What happened to the swaying Friday night lights

What happened to the drone brood?

Strangely altered drone brood - what could be the cause?

Jörg Potschaske from 78126 Königsfeld writes: I cut out the construction frame with drone brood and noticed strange changes in brood (see photo). The wax is normal yellow. I opened some sealed cells with a match and found only white maggots. The worker brood is perfect, only the building frame with the drone brood is affected.

Dr. Wolfgang Ritter answers: Some beekeepers observed similarly conspicuous drone broods this spring. In addition to dead, dark brood, the limestone brood mummies visible in your photo are particularly noticeable (see examples under arrows). The frequent occurrence of these phenomena is mainly due to the cool nights into May. The bees brooded over a large area during the day because of the warmth and sometimes quite lush forage, but then failed to warm everything at night. The drone brood will be the first to leave. Even slightly chilled brood is particularly sensitive to the infection with fungal spores (Ascosphaera apis), which the Kalkbrut triggers. This almost always comes from the drone brood and can easily jump over to the worker brood. Therefore, the brood should be removed as quickly as possible and while it is still white, i.e. before the formation of brown-black spores.
If the phenomena occur in certain breeding series or offshoots in the same year, the queens should be changed and followed by a queen whose offspring show better hygienic behavior.
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