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They are some of the most inconspicuous helpers in your home and probably have the greatest impact on your personal wellbeing. This refers to the radiator valves. They ensure that your house is always pleasantly warm. With newer models you can even save heating costs.

This is how your heating thermostat works

Conventional radiator thermostats have a temperature sensor that controls a valve. There is an agent in the sensor that reacts to temperature fluctuations. When the room gets warmer, the agent expands and the valve closes. So there is less or no more water flowing into the radiator. When it gets colder, the valve opens and hot water flows into the radiator. With the thermostatic head you can influence this process and set an exact temperature.

Set the radiator thermostat correctly - that's how it works

Have you always wondered what the numbers on your thermostat stand for? We'll tell you. Let's get to the snowflake first. This does not mean that your heating will now remain cold or that it will be completely off. The snowflake stands for the frost protection position. This means that the temperature never drops below 0 ° C. This prevents the lines from freezing and thus breaking. When you turn your thermostat to the first level, it heats to 12 ° C. Thereafter, the temperature rises by 4 ° C with each step. So at the fifth stage we are already at 28 ° C. It only has to be that hot in private swimming pools. Usually 20 to 22 ° C is sufficient in the living room and 16 ° C in the bedroom.

Clever wireless thermostats for a smart home

Replace your old thermostats with new wireless models. The smart radiator valves control your heating for you, thereby reducing energy costs. They recognize open windows and then automatically turn down the temperature. You can also create detailed schedules. Program your thermostats to switch to night mode as soon as you leave the house. When you are on your way home, the thermostats will then start heating your rooms again. You can monitor all of this with your smartphone or tablet. Some thermostats even generate statistics that show you how much energy you have consumed. Then there are also wireless thermostats that you can operate with voice control. All of this works in your home too. Thanks to adapters, the thermostats fit almost any heating system. When changing, just make sure that you turn the old thermostat all the way up before removing it.

Save with HORNBACH and your new thermostats

When you buy your new heating thermostat from HORNBACH, you save twice as much. The thermostat helps you to reduce heating costs and with the HORNBACH long-term low prices you save when buying a thermostat. So stop wasting your money and order your radiator thermostat today. Alternatively, you can reserve the thermostats online & pick them up at the store.

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