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Quinn Fabray

Quinn Fabray


Hair color

dyed blonde
brown (natural hair color)


Lucy Caboosey, Sky Splits, Little Miss Blonde Perfect Emily Stark (herself)
Babe, MLIF, my baby's mother, Lady Fabray, my praying friend's girlfriend, the devil I knocked off, bonkers Quinn (Puck)
Lucy, juicy Lucy, size two teenage dream, our next queen (Lauren)
the doll (Becky)
Quinnie (Russel Fabray, Judy Fabray)
Miss Fabray (Jacob, Will)
Fabray (Becky, Lauren, Blaine)
Q (Santana, Sue)
a little bird, that lady, sister, a younger me, Kiddo (Sue)
my girl, a great girl (sam)
Barbie, beautiful blonde cheerleader, girlfriend, little perfect Miss Prom Queen, the most beautiful girl I have ever met, vengeful Harpie (Rachel)
Missy (Beiste)
Blondie, High School Slut, Little Miss Peroxide (Kendra Giardi)
Mama (terri)
beautiful blonde with the white girl's ass (Mercedes)
Sticky glue, stretch marks, bitch (Santana)
the ghost of Grace Kelly (Jesse)
blonde former cheerleader, babe (jacob)
the queen of the chastity ball (David Karofsky)
the angry drunk girl, the prettiest girl I've ever seen in my life (Finn)
the most beautiful, the nicest, the smelling girl I have ever met (Joe)
Cheerleader Queen (Kitty)

Family friends

Personal information


Acting, singing, sports


Rebel, beauty, dancing


2009 WMHS Ball Queen (Glee: The Beginning)
2009 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2010 Showchor Regionals (3rd place)
2010 Showchor Sectionals, (1st place, shared)
2011 Showchor Regionals, (1st place)
2011 Showchro Nationals, (12th Paltz)
2011 Showchor Sectionals, (1st place)
2012 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)

Series information

Lucy Quinn Fabray is a graduate of William McKinley High School and a former member of New Directions, Cheerios, and The God Squads and Celibacy Club.

She was about four months ago overture with quarterback Finn Hudson, because of whom she also joined New Directions. She became pregnant, but for the first time kept it from Finn that the baby was actually from Noah Puckerman and not from him. Finn breaks up with her when he finds out the baby is from Puck, but they get back together in season two, but then break up for good. In 100 the two come back together.

In the third season she had an accident and had to sit in a wheelchair for a short time.

She is from Dianna Agron shown.


Season one

In overture Quinn can be seen laughing with the Cheerios at Rachel's MySpace video and posting condescending comments underneath. Later, in a flashback, you can see her making out with Finn and then meeting him at his locker and asking him why he's talking to Rachel. At the end of the episode it is shown how they rehearse the song with Sue and Santana from New Directions Don't Stop Believin ' watch.

While Beyond Gut and Sue Quinn can be seen at a meeting of the Celibacy Club where she is the president. Rachel joins the club. Quinn

and Finn form a pair in the "couple games", of course, but they burst the balloon that they had to hold between them. Later the New Directions sing the song Push it in front of the whole school, Quinn is shocked by her performance and then joins the Glee Club to keep her boyfriend away from Rachel. She applied with the song I say a little prayer together with Santana and Brittany. Sue later used this as a chance to turn Quinn, Santana, and Brittany into her spies at the Glee Club. Then she tells Quinn that she and Quinn are more similar than she actually thought.

In Acafellas Quinn and Santana try to break up the Glee Club by getting Rachel to resist Mr. Schuester's dance performance. This degenerates into hiring Dakota Stanley, a talented choreographer who also works with Vocal Adrenaline. With his insults against the Glee Kids (except for Quinn, Santana and Brittany) he almost breaks the club apart, but eventually he is fired and because they failed, Santana and Quinn are banned from tanning for the rest of the semester.

In Children of lies she runs away from Finn when he meets her in the hallway. Quinn confesses to Finn that she is pregnant and the child is his - although the two have never slept together. She explained that it must have happened while they were in the hot tub. However, it is later learned that Puck is the father who made Quinn drunk and then had sex with her. But Quinn wants Finn to believe that he is the father because, in her opinion, he is a much better father than Puck, whom she calls the Lima Loser. Then Quinn runs crying to her car, in which Terri is sitting, who desperately wants to adopt Quinn's child. Later Finn comes to her and gives her his baby blanket that he used to carry with him.

In April April Quinn performs with Finn Don't Stop Believin ', however, her pregnancy makes her sick and she leaves the samples. Most of the time she is absent from rehearsals.

