Air conditioning makes noises that rustle

The heating is noisy - possible causes

If the heating rushes it is annoying and keeps you from sleeping, among other things. So that you can sleep in peace again and don't have to go without a warm room, we will tell you the possible causes of a noisy heating.

Roaring heating - that could be the reason

Heaters are used for many years and are often switched on and off. It is relatively normal for there to be noises. In most cases, however, the noise can be stopped quickly if you know the cause. These are the most common reasons:

  • Air: The most common reason for a noisy heater is air in the system. You can prevent this by venting your heater at regular intervals. Then the air is drawn out of the system and the noise disappears. You don't need to order a plumber for work.
  • Pipes: The noises do not necessarily have to originate in the radiator, they can also come from the pipes. This is particularly the case with old houses, because the pipes were placed in the walls and floors with little or no insulation.
  • Circulation pump: An incorrectly set circulation pump can also be responsible for the noises. However, you cannot adjust the circulation pump yourself, you need a specialist to do this. The setting is not very complicated and usually does not take long, so the costs are also relatively low.
  • Thermostat: A defective or improperly working thermostat also causes noise in your heating system. Adjust the thermostat as soon as you hear the noise. If the noise is gone, you have found the cause. In this case, you can change the thermostat and replace it with a new one.
  • Apartment building: If you have ruled out all other causes, another heating system in your house may also be causing the noise. This is often the case with apartment buildings in particular. There the noises are transmitted to other apartments via the pipes. Inform your landlord about the problem or ask the neighbors. You may not have noticed the roaring heater yet.

The cheapest heating in the world as a savings tip

When you've got rid of the noise, it's a good idea to check that your heater is set correctly. How to recognize this and how to optimally adjust your heating can be found in another home article.