Ftm first endocrinologist appointment what to expect

Reduce your missed appointment rate thanks to modern tools

Reduce missed appointments

Remind your patients of their appointments

Send appointment reminders to your patients automatically by email and SMS a few days before the appointment. For you and your team, this means that it is easy to use and your patients can keep their appointments or cancel in good time.

Fill in gaps in deadlines at short notice

If patients do not keep an appointment, they can postpone or cancel it with one click. Your employees will be informed directly about the deadline and the appointment can be booked online again immediately. In addition, a digital waiting list informs other patients about the earlier vacated appointment. In this way, patients can move up easily, quickly and automatically inside.

Get an overview of the reliability of your patients

Note in the system if the patient missed the appointment without excuse. This means that you keep an overview of the reliability for each patient and can address your patients in a targeted manner if necessary. In addition, patients are automatically informed of their omission each time by e-mail, so that you can raise your patients' awareness of adherence to deadlines without any effort.

Online appointment booking can be blocked individually

Patients who have missed an appointment in your facility three times without canceling will be automatically blocked from online booking with you. You have the option at any time to block patients from online booking prematurely if you wish to arrange an appointment with this patient by telephone.

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