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GZSZ: Robert wakes up and Nina expects shocking news

This week the tide turns surprisingly on “Good times, bad times”. What's next? Warning, spoilers will follow!

The last few weeks have been mostly for Nina hard: fell after a bitter war of roses Robert Down a flight of stairs in Nina's presence - a terrible accident that happened Brenda used to get Nina to jail. Since her statement that Nina purposely pushed Robert down, Nina has been in custody for an indefinite period.

Robert's life was saved with the help of an emergency operation, but the renowned architect did not wake up from anesthesia. Brenda's father recently went into a coma. Neither Philip nor do the other doctors know when and if Nina's husband will ever wake up again.

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Robert's statement is particularly important for Nina, because only he can testify that Nina is not to blame. Also Leon regularly inquires about Robert's condition and can hardly stand the fact that Nina is so much under her cellmate in prison Terry suffers. Brenda, on the other hand, watches over her father's bedside every day, who recently even had to be ventilated.

A crucial moment

When she is once again at Robert's side and hopes that he will be better soon, she speaks to her father. Even if he doesn't answer, she makes an emotional appeal to him. Then Brenda wants to get a coffee on the ward and briefly leaves the room. Then something happens that many GZSZ fans have probably been waiting for: Robert slowly opens his eyes.

While Brenda sits unsuspecting in the hospital corridor, Robert has obviously woken up. Will Brenda or the doctors notice in time? You can already see the decisive moment that shows Robert waking up in the stream on TVNOW Premium.

Robert seems to have gotten away from serial death again. These former GZSZ characters were less fortunate:

Everything turns out differently

When Brenda comes back to the hospital room, she immediately notices that her father has woken up and notifies the doctors. After this Nazan has removed the ventilation tube, Robert slowly comes to rest and fully conscious. A little later he is questioned by detectives. But instead of relieving Nina with his statement, everything turns out very differently: Robert can't remember the accident. All he knows is that he was on the construction site with Nina.

Relief is written on Brenda's face. She tells her father what apparently happened - Robert is shocked. But will he really believe Brenda's statement? Meanwhile, Gerner informs Nina that she will not be released from custody for the time being. But it also gives her hope, because a memory gap is nothing unusual for coma patients. Will Robert soon be able to remember? Or does he possibly even become aware of the decision-making power that he has? He could Support Brenda's false statement and take revenge on Nina.

Since it is known that Nils Schulz, who embodied Robert in the Daily will quit this summer, we will soon find out how it goes with Nina. Either he can exonerate her or she must remain in prison if Robert's memory of the accident actually does not return or he decides to make a false statement.

You can find out what will happen in the Kolle-Kiez in the next few weeks from Monday to Friday 7:40 p.m. on RTL or in oursWeekly preview.

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