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Hello world, ghostbe

Each of us sees the world with our own eyes, interprets what we have experienced in the interests of the beholder, analyzes and decides on the basis of previous experiences and changes on our way through life in the flow of time, to the personality that we are right now. The faster the flow of time flows, the faster we decide for or against something at any moment, until we finally become careless and overlook the essentials, running instead of walking. How large may the number of opportunities not taken, of the very personal gifts that lay at the edge of the road and carelessly overlooked on our "run"? Who can say of themselves, "I love my life" and bask in their own happiness?

Whom be so, how wonderful! Isn't luck what each of us is looking for? Aren't all other desires and goals subordinate to it, since happiness means complete satisfaction? Whatever everyone's happiness may look like, it doesn't matter, but to find it, to feel it and to keep it, that is the humble mission of the GhostBe-Spirits. A set of instructions for SchönGeister in an alternative experience of reality. Based on empirical research results from various Earthlings in the game of life.

Welcome to the “parallel world” of GhostBe.

I look forward to like-minded people, inspiration or exchange. For stray, confused and disoriented fellow campaigners, I am happy to be the contact person in sad moments.

"One for all, all for one"

Sabine Lang

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Raknarok ahead ...


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The list of narcissists, egomaniacs and psychopaths who go over dead bodies to gain their satisfaction of lower desires and goals, who steal what life does not give them voluntarily because it is undeserved, is shockingly long. The world actually seems washed out by I-less creatures that are far from nature, neither divine nor lovable, terrifying in their vicious worlds of thought, only exceptionally gifted in the art of lying and deceiving. Limitlessly shameless and unworthy.

The more "corpses" that are stored in their cellars and rotten, the more confidently and proudly they indulge in their supposed successes and perceive themselves to be smarter than the rest of the world, the faster the pendulum of nature, of real life, strikes God. Those who manage to transcend the pain, the humiliation of the violent beastmen into joy instead of revenge, who do not indulge in the thirst for revenge, which should be reserved for the creatures, can sit back and watch their fate neutrally. None of them ends well, none of them lead to joy and happiness, everyone who harms their earthly brothers and sisters suffers the same fate, the same karma. Everyone ends up lying on the floor, permeated by the decaying smell of their cellar corpses, disgusting to the living creature that has remained human, masking and perfuming are equally senseless. You can smell them for miles before they appear, dull, soulless that has become visible and palpable. They are so used to their smell themselves, they do not notice how repulsive their effect, how empty their eyes, how dark their aura is. The shamelessness that has been cultivated and cherished for years towards their neighbors does not look good on anyone, but they do not notice it in their vanity and righteousness that lying and cheating is their birthright.

But everyone carries life, nature and justice in the form of conscience and whoever believes to be able to fill up the God-given rules of the game in the game of life will still be taught better. Each of these godless creatures will experience their greatest alp, because none is smarter and more omnipotent than God and his rules. This is called a fallacy. No deed based on lies and deceit remains without atonement, Maat, albeit invisible, always works, at any time, in any place and nothing and no one escapes her and her sharp gaze, which penetrates everyone and which is so necessary and painful earned.

The lie is a double-edged sword, whoever has discovered it has no idea what is in store for him, a test par excellence. Victories and enrichment achieved through lies and deception are taken again by Maat and her messengers or Wallkuren, and even more so, as unpredictably and unexpectedly as each I-Lose has behaved towards others. Everyone as he deserves, everyone without exception reaps what he has sown. The sum of his deeds will be his destiny.

The test field in which we live and have to prove ourselves in order to keep soul in the body has degenerated into a battlefield, unbearable smell of putrefaction, puddles of blood wherever the eye looks, an imposition and unbearable existence for every living, soulful person. Maat's appearance is sorely needed, so she is there to initiate the Last Judgment, to heal the earth from its wounds and to clear the playing field and God himself watches over her. Nothing can stop that, because souls have become the exception, so equilibrium is restored, ordered from the highest authority and the ark is ready for every worthy human life. In this very special case, our government will not decide who that is.

Lies are followed by repentance and atonement, and whoever cannot repent will go will. Whoever places himself above God will now be taught better, as surely as his hypocratic amen in the church. Or to put it very simply: Who laughs last, laughs best. Everyone dress warmly, because it will be stormy and freezing cold. Enjoy the show, darling, because no one with a pure heart will freeze in the last overdue battle, Ragnarök is at the door and who’s not noticed yet, I’m sorry. Wotan is back in town, let's cheer him on while Idun distributes her golden apples and we move gently and unnoticed into the golden age.

Does the reader feel the deep love that unites us, the unity of our soul?

None of us is here by chance, everyone has his mission that is ours in the now and here and in the end we dance together and celebrate our victory of the light that is certain.

How could it be otherwise, we have friends in higher places.

That's how it should be.

In love


The country needs new heroes!

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We need men who stand their ground and bravely take the floor, their sword.

We need women who want to be women, roll up their sleeves and clear away the invisible rubble of the previous catastrophe and plant new flowering, imaginative gardens on them.

We need people who think holistically and lift up the many seriously wounded souls and help them heal, who make the psyche understand that it is soul and what that means.

We need people who still have heart and mind, a little courage can't hurt, who like lighthouses shine immovably in their city and show others the way.

We need open, sincere spirits who collectively begin to create new things on the cleared “arenas”, to build new things solely for the benefit of the general public.

We need the wise, whose knowledge is woven into the new, who help to combine tradition and modernity and to prevent the world from being twisted again in back rooms.

We need loving hearts that care for, treat, comfort and encourage courage, that warm what is forever exposed to ice worlds.

We need glowing hearts that passionately do not rest day after day, until everything corresponds to the vision of a harmonious, loving world population and optimal living conditions, until everyone can say of themselves: life is beautiful, I am happy and nobody is forgotten.

We need men and women who are never afraid to speak the truth, who always stand by their word, regardless of the circumstances, who practice virtues and laugh at vanities.

We need laughing children, respected and well cared for seniors, happy families and prosperity for everyone and a society will already work.

We need medical professionals who consider all aspects of life and integrate them into their work, whose last choice is a pharmaceutical product, who see body, mind and soul as inseparable and who fight causes instead of symptoms.

We need teachers who focus on the child and who individually promote their potentials and critical thinking and who reject conformity, who know what privilege they are granted to take on the education of a human child and also what great responsibility.

We need story writers who rewrite our history, nothing like it fits, but how it happened, unadorned and not blackened.

We need musicians who dance to us again, let us feel sensuality and exuberance, enliven and delight us.

We need armies of Robin Hoods and Jean D’Arcs of the modern age, fearless and ready to do what needs to be done.

We need every single person on this whole planet who has a heart that beats and who has the same dream of freedom and peace, ready as a collective to create the “happy ending”, which is at the same time our new beginning in a new world.

We are united at first in metaphysical worlds until things become physical, knowing about it, very excited, I remain ...