How hard to cook Eggs peel bruises easily

Lifehack: Peeling eggs - with this trick it works in no time at all

When I took a look at my new messages on Twitter the other day, a tip for everyday life caught my eye. In English one probably says lifehack. And this lifehack will certainly affect the process, especially my Sunday breakfast, for the rest of my life. It's about peeling eggs!

And as the song by the Comedian Harmonists says: "I wish I was a chicken, I didn't have much to do, I only lay one egg a day and two on Sundays." And it's about the egg! More precisely, around the peel after cooking. Who does not know the "peeling" and "peeling".

The eggs in which the shell can be separated very well, but also the opposite. In which one could almost despair and the egg at the end resembles a golf ball. And precisely for this "little problem", which is peeling eggs, I have now found a simple and practicable solution.

The trick to peeling eggs

The boiled egg is put in a glass with water. I personally use an old yogurt jar with a lid. Simply close the lid and then shake the glass quickly and vigorously like a cocktail shaker until the egg hits the wall of the glass.

After a short time you can remove the egg and use your fingers to separate the egg from its shell in a matter of seconds. This trick is of course ideal and time-saving if you want to serve several eggs without a shell or use them for party eggs, for example.

Use hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs for this trick?

For this trick completely irrelevant. So: You can remove soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs from your shell in this way.

Use hot or cold water to peel eggs?

I would recommend cold water for two reasons: Firstly, it is more climate-neutral to operate with cold water. In addition, your egg will be cooled down a little by the cold water. Because everyone knows the problem of the very hot egg: You can easily "burn" your hands on it.

What to do with the eggshells?

So with us it means: do not put the shells of the eggs on the compost. Because these need a very long time until they break down or transform into humus again. The eggs are made of lime, which is very good for the soil, but as I said: they need some time until they have completely dissolved.

Does the trick actually work with two eggs in the glass?

I haven't tried it. Because I didn't have a big enough glass on hand. But if you dare to peel two eggs in a glass this way: Let us know the result and write it in the comments below this post.

Here is the video about the egg peeling Lifehack

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