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Sheldon Beiste

Sheldon Beiste



male (born female)


The Beiste (Quinn, Finn)
The Panther (herself)
Sir (sam)
Beiste, Brian Dennehy, Vin Diesel with wig, John Goodman (Sue)
The Beiste Master (alter ego)

Family friends


Denise Beiste (sister)


Kim (donkey, sold)
Khloe (donkey)

Personal information


Coaching to be a leader, to listen to the problems of others


unsure of their appearance

Series information

Sheldon Beiste, before Shannon, is the new football coach at William McKinley High School, replacing Ken Tanaka. She was married to Cooter Menkins but left him after he hit her and emotionally battered her. In Mashup Beiste comes out as transsexual and announces that she will undergo a sex change. In transformation he returns as Sheldon to McKinley and continues his job.

She is from Dot-Marie Jones shown.


Season two

In New faces and meanness Director Figgins cuts 10% of Sue and Will's budget. The reason for this is Coach Beiste, the new coach of the football team. Higher donations can only be reached with good athletic performance, which is why the football team should ensure that more money goes to the school. Sue is not at all enthusiastic about Coach Beiste and warns her that no one can come into her territory and take something away from her. Will is also not enthusiastic, but the two have no chance against the new coach. Coach Beiste demands that the boys on the football team show them what they can do. After that, she will decide who is allowed to stay on the football team and who is not. Before the boys can get out of the changing room, a pizza delivery boy delivers 20 pizzas and demands that they be paid for. Sue and Will hide behind the door. Her plan is to remind Coach Beiste of her school days and hope that she will quit her job before being humiliated. However, this pays the pizzas and distributes them to their players. Sue and Will are still trying to scare away Coach Beiste. Both think up a story and don't let her sit at their table, at lunch, in the staff room. Coach Beiste then tells Will that she knows Sue is the tyrant

school is, but she would have only heard nice things about Will. She makes Will feel guilty when she tells him that this is probably not the truth. After leaving the staff room, she stands crying in front of the mirror in the football team's locker room. Puck asks if she's going to cry, but she tries to work her way out of last year's bad football results. When Finn introduces her to Artie, Coach Beiste gets angry and throws Finn off the team, which confuses him and the other players very much. Brittany later sits in Figgin's office with Sue and Coach Beiste and claims that Coach Beiste grabbed her breasts. Will joins them and is very horrified. He gets Brittany to tell the truth so Coach Beiste won't face a lawsuit. Will apologizes to Coach Beiste. He's sorry for making her feel like an outsider. He thought the Glee Club will be so popular this school year that all the other students will want to join. But that didn't happen. The gleeks are still unpopular and underdogs at school and Will knows how you feel in position and doesn't want Coach Beiste to feel that way too. She accepts his apology. Sue joins them and wants to continue her tyranny with Coach Beiste, but Will stops her by standing by Coach Beiste.

In Britney / Brittany lets her rejoin Finn and Artie with the McKinley Titans.

In The new toastament she makes Finn quarterback after Sam dropped out.

In Not kissed Finn suggests that Sam introduce himself to Coach Beiste to "cool off" when he's sexually aroused. When Sam and Quinn make out in front of the fireplace, this coach Beiste imagines herself in a nightgown or how she talks to him in a cheerleader outfit so as not to get in the mood. Quinn immediately realizes that something is wrong when Sam says the word "Beiste". She then asks Sue Sylvester for help, who is of course appalled, but already senses her next chance to drive Coach Beiste out of school. Mike tells Tina what Sam's method is to get in the mood. To test that, Tina grabs Mike and leaves

t in a classroom with him. They both kiss. When the picture of a cigar smoking Coach Beiste in a ballerina costume appears in Tina's head, she also accidentally says the word "Beiste". Quinn wants to know why Sam said Coach Beiste's name while the two were kissing. During the discussion, they are interrupted by Coach Beiste, who has no idea what is going on. When Mike goes by and wants Coach Beiste to keep his hands off Tina, the surprise is great. Will watches the scene and confronts Sam and Mike. He is appalled that the student coach contributes in this way to their thoughts

en to include. Coach Beiste confronts Will and wants to know what's going on with the Glee Club. Will teaches her the situation as gently as possible. However, she is very injured and leaves the room. Will later learns from Sue that Shannon has submitted her resignation out of humiliation because of the Glee Kids action, The boys apologize to Coach Beiste and devote themselves to the mash-up Stop! In the Name of Love / Free Your Mind. In the end, the guys even make her laugh and give her a hug.

