How to use cellophane wraps on the body

Real Life Used for ellipses

The shape of an ellipse is formed when a cone is cut at an angle. If you tilt a glass of water, the resulting shape of the water surface is also an ellipse. You can also see ellipses when a hula hoop or tire on a car looks crooked. Although these are examples of optical Ellipses the ellipse also has practical uses in real life.

Food forms

Food is cut into ellipses that add a sophisticated touch to simple foods. Slicing a carrot, cucumber, or sausage at an angle to the main axis results in an elliptical slice. Wraps - tortillas wrapped around a filling, like chicken salad - are often cut into two elliptical wedges. The sharp focus of the ellipse gives everyday dishes an elegant look.

Whispering gallery

A focus is one of two points that defines the shape and size of the ellipse; They are on the longitudinal axis of the ellipse, at equal points from the center of this axis. When light or a sound wave emanates from one focus of a real ellipse, it is reflected to the other focus. This property will usedto create whisper galleries, which are structures that allow someone whispering in one area to be clearly heard by someone in another area but not by someone else. Famous examples of whispering galleries are the US Capitol Hall and St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Lithotripsy treatments

If you ever develop a kidney stone, you may discover the benefits of lithotripsy, an operation without destroying a kidney stone that uses the properties of the two foci of the ellipse. For lithotripsy treatment, the patient lies in an elliptical tub with the kidney stone aligned with one of the foci of the ellipse. Shock waves emanating from the other focus concentrate on the kidney stone and reduce it to debris, as small as sand, that can flow through the body without discomfort. Since no incisions are made, recovery from this treatment modality is relatively quick and easy, and in some cases it can even be performed as an outpatient procedure.

Elliptical trainer

An elliptical trainer simulates the movement when running or walking and offers a cardio workout with little effort. When you run or run in an elliptical trainer, your foot traces an elliptical path. An elliptical exerciser can be motorized or user powered, and some elliptical exercisers also have handlebars that you can push or pull to move the foot pedals through their elliptical trajectories.

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