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Lucius Annaeus Seneca - called Seneca - was a Roman philosopher, poet, writer and politician. Among his most famous works are the "Epistulae morales ad Lucilium" (letters on ethics to Lucilius). Seneca lived from AD 1 to AD 65.
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Nemo enim potest personam diu ferre


Nobody can wear a mask permanently.

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Non scholae, sed vitae discimus.


We learn not for school, but for life.

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Per aspera ad astra.


through the rough to the stars

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Nothing in human life is so sad, or so quickly reconciles us with the thought of our own death, than the sight and contemplation of one friend after another falling to the ground around us.

It is sad about the soul that is afraid of the future and unhappy about the misfortune and full of concern whether what it takes pleasure in will last until the end: because it will never come to full rest and will in Expectation of what is to come, lose the present that she could enjoy.

How long I live is out of my power; but that as long as I live, I really live, that depends on me.

Start living now and count each day as a life of its own.

Some stopped living before they started.

But life, believe me, is shaken by storms much worse than any ship. It is not a question of talking here; it is important to take the wheel firmly in hand.

We don't dare because it is difficult, but because we do not dare, it is difficult.

Anyone who makes his life dependent on hope always slips away from the time that lies closest to him, and a kind of ravenous hunger sets in and the most unhappy fear that makes everything hell, the fear of death.

Happy is not someone who seems like that to others, but someone who thinks they are.

Nothing takes us more from the path to happiness than that we follow what people say instead of our beliefs.

Happiness is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

It is not too little time that we have, but too much time that we do not use.

Only the tree that has been constantly exposed to gusts of wind is firm and strong, because its roots are strengthened and strengthened in battle.

Freedom perishes if we do not despise everything that tries to bow to a yoke.

No, the time that is at our command is not short; we just let a lot of it get lost.

Life is like a play. It doesn't matter how long it is, but how colorful it is.

Two things give the soul the most strength: trust in the truth and trust in yourself.

Lack of trust is nothing but the result of trouble. Difficulties stem from a lack of trust.

Trust your luck - and you will attract it.

Those who try great things are admirable, even if they fall.

The highest good is the harmony of the soul with itself.

He who is poor in desires has the greatest wealth.

But the greatest loss of life is brought about by postponing it. You just let the existing day pass by and steal from the present because you put yourself off to what will come later. The greatest obstacle in life is the expectation that is directed towards the next day and loses today.

The greatest of all evils is to part from the number of the living before dying.

Everyone wants to believe rather than think, and that's how life is never thought about.

Some wise men have referred to anger as a temporary mental disorder.

The most effective remedy for anger is reprieve. First of all, do not ask anger to forgive, but to form a judgment.

Never consider someone happy who depends on external things.

I want to show you a means of love without a potion, without a herb, without a saying from any sorceress: If you want to be loved, so dear.

Even after a bad harvest you have to sow.

Believe me: joy is serious. Or do you think that someone with an unprejudiced expression, or as those bon vivants express themselves, will despise death with a serene eye, open the door to poverty, put reins on pleasure and be prepared to endure in pain?

No one succeeds in leading a wise lifestyle by accident. As long as one lives one must learn how to live.

Withdraw into yourself as much as you can; associate with those who make you better and give access to those who you can do better.

When we go to bed we should say to ourselves: I have lived and traveled the path destined for me by fate. If God gives us another morning, we will receive it joyfully with the feeling that we will receive unexpected gain.

The time will come when our descendants will be amazed that we did not know such obvious things.

What the law does not forbid, decency forbids.

There is no more reliable evidence of greatness of mind than allowing nothing to be roused to stir one. In the upper and more ordered region, in the vicinity of the stars, neither clouds form, nor are storms excited or whirlwinds; it experiences no turmoil, only lightning flashes in the lower regions.

Most mischief is caused by gullibility.

A dwarf does not get any bigger, even if he stands on a mountain.

The discerning person controls himself. He who controls himself remains steadfast in character. Those who are of solid character do not allow themselves to be disturbed. Those who do not let themselves be disturbed do not know sadness. Those who don't know sadness are happy. So the discerning person is happy.

All crimes are carried out before the deed is successful, provided there is enough guilt.

Embrace all hours with both arms. So you will depend less on tomorrow if you lay your hand on today.

But the woman is the leader in evil deeds; in crime she is an artist.

A crime must be covered up by a crime.

Whatever the end of my life, I'll endure it.

Treat your subordinates as you would like your superiors to treat you

Nowhere is who is everywhere. Anyone who spends their life traveling has many hosts but no friends.

You will stop fear when you stop hoping.

Anyone who can say every evening: I've lived - every morning brings new profit.

Unrighteous rule never lasts.

Three things are the troubles of illness: fear of death, pain of the body, interruption of pleasure.

Those who are afraid of the future are unhappy.

If you don't want to fight, you can escape. The door is open. Go

No possession brings joy if the friend is missing.

The effect of wisdom is a constant joy.

If wisdom were offered to me on condition that it be kept closed and not proclaimed, I would reject it.

It is not our hunger that is dear to us, but our ambition.

Learning virtues means unlearning mistakes.

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