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Overfiend Blade of Nulgath

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Abyssal General

The Archfiend

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AQWorlds Artist (formerly)

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Artix Entertainment (formerly)

The Nulgath Nation

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Left Artix Entertainment in 2015

Active once a year.

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The original name of Nulgath was Miltonius, a character which is known way less about than Nulgath. Nulgath is an Archfiend, also known as an archdemon and serves a dark master who's name is unknown.

Nulgath is from the AQWorlds timeline, but a character as powerful as him is also able to hop timelines. He uses portals for this.

Life as Miltonius

Before becoming the archfiend he is now, Nulgath was a human named Miltonius. How exactly he came in contact with his master is unknown, but very likely due to practicing dark magic. He often wandered into the caves under the Citadel of the Grand Inquisitor where he discovered his dark secrets.

Transferring to an Archfiend

As he explored the caves more and more he found a lot of powerful items, creatures and magic that he could bind to his will.

As he got more powerful than ever he was eventually able to shed his mortality and become half demon. He made his palace deep within the caves and named the cavemaze 'Tercessuinotlim' (Miltonius Secret).

He took his home in the deepest caves guarding two massive gates.

On the top of his power as half-demon he animated his blade as companion and named it the Oblivion Blade of Miltonius. If one would step too close to him the blade would strike them down.

Becoming Nulgath

As more adventurers came visiting his cave citadel and palace in the core of Lore he obained a lot of powers due harsh deals, contracts that bound them to him or souls that he got in return of favors.

Due to this power and evil intents his master was impressed and allowed him to evolve into a fully fledged powerful demon.

The old Miltonius was gone, and Nulgath the Archfiend arose. Even his sword changed including the items he had granted to adventurers before.

Another significant change was the appearance of more minions and locations where it all resonated of his dark powers.

The Dage versus Nulgath was

At the height of his power, Nulgath took a couple of apprentices to serve him as generals or learn his dark magic. Such as Revontheus, Dage the Evil, Dilligaf, King Klunk, Odin Fatalis and Zee.

However, Dage the Evil broke his contract that bound him to Nulgath and his soul was shattered in a lot of pieces.

Then, Dage rose an army of undead which were different than normal. They still had firly intact brains and were soul linked to Dage. This Undead Legion would later be Dage's most famous asset.

Dage confronted Nulgath at the Oblivion Gate, a place that was a rip in the timestream and led to another world.

In the war that followed Nulgath, and his generals Dilligaf, King Klunk and Revontheus; led the Nation against Dage the Evil and his generals Laken, Vokun and Aranx.

Despite that Nulgath won the war against Dage's legions, Dage tripped his master to fall into the Oblivion Gate and quickly closed it after, trapping Nulgath in the realm of Oversoul.

The realm of oversoul

Being trapped in the realm of Oversoul he first thig that Nulgath did is devouring more spirits and souls to attain more power. Later on he alse summoned his generals that helped him in the war to this new realm to build an army and return to Lore.

Over time, Nulgath had attained enough power to send projections of himself back to Lore and other timelines. But despite a few appearances here and there nobody heard of him ever since ...

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

As he is originally from this timeline the most lore about Nulgath and Miltonius is written in the AQWorlds timeline. His cave maze and home in Tercessuinotlim can be found in the caves under the Citadel. It is a maze for anyone that enters it. And it's inhabitants are not always so friendly to visitors.

There are a lot of more instances and items that refer to Nulgath, which are remarkably to be indicated by his minions, runes or presence of his items.

Chaos storyline

In the Chaos Storyline against Drakath, Nulgath appears to be subject to Empress Gravelyn of The Shadowscythe. As she rallies the Nation against chaos as well as Dage and his Legion. But because Nulgath by then is already trapped in Oversoul he only can send a projection of himself.

When the hero lands in the underworld but really needs to save the Empress, Nulgath jumps in an shows a fraction of his power to save the day.

Chaos Lord Beleen

Shortly after the war, Beleen gets corrupted by chaos and becomes one of the chaoslords. Nulgath who had just opened the Oblivion gate again to re-enter Lore happens to land right besides her.

Unpredictable as Beleen has become she nullifies Nulgath's attempt by turning him and his minions in cute little beings and starts pinkifying Lore.

