How to Recruit Kiyomasa Pokemon Conquest Walkthrough

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The legend writes itself!

We are back in our house, our mother congratulates us warmly when Professor Magnolica enters and gives us the master ball as a thank you for saving Galar. We set off into the slumber forest to go to the altar.

Slumber forest

In the slumber forest, Hop waits for us at the altar to fight us again. After the victory against him, Sania appears, who says that she is now a professor herself and that she has published a book. We get a copy from her before we want to give Zacian and Zamazenta the rusty shield and sword back. Just at that moment, two strange characters appear who introduce themselves as Schwerthold and Schildrich, the descendants of Galar's heroes. They want to take the rusty shield and sword with them and put the legend right again. Schildrich challenges you to fight. He uses steel and combat Pokémon, so he uses attacks of the types, fire, fight, flight, psycho or fairy. You defeat Schildrich while Hop loses against Schwerthold and they disappear with the items. Shortly thereafter, Sania's energy detector fails and we have to go to Brassbury to investigate.

Trainer in this field

Pokémon Trainer Hop
Pokémon Trainer Schildrich
Pokémon Trainer Swordhold


In the Brassbury laboratory, we talk to Sania about the source of energy that was felt on her detector. A new assistant works in the lab, helping with the storage of President Rose's wishing stars. She finds out that the energy detector fails with the noble brothers and we can follow them that way. A signal comes from the stadium in Turffield, whereupon our hunt begins its first stop.


In the arena, we meet Nezz and Yarro, who were having an exhibition match when suddenly a Pokémon dynamo maximized. They evacuated the staff and the spectators and now want to take care of the Dynamax Pokémon. You offer your help, just like Hop and Nezz, whereupon you enter the battlefield and see a Dynamax Fruyal. Together we fight the Fruyal and defeat it. Yarro takes care of the Pokémon and gives us his rare league card as a thank you. Shortly afterwards, Schwerthold and Schildrich appear and say that it was a test and that they now want to dynamaximize new and stronger Pokémon to show the true nature of Zacian and Zamazenta. Leave the arena and meet Sania, who says the detector will also fail in Keelton and Engine City, whereupon you go to the stadium to help. Nezz and Hop join the task and support you in the rescue mission.


In Keelton, Kate stands in the entrance area and says it is pretty wild in the arena, but finds the combination of our team very funny. Together with her it goes into the fight against a Gyarados, which must be defeated. You can do good damage to the Pokémon with electric attacks. After it defeats it, Kate takes care of it and also gives us her rare league card. The next destination is Engine City, where Kabu will be waiting for us.

Engine City

As in the other two arenas, the arena manager from Engine City is waiting to defeat the Pokémon with us. It is a Qurtel, which is weak against soil or water attacks. Kabu gives us his rare league card for the help we have provided when Sania rings the doorbell and says Schwerthold and Schildrich are in the laboratory and want to steal the wishing stars.


When they arrive at the Pokémon laboratory, Schwerthold and Schildrich sit around discussing with Sania and Professor Magnolica. Hop is shaped by defeat, but he shouldn't let that get him down, according to Nezz. There is a double fight with Hop, in which the two noble brothers mainly use steel Pokémon. After the fight comes Sania's assistant, who seems to have worked under cover for the two of them and steals the wishing stars. She works for the good of the royal bloodline and disappears with the two. Sania is devastated and does not want to be approached. You leave the laboratory, but Sania follows you and says she wants to tackle the problem. Together you ponder the motives of the two of them before the signal from the detector reaches four stages. Nezz worries about Mary, Spikeford's new arena manager, but for no reason, as there is no energy source for dynamic maximization there. You set out to save the stadiums from the Dynamax Pokémon.

Trainer in this field

Pokémon trainers Schildrich & Schwerthold


In Passbeck, Nio is waiting in front of the entrance to the arena and says that several Pokémon have dynamo maximized. There are 4 Pokémon in total, so everyone has to take one. You meet a twilight darkness, which is susceptible to ghost and dark attacks. After the victory, the Pokémon stay in the stadiums to relax and Nio gives us his rare league card. The next place is Fairbelley, which we are going to now.


