How to put a note on the Facebook page

Facebook Notes: New layout and how to create them as ads

Facebook has that Layout for notes revised and give you a modern, tidy, Blog post like that Dressed up a little dress. In addition to the revised look of the Facebook notes, the Preview of the notes revised and upgraded in the Facebook news stream. The preview is also after the redesign visually much more appealing than the conventional link preview and is also great as a XXL Facebook ads *.

* Unfortunately, Facebook does not currently allow the direct promotion of notes. However, with a small workaround, it is still possible to use the Note preview as an advertisement to book in. This little trick also turns the advertisement into a m.M.n. currently biggest and therefore most eye-catching ad on Facebook. But more on that below.

Example of the new Facebook notes:

Editing options:

These are kept quite simple, but offer some useful functions. So it is next to Lists & checklists, two different Headline Formatting also possible, among other things, Code snippets to publish as well Quotes prominently in the notes.

Here are some more examples of the Formatting options within the Facebook notes:

But how can I now advertise my Facebook notes and, among other things, as prettier and mega large "link ads" deploy?

Create an ad from the Facebook note:

This currently only works with a small one Workaround. Open the (simple) Facebook Ad manager and want them on the Facebook page posted note as an ad (Page Post Ad), you will find everything in the list of available posts, except the posted note. Well, not bad. There is still that too Facebook power editor ;) So open Chrome, start the Power Editor, download the desired ad account and test whether the posted note is available there. No way?! Hmmm what now? Ah, I can also do the clear one Posting ID and try to get the posting into the power editor this way. Woohoo, it works!!! I can see the note posting in the ad preview. So set up the campaign, define the appropriate target group in the ad set, check all the settings again and I can upload them. Great, everything was uploaded except the ad itself. What a sh ###! Bug report on Facebook filled out and sent. Hmm, I want to put that as an ad now. That looks so cool.

I have it!

Open Chrome, open the power editor, download the ad account again, define the page post ad campaign, define the target group in the ad set and now comes the exciting part:
Create a new post (Dark Post) and the link add to Facebook note. Wow, now works it apparently really (the question is how much longer). In addition to the note preview, you also have the option of one own ad text define. But now Fingers crossedwhether Facebook also accepts it when it is uploaded to the ad account. Wait ... wait ... wait ... tadaaa !!! Your ad was successfuluploaded.

This is how the advertisement with the new Facebook note looks like:

What is noticeable here is that the ad is slightly higher than a normal Facebook ad, as you almost get it the full amount of normal Facebook ads only in the lower area of ​​the posting and additionally there is still space for one in the upper area of ​​the display further text Has. So you get a few pixels more "ad space" from Facebook for the same budget and you have the competition for one few pixels pushed further down into the news stream :-)
Here is more information about the new Facebook notes:

  • The header image is 1200x445px.
  • You can insert links, but they can only be clicked in the full view (not in the note preview).
  • Images can not only be inserted centered, but also left or right aligned next to the text.
  • It is a new format on Facebook that stands out quite prominently in the stream.
  • Unfortunately, it was not possible to set up the Facebook link to the note as a link ad (hence the detour as a dark post). Facebook recognizes here that the link comes from Facebook itself and prevents the preview of the link (the same happens when you try to advertise Facebook events via link ads in order to save some budget).

Hope you have fun with this Facebook "dirty" trick and you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to find out more tips and tricks about social media and the like.