Snakes that love you tonight

Hermione woke very early that morning, the sun had barely risen. She couldn't sleep
something was going on
But she didn't know what.
It was just a hunch, a feeling, and it didn't make her even bother.
The bed next to her was empty
surely Ginny had snuck up to Harry.
Hermione sighed.
Ginny and Harry were so happy
but what were she and Ron?
Hermione thought she loved him
but from day to day she wondered
if it was really love
When he kissed her
this feeling of happiness was missing
how she felt during the great battle,
when they kissed in the Chamber of Secrets.
It was gone!
Hermione felt bad
while Ginny was certainly with Harry, Ron was probably in George's room.
Ron tried to crawl into bed with Hermione once
after his sister snuck up to Harry.
He had snuggled up against her
and then kissed
when he wanted to run his hand under her shirt,
Hermione had held this
and said "Not Ron, please!"
He had looked at her blankly.
"I'm not ready!" she had explained to him, whereupon he had gone offended.
Hermione knew he wanted to sleep with her and felt guilty
but she could do it with him,
well do not imagine.
Since that evening, he had not come to her when Ginny was spending the night with Harry, but went into the vacant twin room,
to sleep.
Of course, she gave him credit for accepting her decision for the time being and yet ...

Hermione went into the bathroom
showered and sat in the kitchen.
A book lay on the table in front of her
when Molly walked into the kitchen.
"Already awake ... what's wrong?"
"I do not know either!
So much goes through my head! "
Molly nodded
"I know!
I also often cannot sleep ...
there is so much in my head too! "
Hermione nodded.

Before Hermione made her way to St. Mungo's that day, she met with her parents.
Hermione, with the help of Professor Mc Gonagall and Kingsley, had managed to find her parents and give them back their memories.
Now they were looking for a new house in a London suburb, Hermione wanted to see some objects with them today.
They had had many conversations and Hermione's hope that her parents would understand had been fulfilled.
While Hermione let her parents guide her through the objects,
Severus had amazed his healer.
In the morning it was found
that the professor began to move his hands and feet. At first it was thought that it was involuntary, but the young healer from the previous day noticed that he was also moving his hand deliberately,
as if he was trying to communicate.
"Professor Snape, if you hear me,
lift a finger, please! "
A finger slowly rose from the ceiling. A satisfied smile spread across the healer's face.
He looked at his current assistant.
"We are on the right track! Great"
His next words were again for his patient.
"Professor, we're going to do some tests in a moment ... magic for diagnostics, it won't hurt, if you understand me, lift a finger!"
Severus Snape raised his index finger again.
Diagnostics showed
as before,
that Professor Snape's organs showed no damage,
cerebral damage was also not evident.

"Physically they are healthy so far!" now explained the healer
"Why they are still here
we can't find out! "
Severus' body felt heavy
but still he was relieved
to feel it and not just external influences.
So if he was healthy
he had to work on himself ...

When Hermione walked purposefully as always towards the professor's room,
a young, handsome doctor stepped out of his room.
He smiled kindly at Hermione.
"How is Professor Snape?"
Since the healer knew
that Hermione was the only person
who visited him every day,
he informed her with a smile
"Physically he has recovered,
now he just has to wake up completely! "
The healer nodded.
"Professor Snape hears us and has been able to move body parts since yesterday ... Communication via yes / no questions works well!"
"Very nice!"
Hermione went into the room
she was nervous.
"Hello Professor, I'm a little late today ... but I have the newspaper with me! Do you hear me?"
Hermione saw him raise his finger.
She pulled a chair closer to the bed and sat down.
"What do you make of it...
if they finger once for yes
and lift twice for no. "
Severus raised his finger once
Hermione would take it as approval, he was sure of that.
"Fine ... so there isn't much of interest in the Daily Prophet today!
So compared to the last few weeks!
How about the article on Hogwarts Rebuilding Progress? "
He raised his finger twice
well thought Hermione, then something else.
Severus heard the newspaper rustle and Hermione began to speak again.
"Otherwise I'd have something about Kingsley as the new Minister for Magic and the new appointments to the Ministry!"
This seemed to interest him more because he only lifted his finger once.
"Well, so ..."
Hermione started reading.
Severus was amazed at this girl ...
She visited him every day
even today she stayed
although they had apparently been informed that his mind was awake.
There was no negative word from her
neither now nor when she thought
that he was unconscious.
She had a really strong and good character, he thought, considering
what relationship they were in and what she was doing for him.
She seemed to be above
what had happened, he didn't understand.
On that day, however, she no longer spoke so freely. Otherwise she had told him about all sorts of things
they employed
so this time no more private word came out of her lips.
Sometimes he found it more entertaining and interesting
than the current information,
brought out by the Daily Prophet.

"So, Professor ... then I have to go again! I'll bring you the Daily Prophet again tomorrow!" Hermione got up from the chair and put the newspaper down.
"Don't run away!"
Severus would have liked to roll his eyes and say something back to her,
he only had the option of lifting his finger twice.

Ginny's daily question about Professor Snape's condition was answered by an uncertainly smiling Hermione.
"He's awake ... at least his mind!
His body doesn't seem to obey him, but at least he moves his fingers deliberately ... "
Ginny looked at her in amazement
"How the fingers?"
"Fingers, lift once for yes,
twice for no ... "
"Ahhh ... okay!"

In the evening everyone was eating together when Hermione got a headache. She apologized and went to bed.
Harry and Ginny said goodbye too,
they wanted to stretch their legs a little.
Ron was left alone
he sighed and wondered
where his relationship with Hermione was.
He was dejected
and resolved their relationship
which seemed to fail after such a short time.

The morning Hermione wrote a note about her purchases in Diagon Alley,
Ron arrived in a good mood
and sat down with her.
"What do you think if we go swimming afterwards, the weather is great ... Ginny and Harry are sure to come too!"
Hermione smiled skeptically
"Yeah, okay ... please, Ron!"
He was already cute
it went through her head.
He got up with a swing

They actually had a lot of fun at the lake,
Hermione hadn't laughed so much in a long time.
Ginny, who had long since noticed that the initial infatuation had quickly cooled, saw with satisfaction how Hermione leaned against Ron while they talked easily.

Severus had slept little
he finally no longer wanted to be dependent on other people,
delivered to them.
He tried hard
never in his life had anything been so difficult for him,
than now to reunite his mind and body.
But in the morning he felt an indescribable tingling sensation.
He couldn't describe
but he felt
as if inside
very deep, did something ...


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