The political significance of Horton hears a who


Horton (voiced by Christoph Maria Herbst) is a cheerful, cheerful elephant who lives with his friends - for example the mouse Morton - in the jungle of Nümpels. What happened next reveals a rhyme:

"On the fifteenth of May, in the jungle of Nümpels
In the heat of the day, in the coolness of the pool,
The water splashed and blew onto the skin
The elephant Horton - there was a sound. "

What Horton hears is the Hu. The Hu are a rather strange, tiny people who live in a world of their own as big as a speck of dust.

And it is precisely this speck of dust that is drifting aimlessly through the world of Horton and his friends, putting its inhabitants in great danger.

Horton, whose motto is "An elephant is always faithful," is determined to save Hu-Hausen. But there is some resistance to overcome, both in Horton's world and in the world of the Hus, who are by no means all willing to accept that their world is not also the center of the universe.

Horton's most important player in history is the mayor of Hu-Heim, whom Horton never sees - and who in turn cannot see Horton. But the bond that develops between the two is full of warmth, friendship and humor, even if it is a matter of "life and death" for both.

Horton's adversary, on the other hand, is the kangaroo (Anke Engelke) with his son Rudy, who - without being asked - declared himself king of the jungle ...