In Excited organisms Sue sees Quinn standing at the top of the cheerleading pyramid with shaky legs, but Quinn blames it on the glee rehearsals, although she knows that it is because she is pregnant. When Terri takes the job as a school nurse, she gives the Glee Kids vitamin D tablets, except for Quinn, she gets folic acid, which is good for the baby. Quinn later talks to Terri and decides to give her her baby.

In Spoilers games Quinn is at the ultrasound with Finn and there they learn that the baby is going to be a girl. Finn wants to keep the child, Quinn wants to keep putting it up for adoption. When the Spanish class writes a test

Finn leans over to Quinn and tells her that he'd like to name the baby Drizzle. But Quinn doesn't agree. When Sue splits the Glee Kids into two groups, Quinn is part of Will's group who No air will perform. Because she later tells Sue that only Rachel and Finn got solos in Will's group, Sue gets Puck and Brittany to join her group. Finn later talks to Quinn and says that he wishes she were a little more like Rachel and would stand up for both of them one day, and tells her that Rachel was able to stop Jacob from writing about Quinn's pregnancy on his online blog. Shortly thereafter, Quinn meets Rachel, who tells her if Sue finds out that she is pregnant, she is kicked out of the Cheerios and Glee is the only thing she has. Quinn sings afterwards You keep me hangin 'on. Sue later finds out that Quinn is pregnant and gets Jacob to write about Quinn's pregnancy on his blog so that the whole school now knows. Quinn is crying out in Finn's arms.

In Remix Finn gets a slushie shower from hockey player Dave Karofsky when Quinn is standing next to him. Karofsky says they are both no longer popular kids. On Emma Pilsbury's advice, they both wear sunglasses to look cooler, but still both get a slushie in their face. In addition, Quinn is now thrown from the Cheerios by Sue.

In Fear and blame Quinn and Finn watch the Cheerios rehearsing from the stands. The two discuss the financial difficulties of the pregnancy and Quinn accuses Finn of not being man enough to find a job and help her with the baby. Later bä

ckt Quinn for selling the New Directions cupcakes, and Puck comes over to her. Puck then gives Quinn some cash for her child. However, she gives it back to him and says that she will swear on deathbed that the baby is Finn, even if it is born with a mohawk. Puck says it would be really cool what ends up in a food fight between the two of them. After that, it looks like the two are about to kiss. But at that moment Finn comes in, who looks at the two in astonishment. The money that Puck finally made with his own cupcakes at the New Directions cake sale he wants to give Quinn first, but when Finn comes to her and says that he now has a job, she leaves Puck with the money.

In Ballads notices Quinn's mother while trying on the dress for the

Chastity ball that Quinn no longer fits. Meanwhile, Quinn's father comes into the room and says he'd like to take Finn out for dinner. Quinn is later angry with Finn for telling his mother about the pregnancy and worries that her parents might find out. When Finn is finally at the Fabrays dinner, he suddenly sings - on advice from Kurt - (You're) having my baby and that's how Quinn's parents learn of their pregnancy. After the song, Quinn's father gives him an annoyed look and throws Quinn and Finn out of the house without further ado. Finn offers her to live with him afterwards and his mother confirms that she can stay as long as she wants. The Glee Kids sing at the end of the episode Lean On Me to show both of them that they are always there for them.

In Splitting hairs decides to give Quinn Puck a chance as a father and tells Terri that she wants to keep her baby. Terri and Kendra offer to babysit Kendra's triplets so that Quinn can change his mind. Quinn asks Puck if he is babysitting with her. At first the two of them are overwhelmed with the triplets, because they are tied to chairs, but when Puck helps her to untie the knot, their hands briefly touch. Then Quinn sings for the triplets Dad don't preach and they manage to bathe the children and finally all three sleep peacefully. But when Quinn learns that Puck has been texting Santana the whole evening, she wants to give her baby back to Terri because it should have a good father and Will is the best father she can imagine for her child.

In Who is in the picture? Quinn visits Sue in her office and explains to her that she wants to be in the photo of the Cheerios and threatens to expose Sue's promotional activities with the cheerleaders, which would disqualify Sue if she does not let Quinn in the photo and one of the six sides of the Cheerios the Glee Club there. Sue is enthusiastic about Quinn's negotiating skills and finally agrees, but Quinn immediately makes it clear to her that she no longer wants to be part of something that is not accepted. That's why she likes the Glee Club, because she has real friends there and only wants the photo for the Glee Club and no longer the photo of the Cheerios.

In Everything is at stake Rachel tells Finn that Puck is actually the