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Premium deluxe repatriation missions in GTA Online

News Michael Sosinka

In "GTA Online" you can now accept Simeon's new premium deluxe repatriations for which you get double rewards. But there's more to report, as Rockstar Games has confirmed.

Simeon's premium deluxe repatriations

  • The certificates on his dealership wall may have a suspicious number of misspellings, but Simeon Yetarian is the one and only car dealer and living proof that the American Dream can still be lived out in Los Santos.
  • Starting today, you can accept Simeon's brand new premium deluxe repatriations simply by driving to his dealership, selecting them through your iFruit, or simply from the mission list in the job menu.
  • And because Simeon's accomplices often disappear under mysterious circumstances, you'll receive double rewards for the premium deluxe repatriations throughout the week.
  • Keep your eyes peeled as there will be more premium deluxe repatriations for Mr. Yetarian to do in the coming weeks, bringing in double rewards.
  • DIFFICULT NEGOTIATIONS: Simeon has heard that an auction of stolen vehicles is going on at the Las Mesa Police Station. The goods are still hot, so stealing again is a victimless crime, isn't it? Steal these vehicles for your favorite Armenian car dealer and receive a nice reward for your efforts.
  • RADICAL COURSE IV: There is a rival trader in town who is undercutting Simeon's prices. But Mr. Yetarian always has an ace up his sleeve. The said ace works in the warehouse of the competition and unfortunately "forgot" to lock up for the evening. Drive to the place where the cars are stored and scrap them for a nice penny.
  • TRADE SANCTIONS: An arena war show will take place outside the Maze Bank Arena. Simeon wants you to steal the monster trucks there for him - and then visit some of his old friends.

More bonuses

  • CEOs who make sales from their warehouses can look forward to increased profits this week as specialty freight sales double the revenue. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of illegal specialty cargo sales, you must first get an office via the Dynasty8 Executive website and a warehouse for storing illegally acquired goods. For a brief introduction to a successful CEO career, check out this Newswire entry on Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.
  • Dress up in racing gear and drive to one of the triggers for the La Puerta arena series and join a rotating playlist of arena war modes that all pay out double GTA $ & RP.
  • Bring the tachometer on these tiny vehicles all the way up and take part in each of the 15 RC Bandito races that will earn you double rewards through May 1st.


  • If you're a fan of classic curves, you can show off your love of classic cars by playing anytime this week and unlocking the Albany Vintage T-Shirt.

GTA $ 250,000 as a cash gift

  • If you purchase a biker clubhouse this week, you will receive a refund of GTA $ 250,000, which will be credited to your Maze Bank account within 48 hours.
  • And if you already have a shabby headquarters for your motorcycle club, don't worry - you'll still get the bonus if you play GTA Online by May 2nd.


  • Annis ZR380 - 30% discount
  • HVY Scarab - 30% discount
  • MTL Cerberus - 30% discount
  • Vapid Imperator - 30% discount
  • Declasse Brutus - 30% discount
  • Arena workshops - 40% discount
  • Arena workshop renovations and expansions - 40% discount

Premium race

  • Make the asphalt of Los Santos' highways glow with your supercar and spread dirt on the Vinewood circuit in this week's premium races. To enter a premium race, go to “Fast Job” on your mobile phone in the game or via the yellow trigger in Legion Square. Pay GTA $ 20,000 entry fee and compete against seven other racers. The winner will receive GTA $ 100,000, the runner-up 30,000 and the third-placed 20,000.
    • Wiwang Park (only for sports cars): April 25th
    • Traffic is when it crashes (only for super sports cars): 26. – 30. April
    • On the racetrack (only for off-road vehicles): 1. – 2. May