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TPF1 -> TPF2 converter

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We welcome you to the fan community for the games Transport Fever and Train Fever, the business simulators from Urban Games. The community is available to you free of charge so that you can exchange and inform yourself about the game. We maintain a friendly and objective relationship with one another and our team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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We wish you a lot of fun and hope that you will be actively involved.

The team of the Transport-Fever Community

  • Proceed as follows to convert the mods. Both Train Fever and Transport Fever 1 Mods work, but after each conversion you should first check whether the mod is running. The conversion is not successful with all mods!

    This converter has to be applied manually to mods and is primarily aimed at savvy mod developers. To:

    • Pack this converter in the mod folder of TPF2
    • Pack the mod to be converted into the mod folder of TPF2
    • The folder must have a rule-compliant naming, i.e. moddername_modname_1
    • Mod.lua rename the mod or leave the info.lua untouched with Train Fever Mods
    • put mod.lua from the _for_user_ folder of the converter into the folder of the mod,
    • Open game, click on load game, click on "select options" on any savegame
    • Activate the converter (TPF-> TPF2 Mod-Converter)
    • Activate the mod to be converted (TPF1 -> TPF2 - User mod.lua)
    • Click OK
    • Wait until the console window that appears is gone
    • Click "Select options" -> deactivate both mods again
    • Delete mod.lua in the converted mod
    • renamed mod.lua (from step 3) back again or
    • In Train Fever Mods, a tf_mod.lua was generated from info.lua, rename it to mod.lua (delete info.lua)

    In the case of mods that do not correctly adhere to the TPF standard (incorrect material entries), the conversion will fail!


    This converter has to be applied manually to mods and is primarily aimed at experienced mod developers. To:

    • Put this converter in the mod folder of TPF2
    • Put the mod to be converted into the mod folder of TPF2
    • The modfolder must have a name that complies with the rules, i.e. moddername_modname_1
    • Rename mod.lua of the mod, for Train Fever Mods the info.lua can be deleted
    • Place mod.lua from the _for_user_ folder from the converter into the folder of the mod,
    • Open the game, click Load Savegame and click Add Mod (yes the little +)
    • Activate the converter (TPF-> TPF2 Mod-Converter)
    • Activate the mod to be converted (TPF1 -> TPF2 - User mod.lua)
    • Wait until the console windows that appear are gone
    • Deactivate converted mod
    • Deactivate converter (otherwise there will be an error message) if step 9 is omitted.
    • Delete mod.lua in the converted mod
    • rename mod.lua (from step 3) back or
    • for Train Fever mods or a mod.lua has to be created, simply use the mod.lua of another mod as template.

    With mods that do not adhere to the TPF standard correctly (wrong material entries) the conversion will fail!

    Info on mod.lua

    Since there is obviously still a need for clarification there is a few more information about mod.lua. Some mod.lua no longer work in TPF2, especially those that use the merk_modutil. These must be "cleaned", so all entries are removed that no longer work in TPF2.

    Example of a clean:

    1. function data ()
    2. return {
    3. info = {
    4. minorVersion = 0,
    5. severityAdd = "NONE",
    6. severityRemove = "CRITICAL",
    7. name = _ (mod_name),
    8. description = _ (mod_desc),
    9. authors = {
    10. {
    11. name = "moddername",
    12. role = "CREATOR",
    13. text = "model, idea",
    14. steamProfile = "",
    15. tfnetId = 34567,
    16. },
    17. },
    18. tags = {"Train Station", "Station",},
    19. },
    20. }
    21. end
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    Discussion topic for questions, problems, suggestions, etc .: TPF1 -> TPF2 converter

    Danger! The converter only works under Windows, a Linux or MacOS version is not planned

    Due to constant inquiries:
    No, bridges don't work with the converter, and neither do train stations. This has nothing to do with the converter, but with changes to the game (new parameters, etc.). So there won't be a fix for the converter.

    Uploading converted mods is not permitted without the consent of the mod authors!
    An upload of converted mods is not allowed without the consent of the mod authors!

    Known bugs:

    - In the case of buildings / assets, if the mga / nrml is missing, this is not entered in the material (result: shiny textures) this must then be done by hand

    Version information

    Current version
    Version 0.3
    - Initial release

    Version 0.4
    - Fixed: matConfigs are now handled correctly (selection of wrong textures).

