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Window Catching on Mac: How to Use It

Mac users now have a window snapping feature built right into Mac OS that allows users to easily snap windows onto certain aspects of the screen or against each other. This is a great way to line up windows quickly and precisely, and it's more or less the Mac equivalent of the window snap feature from the Microsoft Windows world.

Window Snaping is a helpful but pretty subtle feature, we'll show you how it works in macOS.

You must have a modern version of the Mac OS system software to introduce snap windows in Sierra. Anything beyond 10.12 includes the capability natively and doesn't require any third-party apps or utilities. Earlier versions of MacOS don't have this feature, but they can use third-party utilities to get similar functionality if needed.

How to use snap windows on Mac

When windows snap on the Mac, windows are aligned to one of the following destinations: the edges of other windows, the menu bar, the top of the dock (if visible), and the sides of the screen.

  1. With multiple windows open on your Mac display, grab one and drag it towards a snap target
  2. You will notice the dragged window pops in place and repeat with additional windows as desired

The ability to snap windows in macOS is slightly more extensive than that in the Windows world, with a wider range of snap targets.

It's one of those features that is best tried out for yourself, as explained, but the short demonstration video below shows the MacOS window snap in action:

However, you can group many windows together, which you can adjust regardless of their size on the screen. If you use window snap functions on the Mac to keep two windows side by side, you should also use the split view function on Mac OS, which is aimed at using two panels.

Disable Windows Snapping in Mac OS

While you cannot turn off window snap completely, you can temporarily turn off window snap in Mac OS by pressing a key while moving windows around the screen.

To temporarily turn off window snap, hold down the Option key while dragging and moving windows.

Holding the Option key prevents the window from snapping onto a screen element. Note that when dragging windows with the option held and the window snap turned off, it's pretty easy to accidentally send a window off the screen, which can be a bit of a nuisance and needs to be displayed on the screen and sometimes the window in question takes up in size be changed.

For users with older versions of macOS who want a window catching ability, the free BetterTouchTool utility will do the trick, and there are several other tools that can perform similar functions.