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Roomers Hotels

Eclectic. Naughty. Sensual. Glamorous. Hedonistic. Mystical.

Roomers are places of exciting elegance. Spend a very special time in our houses stimulating and extravagant that you will remember for a long time. Experience stylish design, passionate hosts and an unmistakable Roomers vibe that turns every visit into a unique experience.



Opening end of 2022

"Roomers hotels are the true rebels of our industry."

- Iain Ainsworth -

"Roomers is different ... in a positive way."

- Rolf Westermann, AHGZ -

"What touches me, is their love for gathering people in a place that is well designed, for people who enjoy being in a cozy energetic place."

- Rami Mekdachi, Founder Lola James Harper -

"It's always a pleasure to work with likewise people, with the same craziness and the same passion."

- Norbert & Rainer, Alpha Industries Europe -

"The unseen pulse of this city lies in Roomers."

- Roomers Guest -

"You somehow feel as though effortlessly floating through space and lack of time, relaxed and beautiful."

- Roomers Guest -

“Feel that rushing sensation, that inner voice that says, This is good. Don't leave this place. «

- Roomers Guest -

"Roomers has sex-appeal and you know that."

- Roomers Guest -

"You're the best - and that's it."

- Piero Lissoni -

Our story

We love what we do! Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu are the heads of the Gekko Group and creators of the Roomers brand.

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Whether lifestyle, design or amenities - we love our partners and friends of the brand.

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»The hippest hotel in town«

"Anyone who expects a hotel to tickle the senses is in good hands at Roomers."

"A place of luxurious inspiration"


"A place to be"

"Inspiring setting and unique ambiance."

"A world of its own in the Frankfurt world."

"This is where the international metropolitan pulse beats, combined with regional influences from the Black Forest."

"Sensual and refreshingly individual, it combines elegant design with authentic service."

"The term luxury is being redefined in Roomers, far removed from the classic grand hotel business."

»Design classics«

"Hot, Hotter, Roomers"

"The Roomers Hotels stand for simple elegance, an individual style and a high lifestyle potential."

"An extraordinary atmosphere"

»Modern luxury paired with new bar concepts and pioneering gastronomy.«

»The most stylish hotel in the Black Forest.«


"The trendy design hotel Roomers is reduced and sensual, has a phenomenal breakfast and a mega spa, so everything is great."

»Sexy, sensual, glamorous. The hotel concept always creates the connection between extravagance and informality. "

"Stylish, cozy and surprising"

»A great roof terrace, a wonderful spa and a super Japanese restaurant called" Moriki "."

"Dark & ​​Sexy"

"Lascivious elegance and sensuality."

"Roomers is a hotel that will live long in the memory after even the shortest of stays."

»New York feeling in Frankfurt«

"Here day turns into night"

»To completely reinterpret the concept of luxury works perfectly here.«

"Anyone who likes luxury paired with lifestyle and love of life will - pardon me - feel very comfortable in Roomers."

"Authentic hospitality at the highest level, an unlimited love for life and the passion to share it."