Between Correia and Ronda Rousey, who won

UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva II results from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (12/28/2013)

So, I took my time to watch the event again, and here are my analyzes:

Middleweight bout
UFC Middleweight Championship
Chris Weidman (c) vs. Anderson Silva
Weidman defeated Silva via TKO (Injury) after 1:16 in the second round.

First of all, this time Anderson wasn't playing any games. He was focused and definitely gave it his all. Still, Weidman got off to a better start. He rocked Silva out of the clinch and dominated the round with Ground & Pound. Silva also hit from the supine position, but Weidman landed the clearer hits. As is well known, this is nothing special, because Silva always looks at the opponent again in round 1 before attacking in round 2, see for example the second Chael Sonnen Fight. It was like that here too, because Silva became more aggressive in round 2 and attacked Weidman with leg kicks, at least he wanted to, until he kicked Weidman's knee and cracked it! Ouch! A very bad picture that I don't even want to see again. The repetitions looked really bad… .Bääääh, I'm getting goosebumps again! That should mean the end of his career for Silva. Even if he should come back, it should be clear that he can no longer keep up with the top opponents, because nobody can recover from such an injury. Silva will probably never want to land a leg kick again, which is understandable. Really sad for probably the greatest MMA fighter of all time! Incidentally, I also found Weidman's behavior after the fight incredible. How can you cheer about that? Weidman is already through with me humanely again, even if he has at least combatively won my respect. Next up is Vitor, he's gonna kill him anyway! Finally, my best wishes to Anderson !!!

Women's bantamweight bout
UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship
Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Miesha Tate
Rousey defeated Tate via submission (Armbar) after 0:58 in the third round.

I keep saying it, women just deliver every time! Here, too, we got an intense fight. But that was also clear when you look at the previous history of the two. Round 1 was very interesting. Ronda immediately went to the floor and looked for the arm bar. However, she only found a triangle approach from which Miesha could free herself. Back in the state, Miesha landed a few hits before Ronda had another strong takedown and hit the armbar again. Round 1 was a clear Ronda round! In the first seconds of round 2, Miesha was finally able to land something when she hit Ronda with a few upkicks. Just when you thought Miesha was coming, Ronda came back with an incredible judo throw. In the further course of the round there were repeatedly takedowns, armbar approaches and ground & pound for Miesha. Shortly before the end of the round, it almost happened, but Miesha was able to fight her way out of the armbar again. Still another round of Ronda. In lap 3 you could already tell that Miesha was hit. She wasn't moving as fast anymore and could barely defend herself. Ronda took it back down and worked out the armbar nicely, which this time brought the decision. I'll leave uncommented what happened after the fight, although it didn't make Ronda any more personable either. Praise again to Miesha, who was technically inferior, but showed a lot of heart. So now Sarah McMann comes for Ronda. Let's see if she can stop Ronda, but I doubt it.

Heavyweight bout
Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne
Browne defeated Barnett via KO (Elbows) after 1:00 in the first round.

Wow, I really didn't expect that. I wrote in the roundtable that Browne has a chance if he keeps the fight going, but nobody expected such a quick end. The fight began with a careful palpation and then suddenly it was already rumbling! Browne fended off two takedown attempts and hit with a knee kick that was the beginning of the end for Barnett. The Elbows after that were nasty and finished Barnett for good. Browne is getting stronger from fight to fight and should now meet Werdum for the No. 1 Contenders spot. I see opportunities for him there too. Incredible!

Lightweight bout
Jim Miller vs. Fabricio Camoes
Miller defeated Camoes via submission (Armbar) after 3:42 in the first round.

Even before the fight, everyone was talking about a clear issue. In the end it was a bit tighter than expected, but still quite clear. Camoes held up quite well in the stand up and scored really nice a few times there, but still I never had the feeling that Miller was really in trouble. Miller then landed the takedown, which Camoes could counter again. From the supine position, Miller then mastered the armbar. A big movie theater! I'm curious how things will go with Miller, he's just a very interesting fighter.

Catchweight (151 lbs) bout
Dustin Poirier vs. Diego Brandao
Poirier defeated Brandao via TKO (Punches & Hammerfists) after 4:54 in the first round.

Brandao started very aggressively, but somehow Poirier had the better hits. Brandao also noticed this after a while, so he tried to get on the ground, but Poirier showed a good takedowndefense and kept the fight in the state, where he got stronger and landed more. He rocked Brandao and set the ground & pound behind until the referee stopped the fight. Very strong performance from Poirier who should now be squinting for the title again. Brandao disappointed me a little, but Poirier was just too strong.


Overall a great event. Somehow different to UFC 166, for example, where every fight was outstanding. Here the event lived from the big moments. No matter if the shock in the main event, or the finish by Browne, the submission by Rousey, or the beatdown by Hall. It just all fit together and made this event another must see overall. From a neutral point of view, a great thing, from a personal point of view a disappointment, since with Barnett, Tate and Silva my 3 favorites have lost.