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Doom Eternal: Going to the Citadel: The fight against the first cacodemons

So switch to your shotgun immediately, aim at the creature and throw a sticky bomb in its mouth. All you have to do is aim roughly below the eye for him to actually swallow it. In fact, the Cacodemon will immediately flash blue, which is why you can do it with Glory Kill and take care of the rest of the opponents in peace. Again, you should always keep moving and use the blue jump pads to escape if the situation gets too precarious.

Bad news follows, because at the end an arachnotron approaches. As soon as you see him, the best way to escape is to take the jump pads and stairs to the upper floor of the building. Turn around, aim at the arachnotron from above and destroy its gun with a precision bolt. The rest shouldn't be a problem until a short cutscene kicks in and an arachnotron breaks through a door. Do the same with him and then go through the door.

Again in the open air you cross a wide platform and enter the next building. There is not really anything to do there, which is why you head for the wide stairs and eliminate the next cacodemon that is flying towards you.

Outside the building, keep to the left and you should see glowing green armor from a distance. Jump in their direction and keep right until you walk over a couple of tracks. You see a notch wall in front of you that you have to jump on. From there you turn to the right and jump to the next wall with a double jump. Turn left again until you see a couple of pipes that spray fire every second. Wait for an opportune moment and jump past them to get to the last wall.

Once at the top, you can first dive on your left to the green armor that you had already seen from afar. On your right, the next train and another subway shaft are waiting for you, both of which want to be explored.

At the end of the shaft he smiles at you Code entry: formation of the arc at. To the right of the side, below an exit sign, there is a narrow passage with a small, red hole in it. Beware: As soon as you get close to it, a tentacle shoots out of the ground and hits you! Quickly bounce back and kill it with one or two rounds of your shotgun.

Fight your way through the following room until you find yourself in a narrow corridor again. There is a crate on your right in a cul-de-sac that you can climb onto. If you stand on it and look further up, you will see an open shaft above you. Brace yourself up and destroy the cracked ventilation grille to get to the Cheat code: Unlimited extra lives to get.

Return to the narrow passage and take care of another tentacle on your left. The following staircase leads you to the parking garage of a department store, which, among other things, houses a cacodemon.

Go to the citadel: the department store

In the opposite corner of the entrance through which you entered the garage, you will see a glowing green shaft. Its wall is full of notches, which is why you can climb it accordingly, turn around and enter the interior of a large hall through another open door. This is where you have to end your first really long fight:

Apart from a few ordinary Imps and Soldiers, you have to expect three cacodemons one after the other. In addition, an arachnotron appears between the second and the third, which turns out to be particularly dangerous. The hall is a good size, but not wide enough to create enough distance for a well-placed precision bolt shot.

On one side of the hall there is a staircase that you can use to get up to the upper floor. However, you shouldn't use it, but rather jump up with the jump pad placed behind the stairs. So you can detach the arachnotron for a few seconds and concentrate on the cacodemon, which will catch up with you faster thanks to its ability to fly. Then you destroy the arachnotron's gun and have practically won the battle.

After the battle, go back to the glowing green shaft and take a closer look at the wall to the right of it. You come across an elevator door that is ajar and behind which you can enter Extra lives hides. You can reach it by climbing onto the large box in front of it on the left, jumping from there to the first floor and marching through the open door.

Now go back up the stairs and walk around to the left to the large, open window, through which a couple of soldiers jump right away. Behind it, a jagged road reveals itself to you with a few rather harmless opponents.

Go to the citadel: the underpass

At the end of the street you will see an overturned truck straight ahead and a wide underpass on your left. Before you cross this, go right past the truck and up to the edge of the platform. Carefully jump a fragment down and turn left again until you see a yellow pole sticking out of the rock. Thanks to you you can go to another Extra lives and jump a small platform with a first aid kit.

You should linger briefly on the platform because from here you can see the area behind the underpass. You should notice the arachnotron, which you can shoot the gun from this position and from a relatively safe distance with a precision bolt. Then you take cover and one after the other eliminate all Imps and Soldiers who join you. If the supply dries up, consider whether you want to continue firing at the arachnotron from a distance (which costs a lot of ammunition) or working close by with a shotgun (which will inevitably cause you damage).

Either way, jump over to the area behind the underpass. If all other opponents are eliminated, a red portal opens, through which you have to march and which finally brings you to the citadel.

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