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The Spa des Saules, a 5-star spa in Alsace

A great contemporary

It rises in the garden very close to the Hotel des Berges: the barn, which is as simple as it is pretty (the roof structure measures 7 meters) and as high as it is deeply anchored in the earth of Alsace.

Taste this magical combination of minerals and plants, of sky (the light is omnipresent) and water. Discover the purity of the lines, feel the intensity of the materials, use the generous areas ...

The converted barn has become a jewel case and houses the Saules Spa: It promises true relaxation and invites you to meditate.

Awaken the senses

No sooner have you crossed the threshold than you are already on a sensory journey. The gaze is inevitably drawn to this hard and sober concrete, to this solid, at the same time luminous and warm-hearted oak.

The delicate scent of the Spa des Saules wafts gently through the cloakroom. The hammam and sauna exude a touch of eucalyptus and cleansing scents. And then the sound of this invigorating, calming and invigorating water - it is reminiscent of the quintessence of the spa.

With regard to the sense of touch, it is above all these gentle touches with the water and the oils during the treatments and massages or the contact points with the noble materials ...

Universes of Wellbeing

A nice clarity for that Tea room, whose large glass windows look out onto the terrace: Here you can extend the benefits of a treatment or a stay in the hammam. In the middle of the room there is a large stone, which is a unique art object and sofa at the same time. It spreads out in waves and provides warmth in the room. You sit on it, follow the curves with your hands ... Calming!

The offer a more intimate atmosphere 4 treatment cabins on each side of the hallway. They are hidden behind large sliding elements made of oak that are Japanese-inspired. Everything is fluid and you can easily get to the essentials. Silence and relaxation for these cocoons of wellbeing ...

In the heart of the travel offerHammamsaunapool show their benefits with warm and cold water. And so that you can really relax, you can stretch out on the large, cuddly cushions in one of the side alcoves. A simple look up to the cathedral-like roof structure ... Therein lies the power of the Spa des Saules.

In the outside area you can find our jacuzzi and the Long Outdoor pool available, which is heated to 30 ° all year round.

One look at the stainless steel background and it's heaven in front of you!

Now take a few steps: Located on the top floor of the spa the chapel. Everything here calls for meditation, from the rounded vault to the deliberately decorated style.

A beauty that calls for improvement. Listen to the silence, take care of your soul and spirit after taking care of your body. Everything gives way to serenity!

Treatment brochures

Treatments for the body
Relaxation massage
Balancing, harmonizing full-body massage to relieve everyday tension.
30 min
1 H.
Revital'Ill massage
Back to the inner center with the relaxing scent of neroli and ylang ylang, relieves tension and relieves stress. Body, soul and spirit are brought into harmony.
1 hour 30 minutes150 €
Detoxifying slimming massage
This relaxing, tonic and self-warming ritual, inspired by ancient Japanese massages, stimulates the lymphatic system, promotes the removal of tissue fluid and strengthens the body's own immune system ...
1 hour 30 minutes150 €
Body peeling
Peeling massage with the intoxicating scent of vanilla tea for soft, velvety and even skin. The high content of brown algae regenerates and cleanses. Dead skin cells are removed.
45 min.80 €
Massage of the column
Powerful and sensory muscle remodeling with our white willow oil. Tensions are released. The muscles return to their original place and shape.
1 H.105 €
Foot reflex zone massage (gentle)
The massage creates the connection between the individual organs in the body and the corresponding nerve endpoints on the feet. Deep relaxation and wellbeing are guaranteed.
30 min.60 €
Nature Effiscience facial treatments
Pure beauty
Deep cleansing of the skin, which ensures homogeneity and relaxes facial features. The skin shines again.
30 min.60 €
Anti aging treatment
A powerful anti-aging ritual that firms and cleanses the skin. The facial massage using the "Effipuncture method" ensures maximum stimulation and a truly natural lifting. Wrinkles disappear, a radiant complexion remains!
1 H.105 €
Vitalizing facial treatment for men
Cleansing care that gives the male skin new moisture. The deep cleansing makes the skin look fresh and pure.
30 min60 €
CHO Nature facial treatments
The perfect look - eye treatment
Relieves classic signs of tiredness, reduces bags under the eyes
as well as dark circles. A fresh look is ensured.
30 min.60 €
Nice and relaxed
One hour of mental and physical deep relaxation.
You get a visibly clearer, more even and fresher one
The appearance of the skin after the treatment.
1h105 €
Nice, relaxed anti-age
Effect treatment for demanding skin, based on Chinese medicine.
The skin looks visibly smoother, more even and firmer. The skin functions
are reactivated with long-term effects for several days and are natural
Collagen formation is stimulated.
1h45185 €


With nail polish

30 min.

45 min

60 €

80 €


With nail polish

30 min.

45 min.

60 €

80 €

2 hours as desired
Put together your one-hour program personally
2 hours.210 €
Welfare for two
Two treatments of 1 hour each of your choice (separate cabin)
2 hours.210 €
Body peeling + massage of the column + radiantly beautiful facial treatment
2 hours 45 minutes270 €
Our massages ensure well-being and relaxation, but are not therapeutic massages and are not performed with medical devices.
The indicated duration of the treatments corresponds to the total duration of the treatment appointment: A treatment of 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes corresponds to an effective duration of 20 minutes, 50 minutes and 80 minutes.
We would therefore like to ask you to be on time for your appointment and to be at the spa 10 minutes in advance. Any delay affects the duration of the booked treatment. If you want to cancel or postpone your treatment appointment, please call the spa 24 hours in advance.

We charge an additional 35 euros per person and per reservation for our day spa guests.

Our spa products

Nature Effiscience

Organic certified care products "Made in Alsace". Treatment techniques based on the principles of Shiatsu. Effipuncture method: Pressure stimulates parts of the body that are connected to the various organs. The blood flow is increased, the body is detoxified and drained. The massage oil with the extract of the white willow (salix alba) and its natural aspirin for well-being and pain relief was developed exclusively for the Spa des Saules.

CHO Nature

Health, effectiveness and sensuality are the keywords of this family-run company. C-H-O stands for memory (carbon), energy (hydrogen) and life (oxygen). Discover a range of natural and organic products. Behind it are unique recipes that are produced in our own laboratory in Grasse. The company specializes in vegetable and essential oils. Let yourself be pampered by this unique brand.