What is nsh lamp


Architectural lighting

Ushio manufactures a wide range of architectural lighting products for interior and exterior illumination, including products for landscape lighting, fiber optic illumination, commercial and industrial lighting and more. Ushio specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality, value-added LED, quartz halogen, fluorescent and compact fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium products.


Audio visual photography

USHIO is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of Metal Halide, Halogen and Incandescent lamps for video projection and display systems. Applications include Photography, Film Processing, Plate Making and Enlarging, LCD / DLP Projection; Overhead, film and slide projection, as well as use in most other video and data projection systems.


Xenon short-arc lamps boast a spectrum that is closer to natural sunlight than that of any other artificial light source. In addition to commercializing products for search and spot lights, which demand precise, powerful white beam lamps, USHIO became the first in the world to develop a xenon short-arc lamp exclusively for large scale, theater-use movie projectors.


USHIO offers a series of LED fixtures and replacement LED lamps for the entertainment market. Traditionally in the theatrical lighting market, USHIO has provided the highest reliability in halogen and high pressure xenon lamp technology, a tradition that continues in the era of solid state lighting. Through out its history, USHIO has focused on developing new lighting technologies in cooperation with our customers for Film & Cinema lighting, Video lighting, Concert & Stage lighting, Theatrical lighting, Club & Disco lighting, and Special Effects lighting.


Graphic arts

USHIO offers a full line of replacement lamps ideal for drying ink for the graphic arts and silkscreen presses when printing on surfaces such as paper or textiles. With short and medium wavelengths, with wattages ranging from 375W to 6000W and the flexibility to customize lamps, USHIO’s graphic art lamps are repeatedly chosen for their quality.

We offer the most complete line of Halogen, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Metal Halide, Mercury, and Xenon lamps for most major brands in the market. Made in Japan and Germany by ISO9001 certified facility.


USHIO introduces HiLUX GRO ™, a new line of grow lamps to promote enhanced vegetative growth and flowering. Made in Germany by ISO9001 certified facility, these lamps are made to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance. The Hilux Gro ™ series consist of single-ended and double-ended HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps as well as the new LEC / CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) lamp types designed for open-rated fixtures.

Infection Prevention

Ushio is an industry leading Infection Prevention solutions provider offering custom complete room solutions from pathogen and particle detection to surface, air and water purification. We provides a wide range of lamps and system solutions to combat pathogens, VOC and TOC. We have wavelengths that range from 172 nm to 280 nm with a wide variety of UV solutions. This includes UV LED components, mercury free excimer lamps, low pressure mercury and amalgam lamps, ozone generating amalgam and excimer lamps, as well as upper air cleaning solutions and floor model air cleaning solutions. No project is too big or too small so let us customize a solution for you.


Infrared Heater

USHIO Quartz Infrared Heater lamp is an example of efficiently utilizing the heat output of a specialty halogen lamp. Most of the output from this light source falls in the infrared region, and it is proven to be an extremely efficient heat energy source. USHIO Quartz Infrared Heater lamp creates clean, safe heat source which can be flexibly controlled and minimizes footprint to maximize design possibilities.



We take great pride in the lamps we manufacture for this market, and with that pride comes responsibility. We know that our lamps help to paint the darkened night and illuminate pathways to safety. We recognize that our lamps are integral to exterior designs because they add splashes of personality and vision to outdoor spaces. We bring innovation to landscape lighting. At USHIO, we turn landscapes into Luxscapes ™.

Pet Care / Aquarium

USHIO Aqualite ™ Metal Halide lamps feature the best combination of color balance, color rendering and photosynthetic light output for healthy marine aquarium and reef systems. Our USHIO BLV factory in Germany, collaborated with leading marine biologists to develop the first 10,000K Metal Halide lamps. We have successfully set the benchmark of quality for over ten years.


USHIO lighting products include a diverse array of gas discharge and halogen / incandescent lamps designed to meet the precise needs for many industrial, scientific and medical applications. USHIO halogen, mercury, xenon, ceramic xenon, metal-halide, LED illumination system, EmArc® and Sōlarc® brand lamps are built to exacting specifications to ensure optimum output and performance in equipment designed for critical processes and procedures.


Ushio’s photolithography lamps are based on the greatest amount of experience and are the most reliable in the semiconductor and liquid crystal stepper light source field. Now that lithography process technology has entered a new phase, Ushio is committed to looking even more closely at what is expected of photolithography lamps and to continuing to progress towards the next generation without being bound by current levels.

Ushio’s proprietary large-area projection lens technology cultivated through our capital equipment from many years of expertise in light source and optical technology. High productivity is achieved while realizing the high resolution and overlay accuracy required for the latest packaging substrates.


USHIO provides lighting solutions to help solve your park’s lighting needs such as LEDs for signage as well as our Ultra Service ™ and Xenoline ™ incandescent lamps.


USHIO offers the full range of UV spectrum with low and medium pressure Mercury lamp technology. High performing lamps are used in applications such as Scientific Illumination, Tanning, UV Curing and Sterilization / Disinfection. Standard lamps and Custom OEM development is available. Made in Japan and Germany by ISO9001 certified facility.