    Version 0.5
    - Added: "converter.createRepaints" for easier creation of pure repaints.
    - Changed: "transfer_log.lua" in the mod directory now contains a list of all materials found during the conversion.
    - Fixed: Incorrect handling of materials "PHYSICAL_ALPHA_NRML_MAP" and "PHYSICAL_ALPHA_NRML_MAP_OP"

    Version 0.6
    - Changed: converter.transferModels (params) -> params.models CAN be transferred. If omitted (nil), automatic recognition of the models.
    - Changed: More information available in transfer_log.lua.
    - Fixed: Crash when converting assets (no railVehicle, roadVehicle, waterVehicle or airVehicle available).

    Version 0.7
    - Fixed: Handling of animations improved.
    - Changed: capacitys are converted into compartments.

    Version 0.8
    - Added: Mesh and group names are now assigned.
    - Added: Conversion "capacities" -> "compartments"
    - Fixed: Some minor bugs.

    Version 0.9
    - Added: Existing "loadIndicator" entries are deleted.
    - Added: Groups and meshes linked with "loadIndicator" entries are ignored.
    - Added: "collider" entries added
    - Added: Type-specific (backBackwardParts, blinkLightsLeft, beaconLights, etc.) entries added / added.
    - Changed: Uniqueness of the mesh and group names improved.
    - Fixed: Incorrect matConfigs lead to a crash (number of materials does not match the number of subMeshes).

    Version 0.10
    - Added: Adapted mod.lua (in the subfolder __for user__) added for easier handling.
    - Changed: Output of the "Used Files" changed to the relative path.
    - Fixed: Crash during ship conversion (call field waterline a nil value) (message from @ 'melectro').

    Version 0.11
    - Changed: Global variable "eat1963_tpf2_converter" created (simplified access to the converter).
    - Changed: More compact and therefore more readable output of the source texts.
    - Fixed: "two_sided" was not set correctly for replaced materials (message from @ 'melectro').
    - Fixed: Crash when material entries do not match the material type (error in the mod, message from @ 'Yoshi').
    - Fixed: Entry "loadIndicators" was not deleted.
    - Fixed: Capacity calculated incorrectly when converting to compartments (message from @ 'Adson von Melk').

    Version 0.12:
    - Added: Creation of a mod.lua (tf_mod.lua), if it is a TF-Mod (info.lua found).
    - Added: Option to store animations in "* .ani files" added.
    - Added: "emissive_scale" entry added to EMISSIVE materials.
    - Added: Parameter "repaintGroupFile" added to "" at "converter.createRepaints".
    - Changed: eatglobal API now in version 1.19
    - Changed: "mod.lua" in the directory "__for user__" adapted.
    - Changed: Camera positions are not "translated" (transFs remain more readable).
    - Fixed: Invalid cargo entries are removed.

    Version 0.13:
    - Added: Not found dds normals are now also output in "transfer_log.lua".
    - Changed: eatglobal-API now in version 2.21
    - Fixed: "redGreen" detection for normals improved.

    Version 0.14:
    - Added: "alpha_test" entry for all PHYS_TRANSPARENTxxx materials added (keyword: transparent locomotives, wagons, etc.). @MaikC
    - Added: Missing "Normal" and "MetalGlossAO" are filled with default files (keyword: shiny textures). @MaikC
    - Changed: Calculated "seats" expenditure now clearer. @Seamon
    - Fixed: forward entries for seats -> default now true instead of false. @Marcolino

    Version 0.15:
    - Added: Animation rotations can now be subdivided in steps of 1 ° ..n ° (params.animationMaxRotationRange).
    - Fixed: Ani-Files - wrong time calculation for backwards animations.

    Version 0.16:
    - Changed: Degree specifications for animation rotations are now possible with up to 2 decimal places. Suggestion from @ 'MaikC'
    - Fixed: Crash "bad argument # 1 to 'concat' (table expected, got nil)". @ 'electronics freak'
    - Fixed: Crash "eatglobal / arr3.lua: 74: attempt to index local 'a' (a nil value)" @ 'Macongo'
    - Fixed: Entry "emissiveScale" not under params. @ 'Marcolino26'

    Version 0.17:
    - Changed: Default MGA and Normal are only set if no file name is entered in the mtl.
    - Fixed: Turning animations were no longer split.
    - Fixed: Parameter "oldSeatsStyle" was ignored.
    - Fixed: "makeLanes" function missing in "laneutil.lua" after UG patch added.

    License terms

    © All rights reserved (forum standard)


Comments 107

  • is it possible to convert iwie tfmm.ini files? So for mods that are installed via TFMM such as the Dosto pack where the 778 stw is in it I would like to convert unfortunately it only has the .ini file and no lua I would be happy to hear from you

    Lg Dustin

  • Have I understood that correctly? That only works with manually installed mods .. Or can you simply rename the Steammods from TPF 1?

