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11 behaviors of charming people

Last update: December 27, 2016

Adorable people are all those who, regardless of aesthetic characteristics such as their beauty or their style of dress, manage to cast a spell over others. These people can make great things through their attitude, charisma, and even something as simple as their kindness. A person whose smile is enchanting conveys trust, compassion, and joy.

Doctor Travis Bradberry, author of the book Emotional intelligence 2.0 has explored and studied people's emotional connections and confirmed that there are basic traits that make some appear friendlier and more charismatic than others.

Bradberry explains that conversations get longer, like circles of water spreading across the surface, when influential people talk. High impact people involve everyone around them to convey a different perspective on their work and to discover new opinions on it.

What charming people do differently

Very influential people are very clear about how they treat others. They are convinced that there are few things that can put an end to sympathy as quickly as arrogant behavior. Adorable people don't pretend to be better than those around them. In truth, deep down, they believe that they have the ability to succeed and create the life they want.

But what is the secret to being a lovely person? There are things that make charming people different and these are the following:

1 - You treat others with dignity and respect. Adorable people don't demean others, but are able to treat everyone with the same respect. In this sense, there are no classes or social strata for these people.

2 - They don't criticize or gossip. A charismatic person does not feel the need to use gossip and criticism to motivate others, but prefers to get the best out of himself and let others shine. That is, she is generous and allows others to show her worth.

3 - They treat others as they themselves hope to be treated at certain moments. Many people believe that influential people obey the rule of treating others as you would like to be treated. But this rule is erroneous, according to Doctor Bradberry, because it says that everyone wants to be treated the same way. But we humans have different desires and goals. Charming people adapt their behavior in a certain way to the current needs of their counterpart.

4 - You have set healthy boundaries. Adorable people don't try to please everyone all the time, they know that there is the right place and time for everything in life. You have healthy ways of helping others without neglecting yourself. This ability to set boundaries is a great example of self-love and also of charity.

5 - You are authentic and stay true to yourself. They are not trying to be who they are not and they are adamant believers in their qualities. They know what they're worth and never let others tell them how to see themselves. They are aware of what is important and that is what they convey to others. Integrity is one of the best qualities they teach others.

6 - You always have a smile for everyone. This quality of always smiling at others makes charismatic people more attractive and more beautiful. Their energy creates their smile and also the smile on the lips of their counterpart. These people know that a smile is more attractive than anything else and has the ability to dispel negative vibes.

7 - You care and show compassion. Enchanting people feel for their fellow human beings and take an interest in animals, nature and people. For them, it's not just about being kind to those they love, it's also about stepping out of their comfort zone for the benefit of the relationship.

8 - You love life and relate to others. This type of person suffers as well and faces challenges and hurdles, but these people understand that life has no price and that the only real thing we live is to take risks and help others. In addition, they love their fellow human beings and like to be around them.

Therefore, they cherish every moment and when they meet someone new they make that person feel like they are the best of their day. They are also great “human connectors” and have the special ability to bond with like-minded people.

9 - They know that you have to work hard in life to get ahead. Adorable people can always have a smile on their faces and yet they are aware of the fact that nothing can be achieved without effort. They work hard to be successful and they are very committed to making their dreams come true. They succeed because they don't give up.

10 - You listen. Doctor Bradberry says we humans like to know that we are being listened to, and he explains that something as simple as a clarifying question not only shows that you are listening, but also that you are concerned about what you are listening to we communicate to others. It is surprising that simply asking the right questions can convey the feeling of respect and appreciation for others. Charming people have this quality of showing their counterparts that they understand, acknowledge and love them.

11 - You have a positive attitude. Despite all the hurdles they face, these people continue to have a positive attitude. They don't want the negative to gain the upper hand and they don't take on the role of victim, but instead avoid confrontations and always look for an optimistic answer to face unhappiness.

Become a charming person

Adorable people are individuals who have walked a rocky emotional path and faced every challenge to adapt. During their journey they learned to be kind and that they are not alone in this world.

Do you want to become a charming person too? Then meet your fellow human beings with this kindness without feeling superior, because you have overcome hurdles and overcome difficult times or because you are more intelligent or "well-read". Only in this way will you be able to connect with others and discover the treasure they keep inside. Isn't it just a wonderful feeling when you go through these situations?