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In addition to the sale promotions at Westwing, which are limited in terms of duration and number of items, you can shop around the clock in our online shop WestwingNow, lovingly selected furniture and home accessories that are available for a longer period of time. From the kitchen to the dining and living room to the sleeping area - WestwingNow offers plenty of inspiration for everything to do with furnishing. In the Shop the Look section, we show you how you can easily recreate a certain look at home with our furniture and interior accessories. Whether it's trendy soft glam in the living area or bloomy nights for the bedroom, at WestwingNow you can shop all of the furnishings or individual accessories for your home directly online. At both WestwingNow and Westwing you will find modern, elegant furniture, home accessories and decoration for pretty accents in every room. Bed linen made from soft materials with great patterns promises relaxing nights. Or conjure up a look with trendy velvet stools that invites you to relax in style. There are hardly any limits to your ideas!

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Are you looking for new furnishing ideas? Take a look around and discover the whole variety of furniture and decoration. No matter what style you like, you will find your new interior highlights with us. Do you like light wooden furniture and accessories made from natural materials with an antique finish? Then rely on country house furniture and suitable decorative objects in your home. With a perfect curtain, regardless of whether it is for a sloping window or a triangular window. Combined with furniture made of wood and the right lighting, you can quickly create a cozy oasis of well-being in your four walls. For example, you can create atmospheric, indirect lighting with floor lamps: the soft light flatters every room!

Of course, fans of other styles won't miss out either! For example, you can make yourself particularly comfortable with classically elegant or modern box spring beds. Combine with it bed linen made of fine materials in great designs that give your sleeping area a new look immediately! Coziness and cozy relaxation opportunities are not just something for the bedroom. You can also conjure up a relaxed atmosphere in the living room - for example with a retro sofa: Lounge here with friends and family and enjoy matching home accessories such as plaids, curtains and carpets. You can find more ideas in Westwing Magazine: Here we help you with a box spring bed guide on how to choose the right carpet or 55 tips for small rooms and a small apartment.