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Totem animal


According to the legends of the North and South American natives, everyone has a totem that protects them for life. The positive properties of our power animal can be found in us.

In shamanism, a totem animal is a power animal that is assigned to everyone after their birth, similar to the zodiac signs. The holistic thinking shamans have a deep knowledge. Even today they practice thousands of years old rituals to conjure up the power of the totem animals. A shamanic power animal supports and guides us. Read more about the meaning of totem and totem animal.



What is a totem animal?


Totem animals are related to the core of our being and reflect our personality. Many Indian tribes believe that they are descended from a certain animal. Each animal became a totem, a religious symbol with psychic powers. Through respect in dealing with these animals, their powers are transferred to humans. The term “totem” comes from ethnology. Symbols are associated with a group or an individual in a mystical way as well as with a natural phenomenon such as mountains or rivers. This kinship relationship represents behaviors or traits. Totem and totem bearer are united on a spiritual level.


The Indians of North America in particular expose themselves to great hardships, such as months of fasting in order to meet their spirit guide in a vision. A totem animal accompanies us throughout life, a power animal, on the other hand, remains by our side as long as we need it. In Indian shamanism, a totem animal is referred to as a power animal. But a totem does not always have to be an animal, it can also appear as a plant, color or stone. Like the zodiac sign, a totem animal is innate.




Where does the totem animal come from?


The totem animal has its origins in both shamanic and Indian cultures. The power animal, on the other hand, arose from totemic systems of various religions, in which protective spirits appeared in the form of living beings. Animals were viewed as animated beings, especially among hunters and gatherers. Around 7000 BC BC humans saw animals as equals and were convinced that they lived together in tribes or associations just like humans. There was no doubt for the people of that time that they were related to the animals. The totem is the symbol for this bond.



How can I find my totem animal?


Many indigenous peoples believe in the powers of animal protection spirits: the venerable eagle, which unites us with the divine, or the otter with its inventive spirit. There are different ways to find your personal totem animal. Animal cards enable communication with the guardian spirits, answer various life questions, encourage courage and provide intuitive information about hidden potential. The meaning and the message of each power or totem animal card are described in detail in accompanying books. There are also free totem animal oracles with detailed descriptions of the spiritual animal guides.

If you want to meet your totem animal, a shamanic journey is also a suitable method. During the encounter you can question yourself and receive very personal messages that cannot be found in any book. Why are you a bear or an owl? But in the area of ​​shamanism there are a number of charlatans. If you are interested in a power animal journey, you should always turn to an authentic and competent shaman. Shaman directories on the Internet list trained shamans.



Can you combine the totem animal and the zodiac sign?


Indian astrology uses a completely different interpretation than the western form, which is based on planets and stars. An Indian horoscope is based on the medicine wheel, the cardinal points and the elements. The shamanic power animal in an Indian horoscope serves as a symbol for emotional worlds and the unconscious.



An Indian horoscope is a special system geared towards nature, but many of the zodiac signs (Indian totem) can also be assigned to the western zodiac signs:

  • Falcon / Aries: Mental freedom, clear vision, creativity
  • Beaver / Taurus: diligence, continuity
  • Hirsch / Zwilling: optimism, friendliness
  • Woodpecker / Cancer: perseverance, empathy
  • Salmon / Leo: generosity, openness
  • Brown bear / Virgo: down-to-earth attitude, strength, serenity
  • Raven / Libra: diplomacy, intelligence
  • Snake / Scorpio: change, ingenuity
  • Owl / Sagittarius: domination, cleverness
  • Goose / Capricorn: determination, persistence
  • Otter / Aquarius: ingenuity, love of freedom
  • Wolf / Pisces: sensitivity, sense of justice

Is there a scientific basis for totem animals?


In shamanism, a totem animal is an accompanying being that appears as an appearance, for example in dreams or during meditation. The totem has an anthropological meaning and a spiritual connection with an animal protection spirit. From a scientific point of view, there is no explanation for the connection between humans and totem animals or for an Indian horoscope. But there are numerous reports of people who have been successfully treated by qualified shamans or who have had their Indian horoscope interpreted. The totem animals conveyed important information on ways of alleviating psychological or physical suffering. They acted as an inner voice to look behind the mask and find the true self.

In the meantime, many doctors and psychologists have specialized in holistic healing methods and agree with the opinions of experienced shamans: Mental, emotional and physical illnesses have their origin in the soul, manifest themselves in the body and show a spiritual complication. This holistic view is not just an assumption, but is based on practical experiences of shamans from all cultures and religions of the world.


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