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CN22 and CN23 - What you need to know about the customs declaration

Is a declaration of content necessary for gifts?

Yes, even if a gift leaves or enters the EU, the relevant forms must be filled out.

Do free deliveries of goods require a customs declaration on the content?

A declaration for customs is also required for free deliveries such as advertising, guarantee cases or samples.

Do I need a declaration of contents for customs also for letters?

No, it is not, unless the envelope allows Not clearly recognize that it is pure document dispatch. This is the case, for example, with very large, padded envelopes. Here you should fill out CN22 to be on the safe side.

Do I have to issue an invoice when shipping to or from Switzerland?

If you've sold the goods to be shipped, then yes. Even if it was just a private sale on eBay. Read here how private individuals can create an invoice on eBay.

In which language do I write the commercial invoice?

For the commercial invoice, use either English or the language accepted by the recipient country. Like the customs declaration, the commercial invoice belongs in the transparent document pocket outside of the shipment. More information about the commercial invoice is available here.

Is the limit of 300 SRZ identical to the duty-free limit?

The value of the shipment of 300 SRZ only determines whether you use the CN22 or CN23 form. We explain Switzerland's duty-free limits in this article.

What do I do if all my goods do not fit on the form?

You can create a second page using an Excel spreadsheet, for example. Just make sure that your table has the same columns and labels as the form.

Do self-created forms apply?

You can use forms you have created yourself instead of the forms available for download. Make sure, however, that your forms correspond to the forms provided by Swiss Post - they must therefore have the same structure and allow all content information.

Customs declaration incorrectly filled out, who is liable?

The sender is always liable for damage caused by an inadequate or incorrectly completed declaration of contents. He is also responsible for informing himself about the customs regulations of the importing country.

In which language must the declaration of contents for customs be completed?

Fill out the form in English or in the official language of the country of destination. If programs are sent from Germany to Switzerland or vice versa, German is also accepted as the language.

Do I have to state customs tariff numbers on the content declaration?

If you ship as a private person, you do not have to enter any customs tariff numbers. If you send as a commercial provider, we recommend using them, as customs clearance is then much faster.

Here you will find the tariff numbers for your customs declaration from the list of goods for foreign trade in German.