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FAQ - Online Filing

Can I be automatically notified when new software is released?

Yes. Users who want to be kept informed about new software versions, updates, patches and fixes can register for our RSS feeds.

You can also activate the "Live Update" function in the Server Manager. click on Settings => Live update and choose Activate the system to update the software. You should also make sure that you are entering the EPC contracting states that are relevant to you Aids => Settings => System settings => States have ticked. If "Live Update" is activated, the updates for the EP procedure, the PCT procedure and the selected national procedures are carried out automatically.

You can set how often your software should check for updates by clicking in the field Check for updates every nn days enter the desired value. The system will notify you at the selected time intervals when new software appears. When starting the software for the first time, we recommend that you select setting "1", which searches for updates every day. You can enter your own and / or third-party e-mail addresses in the "Settings" tab of the Server Manager. All users registered there will receive an automatically generated email as soon as a new update is available.

Please note that you must first download the updates before you can install them. The update process does not end with the download. You will also need to install the updates in order for them to be integrated with the Online Filing software.

I would like to designate the inventor using Form 1001. Why can I no longer enter the full address in the inventor view?

After the amended Rule 19 EPC came into force on April 1, 2021, applicants no longer have to give the full address of the inventor when designating the inventor, but only the country and place of residence. The place of residence is the city or municipality in which the inventor has his permanent residence and includes (if available) the postcode.

The generated form 1002 was also changed so that it no longer shows the full address of the inventor.

The possibility for inventors to waive the right to be made known as the inventor provided for in Rule 20 (1) EPC remains unaffected.

For more information, see OJ EPO 2021, A12.

I prepared inventor nominations before the April 1, 2021 update, but have not yet submitted it. Can I still submit it in this form?

As a result of the amendment to Rule 19 EPC effective April 1, 2021, the data required for naming the inventor have changed.

In the case of applications that are signed and ready to be sent, but were no longer filed before the update of April 1, 2021, the inventor names under Rule 19 EPC must be removed as attachments. In order for the inventors' designations to comply with the amended Rule 19 EPC, they must be processed again before the application is filed.

In the case of draft applications that were not signed before the update on April 1, 2021, any previously prepared inventor appointments should be removed as attachments and must be processed again.

For more information on the changes regarding the designation of the inventor, see OJ EPO 2021, A12.

I am using an older client version of the software for online filing and still have to enter the full address in the inventor view on Form 1001. What can I do?

If the designation of the inventor is submitted after April 1, 2021 using an old version of the software for online filing with the full address of the inventor (i.e. including street and house number), this information will be included in the public file (unless the rule is 20 (1) EPC applies) and published in the European Patent Register. Applicants are therefore strongly advised to ensure that they update their Online Filing software with the latest version that no longer requires this information.

For more information, see OJ EPO 2021, A12.

Download the latest version.

Why do inventors no longer have the option to waive their right to notification?

After the amended Rule 19 EPC came into force on April 1, 2021, inventors will no longer be notified by the EPO that they are named in a patent application. There is therefore no need to give inventors the option of waiving their right to notification.

For more information, see OJ EPO 2021, A12.

The EPO online services software packages are digitally signed, what does that mean?

From spring 2021, new packages of the EPO's online services, including OLF, will be digitally signed.

The signature ensures that the software package comes from the European Patent Office, is still valid and has not been tampered with since it was published.
The digital certificates are issued by the European Patent Organization or the European Patent Office.

Do I have to treat digitally signed OLF parcels differently? How can I tell whether an OLF package is digitally signed?

In Windows, the identity of the software publisher is displayed in the file properties.
When opening the downloaded executable file, the following warning message may also appear: "This file does not have a valid digital signature that verifies the publisher. You should only run software made by publishers you trust."

You will also see more information about the file.
If the package is not signed, the publisher will be "unknown".
If the package is signed but the EPO's digital certificates are not correctly saved in Windows, the publisher will be "unknown".
If the package is signed and the EPA's digital certificates are correctly saved in Windows' Trusted Root Certification Authorities, the publisher will be EPA.

The EPO's digital certificates can be downloaded here: https://www.epo.org/applying/online-services/online-filing/download_de.html.

How can I download and install the EPO's digital certificates?

The EPO's digital certificates can be downloaded here: https://www.epo.org/applying/online-services/online-filing/download_de.html. Download the files and save them locally.

Use Windows Explorer to open the location of the downloaded certificate.
Select the file and right-click to call up the following context menu:

click on Install certificateto open the Windows Certificate Import Wizard.

NOTE: Administrator rights are required to install a certificate.

Choose Current user to save the certificate in personal storage, or Local computer (for all users) and click on Further.

Choose at Certificate store the option Save all certificates in the following store and click on Search....

Select the folder Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK and Further.

click on Complete.

Windows now displays a security message:

click on Yes.

If the import was successful, the following message appears:

click on OK.

Both digital signatures should be downloaded and imported.

This process does not have to be repeated for each package. If the EPO changes the certificates with which it signs its software packages, it notifies the users of its online services accordingly so that they can update the certificates.

After installing the digital certificate, the EPO is displayed as the software publisher in the file properties.

In addition, there is no warning about unsigned executable files when opening downloaded EPO executables.

Do I have to download and install the EPO's digital certificates? Will the update using the Live Update function change?

The installation of the certificates is not absolutely necessary.

If you use the Live update you don't have to do anything. The file will be downloaded and installed as usual.

If you download your OLF packages manually from the EPO website, you can install the digital certificates so that you can use the digital signature to check the publisher information when new packages are installed in the future.

It is also possible to install the digital certificates centrally instead of locally in order to be able to check the digital signature of packages before redistribution: If the publisher information is checked at the level of the server installation, the verification with locally installed digital certificates can be carried out by the thin clients omitted.

You do not need an EPO smart card to download and install the EPO's digital certificates and download the software packages for the EPO's online services.