  • Hello, thank you for the great mod, has been able to use it successfully many times so far.

    Unfortunately, it works since the basement update from January 2021 no more. As soon as I put the TPF1 Mod in the TPF2 folder, carry out the conversion according to the instructions and as before, and then start the game, it crashes.

    As soon as I delete the mod to be converted from the folder, the game runs again. I can't even start savegames where I never activated this mod ... how can that be?

    Greetings Fredy

  • Neither as a savegame nor via free game is converted even any mod, although I proceed step by step as in the tutorial video ... Anyone knows why ... He finds converter, I activate ... he finds the user, I activate but nothing happens ... I'm already trying the twentieth mod from TPF1 ... I'll go crazy soon! Has anything changed in the procedure?


    The format is not out of date but the procedure has to be changed. Instead of clicking on load savegame you have to click on Free play then up to the map preview then top right on settings and there first activate the converter and then the user mod Lua. So everything works like before. Just converted a RRX like this.

  • Hello! I have a new problem!

    I downloaded this mode: TPF2-Addon-Bahnhof _-_ Trambahnhof_Genesis_1.rar and the whole station area is covered with grass. My question is what does that matter? And this mod is already converted to TPf2! I saw this tram bus station in a couple of TPf2 videos and the floor on the station was perfect, there was no grass!

    Anyone Help What Could Be Wrong?

  • Hello, when I tried to convert some trams / trains form tpf1, their windows (in-game tpf2) seems to gone all black and somehow some buildings are reflected from the black 'window' (which I don't even have any buildings around ). The mod does have a transparent window, showing the internal structure according to the pictures shown in the tpf1 mod page. How can I fix this? Thanks!

  • Hello! The problem for me is that I rebuilt a bus / tram stop, apparently the coertation was finished, I switched on the mod. The dust problem is that the program crashes when I select the station and try to drop it somewhere. Can someone help me, why is that and what is the solution? I have converted several vehicles where the "only" problem is that even if I give any number of flights at the start of the buses, the TFP1 numbers are not changed. I'm using version 0.17 for the convert.

  • Could you update please? This mod is out of date! thanks

  • The format of this mod is out of date and no longer works. Could this please update?

  • I tried to convert my old Flixtrain repaint (inserting the repaint into Mavericks is not easy because he also used the converter)

    The problem is that the cars have red taillights on one side, and the doors don't open but stay closed.

  • it works ! Just the lights don't work? truck

  • For me it is currently the case that suddenly the user Lua is no longer displayed in the asset menu.

    Means: I copy a mod to be converted into the mod directory, rename the mod.lua and copy it from the __for user__ directory. In the options I find the TPF1 -> TPF2 Mod converter when loading, but no longer the user lua. That was always offered before. Any idea why it doesn't work anymore?

  • Hello Enno,

    You would have to adjust your description above a little.

    Stations are going to be converted, of course only with a little manual rework, because standard TpF1 program parts were often used that no longer exist in TpF2 or are in other places with different names (streets, for example)

    See previously converted and functioning train stations


  • I am having difficulty converting my P85 Passenger Car. When I convert it with the newest version of your converter, it isn't converting the animations for the doors, the rotation of the bogies and its also not converting the axles.

    Version .12 was the only one that converted my Union Pacific P85 Coach with no problems, no missing animations and no missing axles or rotation problems on curved track

  • Greetings have a blue texture after converting assets how can I change that thanks in advance ...

  • Hi this converter doesnt seem to work for mods downloaded off the steam workshop which is disappointing.

  • Simply awesome! I've been converting assets mostly and it works very well; 0 Thank you!

  • There is a bug that there aren't enough static drivers. So I tried it myself.

  • I was able to convert a lot of planes and trains from TF1 to TF2. Tool works very well. I now also have the A380 from TF1. Unfortunately I can't share the A380 mod for TF2 because the developer of the mod hasn't approved it yet. The planes he creates are top quality and I have to respect the work and wait for his approval for the TF2 Mod to be released.

  • Greetings Breum, yes, the level crossings are going to be converted, you just don't see them all, the developer has to do it again😉

  • Hello EAT1963,

    this converter is very big cinema. I've just tried converting a model. It worked in less than a minute and required minimal, mostly cosmetic, touch-ups.

    Thank you so much for that - your contribution to the mods for this game is a huge one.

  • I think it's good that there is a converter, but since I didn't understand it that well, I would really like to see many of the mods uploaded here because it's a lot of work when you convert 100 mods

  • Hello everyone and thank you for this converter. I would like to convert level crossings and tracks, which is probably not possible at the moment. Is it even possible to convert these things?