In Fairbelley we meet Betys, the new arena manager. He says that everything is already under control and that he wants a fight against us. Nezz has his doubts and does not want to fight in the dicey situation, but Papella joins Betys and supports them in the fight. She says that he has already defeated the Dynamax Pokémon and that this has won some time. Betys uses Fairy Pokémon, which are weak against poison and steel attacks. After the win, Betys recognizes you as a champ and gives you his rare league card. Papella also gives us hers and we continue to Circhester.

Trainer in this field

Arena manager Betys
Flunkifer (Lv. 61), Guardevoir (Lv. 61), Galar-Gallopa (Lv. 62), Silembrim (Lv. 63)


Mel is in the stadium and she wants to kick you out for safety reasons until she realizes who you are. She asks for help against the 4 Dynamax Pokémon, which means that everyone has to defeat one again. You meet Frosdedje who is susceptible to fire, ghost, dark, rock or steel attacks. Defeat it to get her rare league card from Mel. There is only one arena left, the one in Claw City.

Claw City

In Claw City we meet Sania, who says the two "clowns" took the elevator to the energy plant. You have to help Roy first, who is waiting at the entrance. The last Dynamax Pokémon is a Maxax, a Dragon Pokémon. If you defeat it, you will receive a rare league card from Roy from him and get a call from Sania. When she arrives at her place, she wants to open the lift, but fails and receives help from Voldi, who short-circuits the system.

Energy plant

At the bottom, Schildrich is already waiting with some spectators who think that his legendary status has been destroyed by Sania's book and that they want to test Zacian and Zamazenta so that they can get their status back. It comes to a fight between Schildrich and you, in which he uses two battles and two steel Pokémon. After the fight you hear a roar, whereupon you take the elevator to the roof. Zacian became evil from the wishing stars and attacks you, whereby you have to fight against it. Pay attention to the sword dance attack, as it boosts its attack value very strongly. After you've defeated it, Hop wants to attack it. Hop is protected by Zamazenta, whereupon Zacian disappears. Hop grabs the rusty sword and runs after him. Zamazenta, meanwhile, stands in front of us and wants to be challenged to fight. Catch it and get the rusty shield, which you can use to change the shape of Zamazenta. Schwerthold apologizes for his actions and disappears. The two want to repent for their actions and are ashamed of their behavior. Sania's former assistant also apologizes sincerely to her before the three of them disappear. Hop calls us, you can hear yelling in the background and he says that Zacian is in the slumber forest and it's pretty wild. We'll go straight to help Hop.

Trainer in this field

Pokémon Trainer Swordhold (Sword)
Leek Zelot (Lv. 64), Tectass (Lv. 64), Duocles (Lv. 64), Caesurio (Lv. 64)
Pokémon Trainer Schildrich (shield)
Leek Zelot (Lv. 64), Bronzong (Lv. 64), Legios (Lv. 64), Klikdiklak (Lv. 64)
Pokémon Trainer Hop
Zwollock (Lv. 69), Relaxo (Lv. 68), Krarmor (Lv. 69), Intelleon (Lv. 70), Liberlo (Lv. 70), Gortrom (Lv. 70), Urgl (Lv. 68), Britzigel (Lv. 68)
Hop owns the starter who has a type weakness against your starter.

Slumber forest

Sania leads us to the end of the slumber forest, where we meet Hop and Zacian. He manages to calm down the Legendary Pokémon and can even catch it, as Zacian would like to be part of Hop's team. As the beginning and end of your journey, Hop wants one last fight against you and has probably his strongest team. His Pokémon are all around 70 and even Zacian is used by him. Take advantage of the type advantages and pay attention to the very high attack value of Zacian, which causes great damage. After the fight, Hop gives you his rare league card before telling you that he would like to become a Pokémon professor himself, and then Sania gives you the opportunity to work as an assistant for her. He accepts the offer. Shortly afterwards, Delion, Nezz, Schwerthold and Schildrich appear, with Schwerthold and Schildrich wanting to apologize to us and all of Galar. With the apology and leaving the slumber forest, the main story of the game ends, congratulations!