What font is the Fosters logo

This is how you can find the right font for your logo

Classic, minimalist, Asian or Art Deco? With a logo design it is usually clear which style best suits the identity of a business. It is often a bit more difficult to find the right font for a logo. A helpful trick is to look at existing logos and analyze the fonts used there and their effect. This will give you a feel for which font is suitable for which style very quickly. I analyzed 6 different logo styles and put together appropriate free fonts.

1. Girly Style and Bakery Logos

The girly style is particularly popular with bakery and café logos. Pastel colors, muffins and fonts with thin, often curved lines in the Art Deco style go great with this trend.

Logo inspirations

Matching free fonts for girly-style logos

2. Asian logos

Asian design is always very stylish. For example, you can use a font with a calligraphic brushstroke or a very minimalist, sans serif font as the font for your logo in Asia style.

Logo inspirations

Matching fonts for Asian style logos

3. Futuristic, minimalistic logos

A thin, sans serif font is particularly suitable for a futuristic computer-style logo. Capital letters are often completely dispensed with here.

Logo inspirations

Matching free fonts for futuristic logos

4. Bubble style logos

The bubble style has become a cult with the Twitter and Skype logos at the latest. The effect is the logos is modern with a nice, friendly not too cool component. No wonder this style is so popular on the web.

Logo inspirations

Free Bubble Style Fonts

6. Retro and classic logos

Classic logos with a modern, timeless twist are always beautiful. For the classic style you will find a lot of beautiful free fonts, mostly serif fonts fit best.

Logo inspirations

Matching fonts for the classic logo style

How do you like the logos and fonts? Do you know any other nice free fonts that would go very well with these logo styles? I am very happy about your tips and feedback!

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