How to use pratley quickset

Pratley Steel Quickset - Epoxy (40ml)

Pratley Steel Quickset is a high performance adhesive, metal filler and mender. It is formulated to set hard and match the color of most ferrous metals. It can be filed, sawn, machined and sanded within 3 hours of mixing.


  • Quick setting.
  • Metallic color and luster.
  • Good adhesive strength.
  • Bonds well most rigid materials.
  • Can be filed, sawn, machined and sanded.
  • Very hard when set.
  • Good shelf life.

Time to set

(at 23 ° C) (Temperature & quantity dependent) Will gel in 6 minutes. Will be dry to touch in 30 minutes. 60% strength in 3 hours. Completely hard in 3 hours & full strength in 24 hours.

Surface preparation. Surfaces to be bonded must be free of loose dirt, rust, paint, oil and grease. Wire brushing or sanding will substantially enhance adhesion to smooth surfaces.

Mixing procedure.

  • 1. From the tube with the white cap squeeze out a bead of resin onto a flat non-absorbent surface such as a piece of cardboard
  • 2. From the tube with a black cap squeeze out an exactly similar bead of hardener next to the first bead
  • 3. Use only as much as can be applied in 2 or 3 minutes. However, to ensure equal proportions, the beads should not be less than 15 mm long.
  • 4. Replace the color coded caps on the correct tubes.
  • 5. Using a spatula or thin stick, thoroughly and vigorously mix the two beads together until an even color is obtained
  • 6. Use within 3 minutes of mixing.

Some suggested uses

  • 1. Filling blow holes in castings.
  • 2. Repairing cracked castings.
  • 3. Bonding metal parts.
  • 4. Making fillets or filling seams in metal parts.
  • 5. Bonding ceramics, slate, tile, etc. where the color matches.
  • 6. Repairing silver ornaments.
  • 7. Bonding and repairing most rigid materials including china, stoneware, cement, wood, etc.

Not recommended for

  • Bonding rearview mirrors to windscreens.
  • Continuous high temperatures (above 90 ° C).
  • Flexible materials.
  • Prolonged underwater environment. As the product is used outside our control, we cannot accept liability for any possible failures.


  • Sand both surfaces with sandpaper before bonding.
  • Pratley Quickset Steel is electrically insulating.
  • Pratley Quickset Steel can be painted over once cured.
  • Pratley Quickset Steel cannot rust