In paypal what is inst xfer

Hi ringo24601-


Very sorry to hear about the difficulties you've experienced with your account. From the information you provided, here is the most likely chain of events.


As profdata stated (and it seems you agreed with), when you first made your payment, there wasn't enough in your bank to cover the transaction and your bank charged you a non-sufficient fund fee. When PayPal receives a return from the bank in this manner, we attempt to collect the money from the bank a second time. This is a fully automated process that we don't have the ability to stop. If your bank charged you a second fee, that would seem to indicate that the money wasn't available before we attempted the second attempt. ๐Ÿ˜ž


For the fees themselves, you would need to work with your bank on those. PayPal doesn't charge someone for having insufficient funds, so any fees associated with the transaction would've been charged by your bank. If you explain the situation, I would hope they would be willing to return those fees, rather than profit from the situation.