Shrug you know what to do

   The preparation    

Message No. 551

May 11, 2014

You will know what to do!

My child. Sweet Child O Mine. Sit down by Me and hear what I, your Holy Mother in Heaven, who loves you, would like to say to the children of the earth:

You live in a time that was foretold a long time ago. The prophecies that God your Heavenly Father gave you through His Holy Prophets are now being fulfilled.

It is the end time and you don't have much time left. Only he who is converted, repented, and changes his life, orientates himself towards Christ your Redeemer, will the gates into His New Kingdom be opened and he will reap the fruits which God, the Heavenly Father, loyal to His, has promised devoted children.

But before all this will happen, those who refuse to repent and have completely dedicated themselves to my son's adversary will pay homage to him and worship him and do the worst deeds and evils, the chastisements of the father obeyed and the faithful, believing children are visibly shown who belongs to the "bad" and who is really pure and worthy.

My children. The worst has not yet happened, but it is "on the corner of your door", that is, if you do not pray and give yourself completely to Jesus, then the worst horror will break out and whole continents will be "taken from you" because the Chastisements from the father will be greater than all harm the devil can do.

My children. Repent before it's too late because only the children who bear the Divine Seal of the Father will be spared from these chastisements! Whoever does not convert, does not turn back and listens to God the Father, the worst sufferings will already happen on earth.

They will fall into chaos, misery and confusion and perish, but this "misfortune" will not happen to the true children of the Lord. The Heavenly Army of the Father will give them protection and the Holy Spirit of the Lord will give them clarity. They will know what to do and they will see when the end is near. After the 3 dark days the light of the Lord will shine on them and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit will come to them. You, my beloved children, will know what to do and Jesus will be there, for the glorious time will then come.

So pray now, my beloved children, and prepare for the coming of my Son. First comes the warning, My beloved children. Then the Second Coming of My Son is not far away.

Pray, pray, pray that the Father's judgment may be mild!

Pray, pray, pray, because the more you pray, the less harm the devil can do you.

Pray, my children, pray. Only prayer has the power to mitigate and even prevent the planned evils and horrors, but you must pray day and night.

I love you from the depths of my mother's heart and bless you from heaven. Thank you for answering My call.

Your loving mother in heaven.

Mother of all children of God and mother of redemption. Amen.


"My mother speaks the real word. Listen to you and answer your call. Amen.

Your Jesus. "


"My son will come to redeem you. So repent and give HIM your YES. You will not be lost.

Your loving Heavenly Father. Amen."


"The Lord has spoken, answer His call. I, the Angel of the Lord, tell you. Amen."

Go now, my child.(Our Lady and Jesus)

(You walk hand in hand, and then Jesus lovingly leads you back to heaven.)