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Ralf links to a site just to my liking - I’ll have to take a closer look tomorrow, but it sounds like this could be useful for some lessons or projects at school.

Music Acoustics UNSW: “Physics and music have been closely related for thousands of years. The art and the science of music acoustics are presented on this site, in musician-friendly format, as is some of our research work in music science. "

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Dossier: The Suffering of the Early Years. “Hundreds of thousands of children were mistreated in homes in the young Federal Republic. The Church has the greatest responsibility. " By Peter Wensierski.

Knowledge: in an emergency without a plan. “In the event of a flu pandemic, the federal and state governments have had a national emergency plan for a year. But how well the sick are cared for has so far depended on where they live. " From Harro Albrecht.

Knowledge: cornerstone of faith. “Almost 12,000 years ago, an enigmatic people built the first temples of mankind. The huge complex probably served a cult of the dead. " By Ulrich Bahnsen.

Knowledge: The one with the tics. “He's a scout on his own behalf. Christian Hempel lives with Tourette syndrome, a disease that makes him scream and twitch against his will. He has received several awards for his Tourette website. " By Astrid Viciano.

Chances: Deficiency? What defect? “The ministers of education are projecting: By 2015 there will be 70,000 teachers short. Not true, say the educational researchers. " By Jan-Martin Wiarda.

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New York Times: Harper Lee, Gregarious for a Day, by Ginia Bellafante. (Published January 30, 2006.)

Harper Lee wrote only one novel, but it became an almost instant classic - I re-read it recently and enjoyed it immensely.

Guardian - The Observer: Mockingbird author steps out of shadows.

“Harper Lee wrote one of the great works of American literature and is portrayed in two new Hollywood movies. Now her friendship with high school pupils has led her to talk publicly for the first time since 1964, writes Paul Harris. "


"Miss Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, a Pulitzer Prize winner and the most durable bestseller of the decade - Mockingbird has been on the list two years - flew into Chicago recently for a one-day stint to help promote the movie adaptation of her popular novel. What follows is an account of the flood of questions the noted writer must endure all in the name of publicity. "

"This interview by Roy Newquist originally appeared in his book of interviews, Counterpoint, published in 1964 by Rand McNally."

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Life: German lessons. “Asad Suleman fights for the German language on his schoolyard in Berlin-Wedding. Suddenly he is at the center of a debate that can change the country. " By Jörg Lau.

Knowledge: Fron of the early years. “Two-year-olds learn to count, three-year-olds learn to write. Chinese parents train their toddlers for high performance. " By Donata Elschenbroich.

Knowledge: Death from below. “Gas stored at the bottom of lakes can suffocate people and animals. Now researchers are trying to tame the treacherous outbursts. " From Jana Schlütter.

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