What happened to Melrose Larry Green


'Melrose' Larry Green was born on December 4, 1950 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Laurence Victor Greenblatt. He is an actor, known for ComiXspotlight (2003), The Hack and Eddie (1996).

Trivia (7)

Frequent guest on Howard Stern's radio program.
Got his name by promoting Howard Stern's radio show by wearing a sandwich board sign on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California.
Had his own late night conservative radio show on KIEV AM-870 in Los Angeles for a time.
Howard Stern banned Larry from his show for a number of years because of a personal dispute. Larry bad mouthed everyone on the show during the time he was banned. Only as recently as 2001 have Howard and Larry made up and Howard has allowed Larry back on the show.
In a segment of 'Howard Stern's Cribs,' Green showed off his Venice apartment, which is filled with signs of his own creation, hundreds of video tapes, books, porno magazines, dirty pots and pans and weight lifting equipment. He called taping the segment the greatest honor ever bestowed upon him.
Has his own website, as most of Howard Stern's "Wack Packers" do (including Beetlejuice, High Pitch Erik, Hank the Dwarf, et al).
Credits to his newfound "normalcy" to his cat, Robin Quivers (named after Howard Stern's radio sidekick).