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Secret List Of Illuminati Satanic Commandments Leaked

The entire group is operating under last (if not pre.) Century’s concepts and methods.

Just as the color blue perception by humanity proves that biology keeps evolving, so does the requirements of society.

Neither the paper promises, nor even the gold standard (that -all- of these have built there foundations on) will be adequate.

Economics will be required to be based on CLEAN energy production, in that one will be required to contribute to society to prosper.

Reason: The societies that produce the MOST energy per person are the ones that develop, and we will need vastly more energy than single source distribution will be able to provide.

Regardless of political war tactical activity, to maintain integrety (or the illusion thereof) the state department would have -one- fucking job; YOU DON’T FUCK KIDS!

Project Paperclip infestation in our “alphabet buddies”.

Cure by making Saudi Arabia China’s little bitch.

RETAIL price of residential generated clean energy.

All that's required.


... and weed, we need weed.

Ya, ... I got dozen replies loaded up on my phone for this, but I'll save you the spam ... this time.

50 HP Constant at $ .10 / KWH, = $ 1,500 / month labor free income; not that big a system solar, wind, fuel cell / truck.

Pay the utility for the size of the line coming into the property ($ 10 for 2 HP, $ 100 for $ 20 HP, etc.)

Get a low interest loan for the development as it is automatically paid back / guaranteed return.

US stops using oil (mostly). US is lead of clean energy teck exportation.

China is the only major power interested in Saudi Arabia's oil.

Saudi sponsored terrorism ends / China not so stupid in tactics.

US state department / nazi tactics becomes obsolete.