courts Constitution Act (GVG) states:

The interpreter has to take an oath: that it will be faithfully and conscientiously transmitted.

Important! Uses the source language non-Latin characters - instead of Cyrillic, Greek or Hebrew - the translation of the birth certificate must follow ISO standard respectively. That means that every foreign character in a equivalent Latin character is to be transferred. This applies, for example, to first and last names.

Have the birth certificate translated: What costs do you have to budget for?

If the authorities request one translated birth certificate, for this is usually a Translation agency instructed. Since this is a service also has a translation of a birth certificate price.

How high this turns out is mainly determined by the Source and target languages. At more exotic languages it is therefore usually more expensive to translate the birth certificate, whereas English German is relatively cheap. How much you have to pay in the end also depends on the Translation agency off, because one there is no uniform regulation.

For this reason, it can make sense to have one translated before you get your birth certificate Compare prices from different providers. The costs for the German-English language combination can vary depending on the service provider 30 or 60 euros amount to. Also clarify whether the prices mentioned are possible Shipping are already included.

By the way! It is not always actually necessary to have one To translate and notarize the birth certificate. You can save the costs for this, for example, if it concerns civil status documents that are in accordance with the Vienna CIEC Convention issued and intended to be used in one of the Member States. Because in this case it is Multilingual birth certificate and valid without separate certification.

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Have the birth certificate translated: when is this necessary?
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