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quick meals from the microwave

Cardboard tape. 27 cm 64 pages. Illustrated cardboard cover. signs of use and storage. (BK530n). "Speed ​​is not witchcraft, as the modern kitchen gadgets" microwaves "have long proven. Defrosting, heating, cooking: Nothing in your daily kitchen routine can embarrass you in a hectic pace or during unexpected visits Minutes and minutes have now become seconds. This is of particular benefit to those food lovers who, due to other activities, cannot devote the necessary time and creative dedication to their food preparation every day. Microwave cooking makes it possible for the first time to be quick, varied and health-conscious We wish you bon appétit with the delicious feasts of the quick 100 recipes Kitchen Microwave Practice The "know how" of culinary food preparation is the combination of modern and conventional cooking methods, because the effect of the fast microwaves and their special advantages in connection with the oven and grill surprise with significantly improved results while consuming less time and energy. Cooking will be an extraordinary pleasure for every housewife in the future, because every dish will be a success in no time at all: the Sunday roast has a brown crust and is juicy and tender on the inside; the vegetables are full of vital substances, colorful and crisp in the bite; Pies, cakes and pastries are fluffy, light and crispy. Combination cooking is the epitome of reorientation, whether in combination with different systems or in modern multi-function ovens. In any case, microwaves have become indispensable, because never before has a single cooking method been able to combine so many advantages: rapid speed, gentle and health-promoting food cooking, and cost-saving energy management. Another domain of microwaves is reheating cooked food. The original taste is not changed. Meat, for example, tastes freshly prepared even after being heated several times and remains juicy and tender. This opens up the possibility of a new supply. That means: Cooking only when the mood takes you, portioning and freezing. The microwaves then do the defrosting and heating in one go. Compared to conventional cooking methods, the microwaves have been able to combine a number of advantages. They thus meet the demands of our time for labor and energy savings as well as a health-promoting type of diet. Microwave ovens will soon be a natural part of every kitchen facility. First, however, we have to familiarize ourselves with modern technology, because microwaves work fundamentally differently than all previously known processes. This getting used to is not a problem, however, if you keep the functional principle "in mind" and take into account a few tips when dealing with modern kitchen gadgets. For all newcomers to the microwave practice, we have summarized everything worth knowing and noting in the following guide. "Excerpts from the book 600 grams. Item no .: 592135456.

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