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Kodi RetroPlayer - Play retro games with Kodi

Since Kodi 18 Leia it is possible to play retro games directly in Kodi. This is realized by the new Kodi RetroPlayer, which has support for emulators. We have the ultimate guide to the best retro experience for you! At the end you have access to a huge archive of retro games that you can comfortably play Download and play from your Kodi can.

Note on protecting your identity

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Table of Contents

Install Internet Archive Game Launcher Kodi Addon

To access a huge archive of retro games online, the Internet Archive Game Launcher Kodi Addon is required. Kodi only provides the Kodi RetroPlayer, which has the ability to start emulators. These emulators then play the retro games.

First add "“As a media source. You can find out how to integrate a media source under Kodi in our corresponding article.

Start Kodi and click on "Addons" in the main menu.


Click on the package icon in the top left.


Then click on "Install from ZIP file".


If you are installing an add-on or repository from a ZIP file for the first time, Kodi reports that installing from unknown sources is disabled. Select the "Settings" item.


Activates the item "Unknown sources".


Confirm the subsequent warning with "Yes".


Now select the point "Install from ZIP file" again and open the corresponding media source that you have just created. In this case it is called “fusion” by us.


Opens the subfolder "kodi-repos".


Then click on the “english” folder.


Scroll to the end until you find the "". The last three digits describe the version number. Select this ZIP file.


Wait a few moments for the Zack Morris Add-ons repository to be installed.


Now select the item “Install from repository” in the “Add-on browser”.


Opens the “Zach Morris Add-ons” repository that you just installed.


Opens the category of game addons.


Click on the category "Game Provider".


Opens the entry for the Internet Archive Game Launcher Kodi Addon.


Click on "Install" in the lower right corner.


Confirm the overview of the required dependencies with "OK".


After a few moments, the Internet Archive Game Launcher Kodi Addon will be installed. A corresponding message appears at the top right of the screen.

Download and configure controller profiles

Before you can play retro games with Kodi, the respective controllers for the various consoles must be downloaded and configured. Of course, you have to have a gamepad connected to the Kodi player, e.g. an Xbox controller from Microsoft.

Click in the main menu of Kodi on the left on the point "Addons".


Then click on the package symbol in the top left.


Select the "Install from repository" entry.


Opens the official Kodi repository.


Then select the category of "Game Addons".


Then click on “Controller Profiles”.


Check the list to see if your required controller profiles are already installed. If you want to play Super Nintendo games, the "SNES controller" must be installed.


Missing controller profiles can be installed in just a few steps. In this example we want to install the controller for the Sega Mega Drive (known as Sega Genesis in North America).

Simply select the appropriate controller profile from the list.


Then click on "Install" at the bottom right.


After a few moments, a message appears at the top right of the screen that the controller add-on has been successfully installed.


Now go back to the main menu of Kodi and click on the gear icon in the top left to open the settings.


Then select the item "System" at the bottom right.


Navigate to the "Input" submenu on the left and then click on "Configure connected controllers" in the middle of the screen.


In this window you can assign the buttons for the different controllers. All controller profiles that are currently installed appear on the left.

In this example we are assigning the buttons for the Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) controller. Right click on the first button "A" and then press the appropriate buttons on your connected gamepad. Each key is automatically queried.


Finally, confirm the entries on the right with "OK".

Download and play retro games

The Internet Archive Game Launcher Kodi Addon will now appear in your main menu under “Games”.


When you start the add-on for the first time, confirm with the terms of use at the bottom left with "Agree".


After that, the addon downloads a large list of consoles and games. Wait for the process to complete and the message in the upper right corner to disappear.


The addon offers you different filters for consoles. Let's open "Browse All Lists" as an example.


A long list of retro consoles appears. Select the appropriate platform on which the game you want to play appeared on.


After you have selected a console, further filters or lists are suggested. If you know the exact name, you can, for example, open "Alphabetical" ...


... and look for the first letter of your desired game.


As an example, we select “Sonic The Hedgehog” for the Sega Mega Drive (known as Sega Genesis in America). If you open the entry for a game ...


... a detailed page is called up. There you will find an overview, the release date, the development studio and more. Select the "Launch" item.


The addon downloads the game. Depending on which platform you have chosen, this can take a while. Note that games for relatively modern consoles like the PlayStation are significantly larger than games of old 16-bit consoles like the SNES.


Once the game has been downloaded, you may be able to choose from several emulators. Usually the first suggestion is also the best.


The addon then installs the corresponding emulator, which can be opened by the Kodi RetroPlayer. Of course, this is only necessary once if the emulator has not yet been installed.


Shortly before the game starts, the Kodi RetroPlayer tells you how to open the in-game menu.

Save games permanently (increase cache)

By default, the Internet Archive Game Launcher Kodi Addon is set to re-download all games as soon as they have finished. In the settings of the add-on, however, you can also activate and enlarge a cache.

All downloaded games are then loaded into and retrieved from the cache. If the cache is full, the oldest downloaded games are deleted to make room.

Select the Internet Archive Game Launcher Kodi Addon in the main menu of Kodi and open the context menu ("C" key on the keyboard). Then click on "Settings".


Open the “General” submenu on the left and scroll down a little in the middle of the screen until the “Cache size (MB)” entry appears. Select this one.


Select a cache size that is suitable for you. Please note that you must have enough storage space available, otherwise errors can occur!

While games from old consoles such as the Sega Mega Drive or Super Nintendo are only a few kilobytes (KB) in size, games for the PlayStation are several hundred megabytes (MB) in size. Depending on which games you want to play, this is decisive for the required cache size.


Finally confirm the configuration with "OK".

frequently asked Questions

Can I save games?

No, unfortunately this is not possible with the Kodi retro player. This function is not yet supported. If you want to create saved games, you have to use external emulators (e.g. by RetroArch on Android).

How do I use RetroArch with Kodi and the Internet Archive Game Launcher?

The developer of the Internet Archive Game Launcher Kodi addon offers extensive instructions. Among other things, he also explains how you install RetroArch and connect to Kodi. You can find the instructions at this link (external). RetroArch can only run on Windows, Android and Linux.

Will the Kodi retro player work on Xbox One?

No, the retro player won't work if Kodi is installed on the Xbox One. Microsoft prohibits the use of emulators on the console.

Which devices are supported?

The Kodi Retroplayer works on almost every common hardware on which Kodi can be installed. These include Windows computers, Amazon Fire TV devices, the Nvidia Shield TV Box, Android smartphones and tablets and devices on which LibreELEC is installed (including x86 / x64 hardware).

Do I have to download every game every time I restart?

By default, the Internet Archive Game Launcher is set to download each game again as soon as it exits. You can increase the cache in the settings of the addon so that several games are held at the same time. Just have a look at our article under "Save games permanently (increase cache)".

Why don't Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast games work?

The emulators for the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast require OpenGL support. OpenGL is a graphics interface. The Kodi Retroplayer does not offer this function. The only remedy in this case is an external emulator, e.g. RetroArch. The developer of the Internet Archive Game Launcher Add-on shows how you install RetroArch and link it to Kodi on his GitHub page (external link).

More questions and answers

If you have more in-depth questions about the Internet Archive Game Launcher, it is worth taking a look at the developer's FAQ section. He's on the official one GitHub page (external link).