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Frequently asked questions about alcohol

No, drinking alcohol (ethanol) in alcoholic beverages is not concentrated enough to kill viruses. Rinsing or gargling with spirits therefore has no protective effect.

Alcohol from a concentration of 50% by volume kills bacteria if the exposure time is long enough. However, alcohol solutions are only effective to a limited extent against viruses such as the novel corona virus (COVID-19).

Spirits such as vodka, rum or liqueurs cannot fight viruses because their alcohol content is too low.

Drinking alcohol (ethanol) only works reliably as a disinfectant from a concentration of 80% by volume. It can therefore only be used externally, for example for hand disinfection. To do this, the hands must remain well moistened for at least 30 seconds. However, at such high concentrations the skin dries out quickly, which creates an additional risk of infection from injuries. Drinking alcohol is therefore not ideal for hand disinfection.

For healthy people, it is usually not necessary to use disinfectants in everyday life. To protect against virus infections, it makes more sense not to touch your face in public and to wash your hands frequently.

Further information on this: www.infektionsschutz.de