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How to remove plug-ins and toolbars in internet browsers

What is plug-in

A plug-in is a software component that supplements an existing computer program with a specific function. Most of the time, plug-ins are used in web browsers to add new functionality, including search engines, virus scanners, ad blocking, etc. The most popular browser plug-ins include Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime Player, and Java plug-in.

What is toolbar

In computing, a toolbar is a graphic control element in which buttons, symbols, menus or other input or output elements are placed on the screen. Toolbars appear in many types of software and web browsers. However, too many toolbars in the browser slow down the surfing speed and the efficiency of the user interface.

Remove the plug-ins & toolbars from Microsoft Edge

1. Open Microsoft Edge and click (...) at the top.

2. Select Extensions from the list.

3. Find any plug-ins or toolbars that you want to remove and right-click to remove it.

Remove the plug-ins & toolbars from Mozilla FireFox

1. Open the settings in FireFox.

2. Click on "Add-Ons" and select "Extensions".

3. Right-click to remove plug-ins or toolbars that you do not need.

Remove plug-ins & toolbars in Chrome

Google won't allow third-party programs to change your default settings. So if you want to add plug-ins or toolbars in Chrome, you may need to download and install them on the Chrome webstore. However, if you want to remove the installed plug-in, you are not allowed to re-enter the store.

1. Open the Settings in Chrome.

2. More tools >> extensions.

3. Click on the trash can icon or on "Detailed information" to remove plug-ins or toolbars.

The above methods apply accordingly to whatever browser you have. Sometimes you might have more than one browser on your computer. Then you can use a utility to capture all the plug-ins and toolbars that you have on your computer.

IObit Uninstaller is a useful uninstaller that can be used to remove unwanted programs such as bundleware, bloatware, toolbars, plug-ins and stubborn programs. There is an overview of all the plug-ins and toolbars in your browser, including Edge, IE, FireFox, and Chrome. It also helps to check the status of any plug-in or toolbar to make sure they are all trustworthy.

In addition, there is an easier way to remove your unwanted plug-ins or toobars by simply clicking the trash can or the remove button. The IObit Uninstaller removes them completely and also removes the remnants of data that would be left over from a standard uninstallation on your computer.