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DayZ Standalone Tips - Quench your hunger and thirst

Everything about hunger and thirst in DayZ Standalone. Are you plagued by hunger and thirst in the new DayZ standalone and are you looking for ways to stabilize the values ​​again? In addition to our general tips for DayZ Standalone, in this article we would like to go into the topics of hunger and thirst and show how you can bring the values ​​back to normal and what can happen if you don't do this. By the way, we will also publish some articles on other game elements from the game, so that it is always worth stopping by here. As in the DayZ mod, the new standalone also has the properties of hunger and thirst. These values ​​are automatically reduced depending on the activity, but can be improved or normalized again by increasing the amount of food and water.

If you don't think about it and just continue, you can take damage from a certain point in time by not feeding your own character. So there is an energy value in DayZ Standalone and this is very important. If the energy value falls below 600, then the avatar is hungry. If the value falls below 300, then you are already very hungry and it is time to look around for food.

If you still do not react and the energy value falls below 100, then your own character is damaged. More precisely, the whole thing looks like you lose 1x health point and 0.5 percent blood per second. Then at the latest you have to start looking for food and water, if it is not too late by then. With the following DayZ standalone tips you can quench your hunger and thirst and improve your values.

DayZ Standalone Hunger Satisfaction - Tutorial with Tips

The best way to satisfy hunger in DayZ Standalone is food, although it really only depends on calories or energy. You can get this through drinks, but that's not really a lot. Therefore, especially at the beginning, one struggles through life with tins. The conversion cans can currently be found in houses or in supermarkets, as you know from the old part.

You should always have a can opener with you so that you can open the cans. If you don't have a can opener in your inventory, then the canned cans cannot currently be opened either.

You should be particularly careful with fruit, because it is often spoiled and causes additional damage. So it's best to only eat fresh food. In the coming days we will publish a table with the currently known food in DayZ Standalone.

DayZ Standalone Quench Thirst - Tips on Water

In addition to being hungry, the character in DayZ Standalone naturally also gets thirsty. But this is also quite easy to breastfeed, because in addition to beverage cans, you can also simply use water for drinking. However, there are a few more things to consider. As with the rotten fruit, you should also be careful with the water that you do not take it from polluted and dirty sources. In our opinion, this is not so easy to see at the moment, so we always recommend the following.

Boil water to avoid damage
With the help of a kettle or a cooker, you can boil the collected water from the springs and thus kill all bacteria. So you are definitely on the safe side and do not have to worry about damage from bacteria.

More tips for the standalone will follow soon here. You can find an overview in our article about DayZ Standalone.