Regency house party, what happened after September 11th

List of episodes (foreign) / languages ​​/ German

#Dubbed titleOriginal titlePremiere (Germany)Premiere (Austria & Switzerland)Title cardSeason 1: 20021looking for helpHelp WantedAugust 23, 2002 (Super RTL)Seabed maintenanceReef BlowerExperts |Tea at the Treedome2Soap bubblesBubble standAugust 27, 2002 (Super RTL)The tear in the pantsRipped pants3Jellyfish fishermenJellyfishingAugust 23, 2002 (Super RTL)Plankton!Plankton!4Friends and neighborsNaughty Nautical NeighborsExam anxietyBoating School5Home pizza deliveryPizza deliveryHome, sweet pineappleHome sweet pineapple6Retired superheroMermaid Man and Barnacle BoySeptember 2, 2002 (Super RTL)Memory lossPickles7The supervisorHall monitorSeptember 3, 2002 (Super RTL)Disco jellyfishJellyfish Jam8Sandy's rocketSandy's RocketSeptember 4, 2002 (Super RTL)Squeaky shoesSqueaky boots9Back to natureNature PantsSeptember 5, 2002 (Super RTL)On the contraryOpposite Day10culture shockCulture ShockSeptember 6, 2002 (Super RTL)F.U.N.F.U.N.11InflatedMuscleBob BuffPantsSeptember 9, 2002 (Super RTL)The wax figureSquidward the Unfriendly Ghost12Dance the spongeThe chaperonesSeptember 10, 2002 (Super RTL)employee of the MonthEmployee of the Month13The big shudderScaredy PantsSeptember 11, 2002 (Super RTL)Made a snailI Was a Teenage Gary14The time machineSB-129September 12, 2002 (Super RTL)Karate feverKarate choppers15Just a dreamSleepy timeSeptember 13, 2002 (Super RTL)The bubblerSuds16The Valentine's presentValentine's DaySeptember 16, 2002 (Super RTL)A small piece of paperThe Paper17The treasure huntArrgh!September 17, 2002 (Super RTL)missed the busRock bottom18TexasTexasSeptember 18, 2002 (Super RTL)EnergeticWalking Small19April foolsFools in AprilSeptember 19, 2002 (Super RTL)A divine burgerNeptune's spatula20On the hookHookySeptember 20, 2002 (Super RTL)Return of the superheroesMermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IISeason 2: 200221Hey, your shoe is openYour Shoe's UntiedSeptember 24, 2002 (Super RTL)The deputySquid's Day Off22Bad breathSomething smellsThe cuddly crabBossy boots23Thick, pink and dumbBig Pink LoserNovember 6, 2002 (Super RTL)Bernhard bubbleBubble Buddy24The cake bombDying for pieNovember 7, 2002 (Super RTL)The lookalikeImitation krabs25WurmiWormySeptember 21, 2002 (Super RTL)A good ideaPatty hype26Grandma's darlingGrandma's KissesSeptember 25, 2002 (Super RTL)The tentacle paradiseSquidville27Until exhaustionPrehibernation WeekSeptember 26, 2002 (Super RTL)CrooksLife of Crime28Christmas underwaterChristmas Who?December 6, 2002 (Super RTL)29It's been a tough winterSurvival of the IdiotsSeptember 27, 2002 (Super RTL)Left aloneDumped30The horror of the streetNo free ridesSeptember 28, 2002 (Super RTL)The fanI'm Your Biggest Fanatic31Heroic vacation representativesMermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IIISeptember 30, 2002 (Super RTL)Squirrel jokesSquirrel jokes32On water and on landPressureOctober 1