Nulgath comes with a plan to stop her, but afterwards he has to retreat to Oversoul again.

Birthday events

Every January Nulgath's birthday is celebrated and his NPC appears in Battleon or BattleonTown.


In BattleCon there are two projections of the great Archfiend in both Vendor Booths to promote Oversoul and in Artist Alley to sell some of Nulgath's wares.

Dark Fortress

The Dark Fortres is an instance back-in-time when Dage was still Nulgath's apprentice. Dark Fortress is out of Lore and a training place for Nulgath's apprentices.

AQ3D lore

Despite not having arrived in AQ3D, Nulgath's Nation did set foot in the Underworld in that timeline. This to oppose Dage's Legion whom also have a presence there. But both leaders are only refferenced to and not physically present for some reason.

DragonFable Lore

In the DragonFable timeline Nulgath can be found in the Snowy Forest instance, where he is obviously looking for a way back to the Oblivion Portal and get back to Oversoul.

Oversoul Lore

Arriving to Oversoul, Nulgath did not hesitate. He quickly figured out that his is pretty much the strongest being in that realm, and started executing his plan to turn whole Oversoul realm into Fiends and strike Dage back.

Yearly he does appear as NPC for his birthday, as well as playable character.

Fun facts

  • Nulgath does more than 3 billion damage in a single strike, which should not be possible considering AQW uses 32 bit system and maximum value within 32 bit system cannot exceed 2,147,483,647.
  • Nulgath changed his appearance 5 times.
  • During the Evil War (Dage vs Nulgath), Nulgath actually won the war judging by the score count. It is unknown why AE made Dage win, but it was probably done for story reasons such as the debut of the game Oversoul. This was rewritten later on.
  • In Oversoul, Nulgath's minions often mention "The Old One".
  • Despite all the evil beings in Tercessuinotlim, Nulgath allowed Polish to be around as only good character.
  • The transfer from Miltonius to Nulgath actually was done because he did want to own the name Miltonius while AE has copyrights on the name Nulgath.
  • Unlike Dage, Nulgath eats souls which makes him more evil.
  • The very first name that he used working for Artix Entertainment was Hadin.
  • Ddog was his nephew in real life.
  • Uses a lot of symbolism from Greek of Chinese characters.
  • In the Mirror Realm Nulgath is an Archangel.

Real life story

Milton is known to be one of his real names, this is why he adopted the name Miltonius shortly after being hired by Artix Entertainment somewhere around 2006 after making the Artix vs Undead video.

Founding of AQWorlds

He is the one that founded almost all the concept art for Artix Entertainment's first MMORPG AdventureQuestWorlds. Being the founder-artist of AQWorlds means that the item, character, monster and background animation templates are initially designed by him and later taken over by other artists.

This does not say he made it all himself back in 2008 when AQWorld was launched, but a big part was his work. And despite that, he did not work from the underground lab.

From 2009 to 2010 he secretly started building on his own map and story and snuck it in the game under the name Tercessuinotlim. He has always been sneaky with his artwork, leaving small referrences to him in the form of runes and symbols on all things he created.

The popularity of his artwork within the Artix Entertainment community rose because it was hard to obtain, simple or plain yet catchy in design.


In 2012 events happened and Miltonius claimed his name 'Miltonius' for his own, making Nulgath the new name of his character. Shortly after this a video of Artix Entertaiment was shown with spoilers and hints on a new card-based game that Nulgath would bring in.

The Dage versus Nulgath was happened in AQWorlds and he left AQWorlds to work on his own new game Oversoul with his real life friends King Klunk and Dilligaf. AE send their support for the game in the form of Warlic and Revontheus.

Oversoul did less than AQWorld and there was insufficient boost to it to make it successful. King Klunk and Dilligaf whom worked on voluntary basis for some time could not get paid and left eventually. For a time Nulgath worked on Oversoul alone with Revontheus and Warlic until giving up on it in 2015.

Current status

There with AE focusing on AQ3D, he decided to hone his art and animation skills more in making web comics and animations. And train himself to become even better artist wise, thus he left Artix Entertainment on that point making his own art.

Only yearly he still sends some artwork for his birthday in AQWorlds.

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