What is Lannon fabric

What is linon


Linon is similar to the word linen, but has nothing to do with it. The flax fiber linen stands for the natural fiber and the fabric made from it, while linon only a certain one weave designated. The name actually originated from the linen-like appearance of the cotton fabric.

Linon fabric consists of 100 percent cotton threads in the plain weave. The cotton is made from medium to fine thread yarn. Plain weave is one of the oldest types of weave for cotton in the world. Plain weave fabrics have a high crossing density of the warp and weft threads - that's what makes them durable and scrubbable.

To be on the smooth surface To achieve a slight shine, manufacturers apply a finishing finish (coating). Linon bed linen is very popular in summer and in color for children's bed linen.

What is linon made of?

Linon is a natural product made from 100 percent cotton and therefore a robust but soft fabric. Linon fabric is inexpensive to manufacture, which is why it is often used for children's bed linen. Its properties promise a long shelf life and high absorbency. In Summer months Linon fabrics are particularly pleasant because the fabric is finely woven and has good breathability.

Linon fabric appears rustic when it is not dyed, but of course the textile is printed in a wide variety of colors and designs. Just at Children's bed linen there are many colorful motifs on the covers. The fine one-sided gloss makes linon fabrics appear very noble, which is why the cotton fabric is popular for clothing such as blouses, dresses and shirts.

What kind of material is Linon?

Here you can see them Linon benefits again at a glance:

  • breathable
  • easy to care for
  • high absorbency
  • durable
  • inexpensive

Linon material is mainly used in the production of hotel bed linen and children's bed linen because it is hard-wearing and inexpensive. The fabric is smooth, feels soft and comfortable on the skin on - by no means stiff. It's bleached and the right-hand one Gloss finish is unfortunately not permanent after multiple washes. Linon duvet covers can be put in the washing machine at 60 ° C and are protected against shrinkage. The textile can be gently put in the dryer, because of its high absorbency it takes on average a little longer to dry than other fabrics.

Fortunately, it is linon fabric wrinkle resistant, so you don't have to spend a lot of time ironing. Especially printed linon bed linen should not come into contact with bleach.