When a boy calls you fam

5 sentences a man only says when he is in love with you

You met a new guy but you don't know if he's really into you?

You are definitely not alone with this question.

Most of the time, men don't speak openly about their feelings to begin with, so I understand why you might be confused.

Most of the time, it takes men a long time to openly say they like you.

But so that can take a lot of patience

Alternatively, however, you can look for signs and behaviors that will reveal their true feelings to you.

For example, if he says one of these five sentences (or even all five), you can be sure that he can imagine a committed relationship with you!

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So enough chatting, here are the 5 sentences guys drop when they really like you and are considering a serious relationship:

1. "You are beautiful!"

When he says this, he usually means not only your outer beauty, but also your inner being.

If he was only talking about how you look, a phrase like “you're really hot” is usually the first choice.

But the phrase “you are beautiful” has a lot more expressiveness than you might think at the beginning.

So when you hear these three words from him, you can be sure that he is well on his way to falling in love with you.

Especially when he utters this sentence while looking deep into your eyes with a slight smile.

2. "I miss you."

It doesn't matter whether he says or writes these words to you during a normal work day, or is out with his buddies.

He thinks of you and wants you with him now.

He misses your presence, your whole being, the way you make him feel when you are around.

When he is ready to say this phrase, his feelings for you are already very strong. Because these words require a little courage and a lot of trust.

Accordingly, you can equate this phrase with a declaration of true affection!

3. "You make me happy / I feel good with you"

No matter who we hear this sentence from ... It says so much more.

Because just when your (future) partner says that, he is of the opinion that you enrich his life.

You bring the sun and more happiness into his life, enchant him with your nature and inspire him to become a better person.

So when he says this phrase, you can be sure that he has a crush on you and can't wait to see you again.

4. "I look forward to seeing you (again)."

If after the first meeting you were wondering if he even wanted to see you again, you should be more than happy when he says this sentence.

After all ... who doesn't like to hear this sentence?

But did you know that with this sentence he means so much more than you think?

As soon as he says this sentence, not only can he hardly wait to see you again, but he thinks about you and the time together with you all the time.

He longs for you and wants to see you again as soon as possible. So if he ever says that to you, he probably only has you on his mind.

So nothing stands in the way of your happiness!

Well, perhaps the biggest clue that he's into you and seriously considering starting a serious relationship with you:

5. "Do you want to get to know my friends / parents ..."

That's a huge compliment!

This question not only shows that he really really trusts, but reveals to you that he doesn't want to let you go anytime soon.

Think about it:

If he wants you to get to know his parents, friends or other people who are very important to him, he already sees you as his partner.

Otherwise, why should he take this big step?

For me (and many other men), this phrase is probably the biggest "yes, I want to be with you" sign that we can offer you.

For most people, family and friends are the most important thing in life and when he wants you to meet them, he'll consider you part of that group.

For example, I only introduce women I date to my friends if I am sure that I really like them and can imagine a future together with them.


And don't worry too much if you have his crew meet. Chances are, if he likes you and wants you to get to know her, then they'll like you too.

Especially when he's happy around you! Because friends and family notice that.


If you hear one or more of these sentences from him, you can be relatively sure that he is madly in love with you!

If you want it to stay that way and get stronger, it is even more important that you understand what makes men tick.

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