Ghatika in astrology, what do the houses do

Structure of a horoscope

Anyone who sees a horoscope chart for the first time will be overwhelmed by the many lines, symbols and numbers. The natal chart is divided into quadrants and houses. There are 12 houses and 4 quadrants.

The first quadrant in the horoscope - Houses 1 - 3

The first quadrant describes the material, i.e. that which is visible and tangible. In a person, the 1st quadrant shows the body. This means that nothing has been done or an encounter takes place in the 1st quadrant.

The 1st house describes the drive structure and instincts of a person. So basically something uncontrollable, even if we humans would like to believe that it is different. For example, something like hunger for certain foods belongs to the first house. Various delicacies are lying on the table in front of us and we spontaneously grab whatever we are hungry for. There is also little control over what tastes good or what is inedible.

It is similar with the people we meet. The ascendant determines how quickly we decide whether we like the other or not. If we find another person attractive, it usually happens reflexively, without our being able to consciously influence it.

Depending on the ascendant, the trap or the impulse snaps shut in the truest sense of the word. An Aries ascendant will be excited much faster than a Libra ascendant. Pisces ascendants are exceptions, however. Because with you the drive structure is numb, so that you somehow find everything equally good or equally bad and possibly nothing snaps at all. The Pisces ascendant is more likely to be caught by someone. Before he really knows, he may already be standing in front of the altar.

in the 2nd house the body then becomes concrete. This means that it forms cells, tissues, organs and skin as a demarcation from the environment and other people. So in the 1st house you conquer and sprint, while in the 2nd house you secure. Fences are drawn and defined who belongs to me and who does not. That's why it's a bit more leisurely here. The lightning-fast events in the 1st house give way to a not infrequently stoic frugality that is required in order to have something of lasting value. A Sagittarius at Hausspitze 2 likes it lush. Therefore, some things may be stored in the body, which may show outwardly as body fullness. The limits are set generously. Capricorn at the top of the house 2 perhaps tends to be more stingy, as he feels that he needs everything for his own safety. Therefore, he does not want to give anything.

The 3rd house brings the physical to the outside. Therefore, communication, the transfer of information, the flexibility and the ability to make contacts can be found here. The 3rd house prepares for the 2nd quadrant and the 4th house. Because this is about feelings and emotional impressions that are processed and lead to concrete actions in the further course. The 3rd house shows how the person grabs space. Aries at the top 3 will be more energetic and more contentious than he really is. With Capricorn, the freedom of movement is much more limited and is based on applicable norms in an effort to do everything right. Schütze at the top 3 generously occupies two parking spaces at once. It may also overwhelm the nerves of its hosts when it spreads all over the house with a bag and baggage.