In Substitute player Sue wants to demonstrate her power as a director and get back at Shannon for cutting her Cheerios budget. Sue wants to dissolve the football team, but Coach Beiste knows how to defend himself and counters that her Cheerios would not be able to cheer on anyone if there were no more football teams.

In Cupid must be crazy Shannon intervenes when Sam and Karofsky attack each other and angrily wants to know what the reason is.

In How Sue stole Christmas The boys ask Coach Beiste to play Santa Claus for Brittany and to make it clear to her that her wish cannot be fulfilled because the elves have not yet got her far

are with research. Brittany is at home and surprises Santa Claus. Coach Beiste has disguised himself as agreed and is now trying to explain to her that Santa Claus cannot do everything. She tells how Santa Claus once gave a girl patience instead of ending her being an outsider because he just couldn't do it. Brittany doesn't understand because she always thought. that Santa Claus is magical. When the Glee Club arrives in the rehearsal room, they find Artie there, who is standing thanks to a high-tech device from Israel and can take small steps. The device suddenly found itself under Brittany's Christmas tree. Nobody knows where the device came from, so Brittany is convinced that Santa Claus was able to grant her wish after all. Shannon Beiste looks at the scenery from the hallway with great pleasure.

In The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Beiste talks to Will about the situation on the football team. She has won several championships and she believes footballers don't have to like each other, but they have to respect each other. Will then has an idea. So it happens that the football players are forced to join the Glee Club. But this idea does not end happily, because the players are kicked out of the team by Beiste when there is another uprising. So join the Glee Club girls, Rachel, Mercedes, Lauren and Tina, the McKinley Titans. But the players recognize their lesson in the end and are allowed to participate in the game, which they even win.

In Love song to sorrow brings Shannon Santana to the infirmary after she has an argument with Lauren Zizes.

In Sealing is a must Will is together with Coach Beiste in a western bar and has a lot of fun. In a drunk state, he agrees to sing on stage, but only if Coach Beiste accompanies him. they sing One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by George Thorogood. Coach Beiste accompanies Will home. He had a lot of fun, but worries about the song that he was playing with

Kids should choose to make the other students aware of the problems with alcohol. Coach Beiste is of the opinion that they can't stop the students from drinking anyway because they will do it anyway. The only thing they can point out are the problems that come with the alcohol. She says goodbye to Will with a kiss and tells him amicably that she loves him, which Will reciprocates.

In Sexy she is seen having lunch with Will when Emma protests against teaching Holly Holliday the Glee Kinds about sex and giggles at her inadvertent ambiguity.

Season three

In The Purple Piano Project she sits at a table with Will at lunch. He tells her that he has a problem telling Sugar that she is untalented. Beiste says that she has to keep telling her boys that they are not good enough and that she has to throw many out of the team. She adds that he wants to win the Nationals this year and so he has to.

In Unicorn power Coach Beiste is one of the three judges auditioning for the musical "West Side Story". She is enthusiastic about Rachel's audition, but after Kurts she says that he is too feminine for the role of Tony, although he is a good performer. He notices this and tries to convince her with Rachel and a suggestive scene from "Romeo and Juliet", but that doesn't backfire because Shannon, Artie, Emma and Rachel both have to laugh. At lunch she is sitting at the table with Will and Emma when Sue joins them and says that her campaign is still going very well. After that, she is moved to tears at Blaine's audition, which is why she offers him the role of Tony with the other two.

In The Maria duel Shannon is in the locker room explaining to the kids that she needs crutches because she hit a fire hydrant. She also wants them to wash themselves, including their armpits and genital area, because half the team is paralyzed with a "carnivorous" staph infection. Then she wants Azimio, Noah and Shane to show them their moves for the school musical because they dance there unless they are released from her. When they refuse, Shannon says ballet improves coordination, boosts her IQ, and got half the NFL on "Dancing with the Stars." She makes it clear that on Wednesday you can show up at the auditions and dance until then, what you should think about, how you should learn it so quickly. After that, Mercedes' performance watches itselfSpotlight and is thrilled. She is in the staff room with Emma and is discussing who to give the role of Maria, since Rachel is the role, but Mercedes would undoubtedly be the riskier and more exciting choice, as she looked much more mature and showed a new self-confidence in her appearance.

Then Will gives them the advice to arrange a callback, which they and Artie tell the girls in Emma's office about. Shannon is then at Mike's audition and is thrilled what he did with the guys from their team, because he built them into his choreo. She describes them as fabulous and hopes that it wasn't a waste of time for him, which he denies. Then she is back in the staff room speaking to Shelby